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The Best Custom Home Builders in Brooklyn, New York

by HomeBuilderDigest • November 21, 2019

Brooklyn’s historic, hard-hitting urban beauty lies in the impressive structures that dominate New York’s toughest borough. The homes, in particular, exude a rough urban edge with a classic touch that’s on-brand with the city’s culture-rich atmosphere. Brooklyn has transformed itself time and time again, repeatedly earning its reputation as one of the most interesting and […]

The Best Custom Home Builders in Redondo Beach, California

by HomeBuilderDigest • November 13, 2019

Located south of Santa Monica Bay, Redondo Beach is a quaint town, perfect for people who want to live by the seaside. Gorgeous coastal homes are found in every neighborhood, and many families choose the resort town as their vacation home location. Redondo Beach is famous for its bustling triangular pier and lively surfing scene […]

The Best Custom Home Builders in Fullerton, California

by HomeBuilderDigest • November 12, 2019

Located in the northern part of Orange County, Fullerton is a city known for its interesting blend of residential, commercial, cultural, and educational communities. Many in California know the town as “The Education Community;” Fullerton is home to a number of award-winning school systems and universities like California State University – Fullerton.  The charming town […]

The Best Custom Home Builders in Redwood City, California

by HomeBuilderDigest • November 12, 2019

Unlike many US cities that experience a major divide between renting a house and owning one, Redwood’s housing statistics tell a different story. The area’s 30,000+ housing units are equally distributed among multifamily rented homes and custom-built homes. While there are several factors that contribute to this, two things easily stand out. For one, as […]

The Best Custom Home Builders in Tulsa Oklahoma

by HomeBuilderDigest • November 8, 2019

Known for its Art Deco architecture, Tulsa, Oklahoma’s second largest city, sits on the Arkansas River and was once known as the oil capital of the world. With a population of 403,090 people as of 2016, the city boasts other early nineteenth and twentieth-century styles, such as Folk, Queen Anne, Neoclassical, Colonial Revival, Gothic Revival, […]

The Best Custom Home Builders in Escondido, California

by HomeBuilderDigest • November 6, 2019

Escondido is home to numerous major attractions like wineries, craft breweries, and a charming historic downtown. A city where walking can be a fun pastime, Escondido also serves as the site for several beautiful custom homes. Some of these residences were crafted by the home builders presented in this list. 

The Best Custom Home Builders in Corona, California

by HomeBuilderDigest • October 11, 2019

Located in Riverside County, Corona is best characterized by its hot summers and warm winters. It was once known as the “Lemon Capital of the World” and is now noted for its ethnically diverse community, scenic campsites, and beautiful acres of parks and recreational facilities. The latest census records a population of over 160,000 residents […]

The Best Custom Home Builders in Rhode Island

by HomeBuilderDigest • October 10, 2019

Rhode Island is a cozy little state, just 140 miles away from New York. People from the city who are tired of the fast-paced lifestyle often find themselves retreating to Rhode Island’s quaint communities. No one can resist the charming colonial homes and stunning seaside views found in The Ocean State’s neighborhoods; home to upscale […]

The Best Custom Home Builders in Boulder, Colorado 

by HomeBuilderDigest • October 10, 2019

Situated at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the city of Boulder offers sublime views and a multitude of outdoor activities to its residents. From skiing to climbing, there’s no shortage of exciting things to do in Boulder. The famous Pearl Street Mall also offers residents access to amazing shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars. It’s […]

The Best Custom Home Builders in Montana

by HomeBuilderDigest • October 10, 2019

Montana features breathtaking natural beauty that locals and tourists enjoy, including a wide range of wildlife. From Missoula to Billings, craftsman style log homes are a common sight. This doesn’t mean firms are limited, however, Montana contractors offer a range of diverse designs from modern to contemporary homes, and you never know what to expect […]

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