The Best Architects in Connecticut

by HomeBuilderDigest • January 4, 2018

The right architect can make the difference between having your dream custom home and wasting a lot of time and money to have a home that does not suit your needs or your tastes. Working with a top architect will allow you to translate the ideas you have in your head into functional plans that […]

The Best General Contractors in Connecticut

by HomeBuilderDigest • January 4, 2018

Building a new home is a challenge unlike any other. You’ve already made the important decision to create your own custom home rather than buy a home for sale. You’ve pick the design professionals to create a floor plan for your lifestyle and design a home in the ideal style. Working with the right general […]

Best Custom Home Builders (Design-Build) in Connecticut

by HomeBuilderDigest • January 4, 2018

Once you choose to create a custom home, it may feel like you have a hundred decisions to make: Where should it be? How large? What style? Who do I hire? The list goes on and on. One increasingly popular way to make the custom home process a lot easier is to hire a design/build […]

The Best Interior Designers in Connecticut

by HomeBuilderDigest • January 4, 2018

Hiring the right Connecticut interior design studio to complete your new custom home project is usually the last step most homeowners think of, but indeed it is one of the most important. The right interior designer will collaborate with your architects and builders to create a cohesive look that suits your needs, budget, and tastes. […]

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