Best Custom Home Builders in Ohio

by HomeBuilderDigest • June 11, 2018

Though it has not reached the buying frenzy seen in other states, Ohio’s housing market is pounding along. It grew by 6.4 percent in 2017 and is expected to climb another 3 percent this year. With such a rosy picture, builders in the Buckeye State who endured the down-and-out years have a sense of crossing […]

The Best Custom Home Builders in Cleveland

by HomeBuilderDigest • March 6, 2019

Cleveland is a growing city without the pressure of fast-paced New York or the lavish lifestyle of Los Angeles. The Cuyahoga River divides the city in two; the East Side displays Cleveland’s Old World charm, with historic homes that inspire the artistic character of this region, while the West Side has a newer infrastructure. Building […]

The Best Custom Home Builders in Cincinnati

by HomeBuilderDigest • March 13, 2019

During the nineteenth century, there was a boom in population in Cincinnati, and you might be surprised to find that the city is still rich in Victorian-era architecture as a result. Students and connoisseurs of architecture will find a lot to study and ponder in this beautiful Ohio city: a broad range of historic properties […]

The Best Residential Architects and Designers in Columbus, Ohio

by HomeBuilderDigest • December 19, 2019

Ohio’s state capital Columbus is known for rich historical architecture that has been preserved by the city’s architectural board. Many architects in the city have adapted the traditional style by integrating modern building principles into these new takes on old designs. The demand is high for architects who can design contemporary projects while staying true […]

The Best Custom Home Builders in Columbus Ohio

by HomeBuilderDigest • November 7, 2018

Ohio’s state capital, situated on the banks of the Scioto River and surrounded by forest, is a fast-growing city boasting many beautiful residential neighborhoods. As of 2017, it was the third-most populous state capital in the nation – and it is projected to grow substantially in the coming years. According to realtor.com, it’s the fourth-hottest […]

The Best Custom Home Builders in Toledo

by HomeBuilderDigest • March 14, 2019

The county seat of Lucas County, Toledo has one of the best housing rates in Ohio. Its median property value is over $100K lower than the national median property value because, unlike most cities, there are more entry-level homes available than premium listings. Most cities have a high median housing rate because there is an […]

The Best Interior Designers in Columbus, Ohio

by HomeBuilderDigest • March 23, 2021

As the capital of Ohio and the most populous city in the state, Columbus offers a dynamic and vibrant community where economy, culture, and art collide. Its centuries of development has allowed it to grow as a highly competitive metropolis with a deep connection to its history. Aside from being home to notable architectures, such […]

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