The Best Residential Architects and Designers in Vancouver, Canada

by HomeBuilderDigest • February 4, 2020

During the 1940s, the Greater Vancouver area participated in an emerging architectural trend that would eventually dominate the region’s residential design scene. Dubbed “west coast” architecture, the style displays a complex blend of modern and contemporary elements represented by huge windows, flat roofs, and asymmetrical geometric dimensions. Its influence on the latest residential design trends […]

The Best Residential Architects and Designers in Toronto, Canada

by HomeBuilderDigest • January 30, 2020

Toronto is home to some of the most iconic architectures in Canada: the Canadian National Tower (CN Tower) has been included in the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the eclectic glass and aluminum crystal Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), and the Toronto City Hall was inspired by the modernist architectural movement. While these structures take […]

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