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The Best Custom Home Builders in Hawaii

by HomeBuilderDigest • October 3, 2018

From the upscale neighborhoods around Honolulu to the peaceful oceanside residences on the Big Island, Hawaii has some of the most beautiful and luxurious custom homes in the world. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the climate is mild and the landscape is so dramatic and inviting. The best Hawaii custom home builders know how […]

The Best Luxury Home Builders Near Me

by HomeBuilderDigest • October 1, 2018

If you decide to build a custom home, you don’t want to just hire anyone. Construction a new home is a huge project. You want the best of the best to bring your dream home into reality– the best architects, the best interior designers, the best construction team, artisans, carpenters, woodworkers, landscapers, and even suppliers. […]

The Best Custom Home Builders Near Me

by HomeBuilderDigest • September 25, 2018

The custom home building process can be stressful and overwhelming when you don’t work with the right team. But undertaking this adventure with a talented team of designers and builders under one roof – as you will with a custom home design/build company – the process becomes more efficient, more enjoyable, and ultimately, will result […]

The Best Green Home Builders in the United States

by HomeBuilderDigest • September 8, 2018

From self-replenishing waterfalls in a home in Florida to a Utah mansion that blends right into the mountains, the following list of builders create some of the most luxurious and eco-friendly single-family residences in the United States. Some are multiple award-winning green builders who put environmental sustainability at the heart of their missions. Others are […]

The Best Design-Build Firms in the United States

by HomeBuilderDigest • September 8, 2018

Before it was branded design-build, the method of bringing a designer and contractor under one roof was known as the “master builder” system. Today’s design-build movement started about 20 years ago and caught on fast. The trend was so popular that it caused scores of architects and contractors to change their business models to one […]

The Best Prefab/Modular Home Builders in the United States

by HomeBuilderDigest • September 7, 2018

Famous American architects — from Buckminster Fuller to Frank Lloyd Wright — have investigated and promoted the promise of prefabricated homes. But it’s only in the last few decades that the industry has really come into its own. Today’s prefab and modular homes are stylish, durable, and high-performance, and they don’t necessarily cost less than […]

The Best Interior Designers in the United States

by HomeBuilderDigest • August 8, 2018

Naming the top professionals in a field as dense with talent as interior design requires finesse. To find interior design’s major players, one can’t simply tally the number of touchdowns or compare batting averages. Other, less objective factors, such as personal taste, invariably come into play.

The Best Custom Home Builders in Utah

by HomeBuilderDigest • June 19, 2018

Utah is a magnificently diverse state, featuring a sophisticated urban and suburban setting in and around Salt Lake City. It also has ski resorts, mountain hideaways, and mild high-desert stretches with some of the most amazing natural scenery on earth. With all this land to choose from, it might be hard to decide exactly where […]

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