This modern home in Chapel Hill sits on one of the highest points in Orange County. The home sits on a 10-acre lot of woodlands and was designed to maximize views.

The custom home sits at the top of a hill after winding up a private drive. A large pond with goldfish and other aquatic life engulfs the front of the house and is bisected by a stone walking path. The pond makes the home’s outdoor dining area a water-front experience. 

As you make your way past the front yard the front door awaits before a cantilever roof. Large windows and steel framing allow for bright colors, light and view. Additionally, both forms add to the theme of strong horizontal lines present throughout the home. 

Sliding glass doors in the main living area blend the lines between the indoor and outdoor space.

Running west from the homes central point (the living area) is the homes kitchen, dining area, and guest room while the master bedroom runs further along the east access.  The kitchen blends into a glass framed dining nook with views of the pond. Both a home elevator and staircase lead to the below level garage and office. 

The home was built with many green elements including solar panels on the roof, a solar hot water heater, water collection from the roof into the pond, a vegetable garden, and a large compost tiller.

The professionals responsible for this home

Architect: Arielle Condoret Schechter