New York

The Best Residential Architects and Designers in Yonkers, New York

by HomeBuilderDigest • January 20, 2020

Yonkers is considered the time capsule of New York due to the recognizable brownstones and townhouses lining its streets. Most of these homes were built in the Tudor, Victorian Era, shingle, and Colonial Revival styles, reflecting the community’s rich history. While the town has had its share of architectural updates, many residents have remained faithful […]

The 15 Best Custom Home Builders in Southampton, New York

by HomeBuilderDigest • April 28, 2021

Building a new home requires meticulous management in the office as well as on-field proficiency. Would-be homeowners need to select a residential expert that knows how to craft a functional space that will suit their needs. Our editorial team decided to compile the best custom home builders that operate in Southampton.

The Best Residential Architects and Designers in Brooklyn, New York

by HomeBuilderDigest • February 5, 2020

Full of industrial architecture and historic brownstone townhomes, Brooklyn is justifiably famous for its unique aesthetic and independent art scene. Brooklyn is home to some of New York’s most luxurious residences and each neighborhood has a distinct charm. These neighborhoods are known for their bohemian flair inspired by classic architecture.

The Best Custom Home Builders in New York State

by HomeBuilderDigest • September 4, 2019

According to Zillow, New York State currently has a median home price of $301,900. New York not only provides locals and tourists with endless amenities and urban playgrounds; it is also a prime location where many contractors reside and wait for new clients looking to build their dream homes. Though New York is also a […]

The 9 Best Residential Architects in Woodbury, Nassau County, New York

by HomeBuilderDigest • May 25, 2021

Spotted in Nassau county, Woodbury is considered one of the wealthiest counties in New York. As such, many of the residential homes here present clear artistry from highly capable architects, many of whom are equipped with decades of experience crafting residential homes.

The 3 Best Residential Architects in Flower Hill, New York

by HomeBuilderDigest • May 25, 2021

A small village in New York, Flower Hill is a great place to settle when looking for peace and quiet. Aside from having access to north and south shore beaches, this village is known for having quality vital services and a solid infrastructure. And the village is home to some charmingly quaint homes.

The 6 Best Custom Home Builders in Lawrence, New York

by HomeBuilderDigest • May 18, 2021

The question of building a custom home versus buying a pre-built house is a common dilemma for individuals wanting to invest in a home of their own. The best custom home builders in Lawrence help locals and project owners make the right decision. Through quality work and efficient building methods, these companies made local aspiring […]

The 9 Best Custom Home Builders in Harrison, New York

by HomeBuilderDigest • April 28, 2021

A fact prominent of Harrison is its great quality of life. Its easy commute, vibrant downtown neighborhoods, and magnificent homes situated on sprawling acreage are a few reasons why Harrison is great.

The 15 Best Residential Architects in Rye, New York

by HomeBuilderDigest • May 10, 2021

Rye is the youngest city in the state of New York and its location as a coastal, suburban area makes it an idyllic background for a distinctive, custom-designed dream home. Architects and designers that serve the city know how its long waterfronts, its historic background, and the nature-rich communities can serve as a canvas where […]

The 7 Best Custom Home Builders in New Rochelle, New York

by HomeBuilderDigest • April 22, 2021

The thought of having a dream home is exciting. But it can also be a nerve-racking process. Many factors come into play: home builders, budget, timetable, and finished product. It can be a struggle to find the perfect contractor, one that is reliable and trustworthy and capable of bringing that vision into reality.

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