The Best Residential Architects in Lexington, Kentucky

by HomeBuilderDigest • June 8, 2021

Surrounded by rolling hills and horse farms, Lexington is known for its natural beauty. It’s one of the nation’s best places to live and work. Homes in the area are specially designed by seasoned architects to suit its equestrian industries, geography, and art culture.

The Best Residential Architects and Designers in Long Beach, California

by HomeBuilderDigest • October 11, 2019

Like many other cities, Long Beach is filled with homes that vary in styles. While many condos are sold to homeowners desiring a relaxing life, single-family homes are still the most popular type of property on Long Beach’s home markets and carry a median home value of $431,300. Most homes in this list, however, were […]

The Best Residential Architects in Overland Park, Kansas

by HomeBuilderDigest • March 31, 2021

A small city with a lively community, Overland Park is home to beautiful landscapes and beautiful homes. The many beautiful homes have been designed by some of the most influential and notable architects, the best of which are noted in this article. Some of these architects have been around for several decades and have witnessed […]

The Best Residential Architects and Designers in Fort Collins, Colorado

by HomeBuilderDigest • April 19, 2021

Along the Cache la Poudre River, near the foothills of the northern Front Range, lies the city of Fort Collins in Colorado. Stunning views of nature frame the city,  and Fort Collins has beautiful homes to match the sublime landscape. These homes range in style from traditional mansions to modern and contemporary houses, and every […]

The Best Residential Architects and Designers in California

by HomeBuilderDigest • January 4, 2018

It takes a wealth of knowledge and experience to turn your ideas for a new custom home into useful plans that can be put into action by a home builder. So while you could try to design your own custom home, the more practical route is to hire a top-notch residential architect. Architects have the […]

The 15 Best Residential Architects in Paradise Valley, Arizona

by HomeBuilderDigest • May 11, 2021

Many of the homes found in Paradise Valley are award-winning residences and highly publicized houses that epitomize desert living at its finest, making the residential building scene in Arizona alive and thriving.  For those looking to build or remodel a home in this area, we’ve compiled a list of 16 of the best residential architects […]

The Best Residential Architects in Durham, North Carolina

by HomeBuilderDigest • March 29, 2021

With a thriving business climate, low cost of living, and beautiful landscapes across the state, Durham is considered a residential dream by many. The city ranks as one of the nation’s top places to live, work, and raise a family thanks to its fruitful housing market, record low unemployment rate, and exceptional education system. The […]

The Best Residential Architects in Orlando, Florida

by HomeBuilderDigest • March 24, 2021

Orlando is a city key to Florida’s economy, with a flourishing local cultural scene. The city is a melting pot of various cultures and subcultures. Orlando is a beacon of entertainment, sports, and various demographics and communities. This rich quality of life makes the city an aspirational place to live. People looking to build a […]

The Best Residential Architects in Omaha, Nebraska

by HomeBuilderDigest • March 24, 2021

Situated on the west bank of the Missouri River is the city of Omaha, the largest city in the state of Nebraska. Omaha is home to a variety of industries, from sports and business to agriculture and transportation, as well as 470,000 residents. Zillow lists the typical home value of homes in Omaha at $209,443, […]

The Best Residential Architects in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

by HomeBuilderDigest • March 19, 2021

Western Heritage museums, zoos, conservatories, and the crowd-pleasing nightlife scenery are just a few perks Oklahoma City proudly shares with its residents and visitors. The city’s entertainment scene is as colorful as its historic neighborhood is charming. From Colonial home to Tudor styles, there is one for every home connoisseur. Changing times and modernization has […]

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