The Best Luxury Home Remodelers in the US

by HomeBuilderDigest • April 5, 2021

According to the 2020 market data, the U.S. remodeling industry represents $97 billion in market value. That success is not surprising, given the industry helps homeowners and developers curate, design, and build residential spaces that cater to the modern lifestyles of their inhabitants and represent their unique design and functional aspirations—the same characteristics that make […]

The Best Beach House Architects in the US

by HomeBuilderDigest • August 11, 2020

Beaches bring a sense of peace, calm, and relaxation. Not surprisingly, they are premium land: beaches house some of the most wonderful luxury resorts and some of the most beautiful, breathtaking homes. Designing and crafting such homes, however, comes with a number of challenges. Such obstacles demand skill and expertise from contractors and architects alike. […]

The Best Timber Frame Home Builders in the US

by HomeBuilderDigest • August 6, 2020

Timber framing is a construction method that has been around since the Neolithic era. It became a prominent construction method in countries with an abundance of hardwood trees, like the U.S. and Germany, and some of the most common trees used for timber are oak, pine, and fir. Timber framing involves meticulously joining and fitting […]

The Best Neoclassical Home Builders in the US

by HomeBuilderDigest • July 28, 2020

Neoclassical homes carry strong foundational and aesthetic features and more than a dash of historical flair. The style originated in mid-18th century Italy and France, with Italian architect Andrea Palladio serving as the first practitioner of the traditional design. Vitruvian principles and classical antiquity are integral to these homes, which focus more on symmetry and […]

The Best Home Addition Architects in the US

by HomeBuilderDigest • July 20, 2020

Home additions are a popular option for homeowners who are looking to update, upgrade, and expand their homes. Additions can be external or right within the original home. Either way, the process of installing an addition can be tedious and hefty. This is why architects come in handy in responding to homeowners’ design and even […]

The Best Federal Colonial Home Builders in the US

by HomeBuilderDigest • July 20, 2020

A popular home style in the twilight of the American Revolutionary War, the Federal home is one of the country’s most iconic historical architectural styles. This style of home gained popularity due to its straightforward, functional look, but over the centuries it has evolved from its original simple layout. This style originally followed a simple […]

The Best Asian-Inspired Home Builders in the US

by HomeBuilderDigest • July 16, 2020

When people think of Asian homes, the balanced serenity of a zen garden immediately comes to mind. Architects and designers have recently been exploring different style combinations to bring fresh ideas to the table. Modern and contemporary homes infused with Asian details are becoming a trend in home design and construction. Asian-inspired homes are often […]

The Best Ranch Home Builders in the US

by HomeBuilderDigest • July 14, 2020

Originating in California, the earliest ranch style homes were built during the 1930s. They started to explode in popularity after World War II, developed by architect-builders like Joe Eichler and other craftsmen vital to developing huge housing tracts for World War II veterans. These homes are immediately recognizable by their low, single-story profiles that resemble […]

The Best French Provincial and French Country Home Builders in the US

by HomeBuilderDigest • July 9, 2020

Just outside the city of Paris, one can find stately manors and chateaus with tall arched windows, a steep roof, and on occasion, a tower. These homes embody the old world styles of French Provincial and French Country. Many of these homes were built in the 1600s and 1700s by French aristocrats in Normandy, Brittany, […]

The Best Craftsman Home Builders in the US

by HomeBuilderDigest • July 7, 2020

Craftsman architecture is a style that inherently emphasizes nature and craftsmanship, which developed in reaction to the Industrial Era. Over a century has passed since its conception and the style is still the most popular today in the U.S. Craftsman homes are characterized by horizontal lines, with low-pitched gable (triangular) roofs that extend far out […]

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