Washington D.C.

The Best Residential General Contractors in Washington D.C.

by HomeBuilderDigest • May 3, 2018

Washington D.C. was founded in 1791, so it is no surprise that its landscape features some major architectural diversity. Beyond the usual Craftsman-style and bungalow houses, Washington D.C. is home to historic Victorian, Tudor, Federal, and Colonial homes, as well as a number of residential houses that are modern, artistic, and eco-friendly.

The Best Custom Home Builders in Washington, District of Columbia

by HomeBuilderDigest • February 18, 2019

Washington may seem like a straight-laced city, with imposing federal and international organizations setting the tone, and somber national monuments everywhere you turn. Yet this seat of the American experiment is home to over 6.1 million residents and boasts numerous internationally-respected museums, historic architecture, professional sports franchises, and an energetic food scene. Those who have […]

The Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Washington DC

by HomeBuilderDigest • May 3, 2018

When Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt took their first tour of the White House, the kitchen was in poor shape. Their housekeeper, Henrietta Nesbitt, reported that there were cockroaches, old wood, and hinges so creaky that the staff expected them to fall off. So began one of the first major renovations of the White House kitchen. […]

The Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Washington D.C.

by HomeBuilderDigest • May 7, 2018

Every weekday, commuters stream in and out of Washington D.C. from nearby Virginia and Maryland suburbs. On a given work day, the city’s population reaches one million, with Washington D.C. one of 10 most populated metropolitan areas in the country. In a place as bustling as this, the home takes on a special significance to […]

The Best Home Builders in the U.S.

by HomeBuilderDigest • February 11, 2020

Building your own home comes with several benefits, including being able to create a space that caters to your particular lifestyle while having the opportunity to use the latest building technologies. At the same time, this type of project entails a spectrum of challenging building activities—from the preparation of the site and framing to the […]

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