Contemporary Home

The Best Contemporary Home Builders in the US

by HomeBuilderDigest • May 5, 2020

With the wide-ranging home styles that can be seen throughout the nation, one of the most popular is contemporary-style homes. Contemporary-style homes are designed using simple forms and geometric lines. Many of these homes feature a minimalist design with a dynamic mixture of glass, steel, and contrasting materials, colors, and textures. Sustainable and eco-friendly features […]

Contemporary Mountain Home Utah

by HomeBuilderDigest • July 21, 2017
Emigration House is a contemporary mountain house that mirrors the mountains it sits amongst. The multi-level home has multiple jagged "peaks" and fits with the contours of the slope. The mountains in Emigration Utah tower above the outside of this home with imperfect ridges that are reflected in the roof of the building. The stone base of [...]

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