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The 10 Best Accessory Dwelling Unit Builders in Austin, Texas

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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) have become more popular in the last few years. They offer space beyond our built homes and provide privacy for guests. Whether you’ve built one before or you’re just curious, there are tons of great firms in Austin that are knowledgeable about building ADUs.

So we’ve created a list of the best Accessory Dwelling Unit builders in Austin. Each of these firms was chosen for their ability to provide quality ADUs, their years in business, and the awards they have received. To meet with the best ADU builders in the city, take a look at our list of great firms below!

Gladius Construction & Design

9901 Brodie Lane, Austin, TX 78748

Gladius Construction & Design’s team has over 20 years of deep experience in general construction. Since its inception, the firm has worked with some of Austin’s best architects and high-profile clients. The firm guides its clients through clear construction steps from initial consultation to moving in. 

The team, comprising skilled designers and builders, creates homes that highlight both contemporary and rustic styles. Its specializations include Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), home remodels, and other home improvements. One of its great projects is this rustic home remodel in Austin. It features the firm’s attention to detail and ability to put together a cohesive design flowing from one area to the other. 

Escarpment Construction

P.O. Box 300012, Austin, TX 78703 

Creativity, sustainability, and quality has defined Escarpment Construction’s work since 1997. Led by Warren Spain, the team has completed many projects in Austin’s most desirable neighborhoods. His passion for homes that bring families together has shaped the firm’s services. Projects are carefully crafted, delivered on time, and made to be an oasis amid busy city life. 

 Escarpment Construction’s portfolio features both custom homes and ADUs. The team is well-versed in building accessory dwelling units that generate new, affordable living spaces. Working with several ADUs has helped the firm create and streamline designs that quickly get approved for building permits.  

Small House Solutions

ADUs, Tiny Homes, Park Models, and Accessory Structures are just some of the many building products Small House Solutions offer. Small House Solutions provides homeowners with affordable home solutions fit for compact living. Jason Kahle and Eddie Castanon lead the firm and their wide expertise in construction and management has helped them bring together a team of skilled professionals. That team includes design/build leaders collaborating through complex home projects.

The firm’s portfolio is a collection of homes that have been built and designed all over Texas. The firm offers its works in a variety of styles including Craftsman, Farmhouse, and Contemporary. One of its notable ADUs is the Helotes Ranch home. The 700-square-foot home features a charming design complete with a bathroom, a bedroom, a breakfast nook, a kitchen, and a spacious covered patio. Learn more about their work at

Green Brick Builders

7301 Ranch Road, FM 620N, Suite #155/133, Austin, TX 78726 

Green Brick Builders is one of Austin’s leaders in the quality design/build of ADUs and home renovations. The firm is focused on green building and uses a number of sustainable materials in its projects. Skilled builders, designers, and a focused management team lead the firm’s operations.  

The firm’s portfolio features ADUs and small offices in a range of styles including modern and Craftsman. A perfect illustration of the firm’s work is the Harrington Avenue residence. It features a charming exterior perfect for compact living. 

Alchemy Builders

108 Chicon Street, Austin, TX 78702 

Since 2014, Alchemy Builders has been building some of Austin’s most recognizable homes. Principal Taylor Jackson founded Alchemy Builders banking on his extensive background in construction and management. The firm’s excellence in construction has been featured in many articles including Austin Business Journal and Dwell Magazine

One of the firm’s notable homes—featured in Dwell Magazine—was completed in collaboration with ICON 3D and Logan Architecture. It is a revolutionary home that employed 3D technology printing in addition to its construction work. The home is designed and built to be both desirable and recognizable.   

ILCOR Custom Builders

12112 Anderson Mill Road, Austin, TX 78726  

ILCOR Homes, Inc. is one of Texas’ leading construction firms specializing in custom homes, remodels, commercial, and modular design/build projects. Since its inception in 1963, ILCOR has dedicated itself to creating spaces that are both well-built and memorable. Kathleen Kelly Wimbish leads the firm backed by a team of great leaders helping her manage the firm and its projects.

The team has designed and built many structures that clients love. ILCOR’s portfolio is filled with homes in a range of sizes and styles, including contemporary, traditional, and farmhouse. One of the firm’s notable projects is the Grandview Modern custom design/build home right in the heart of Austin. Learn more about them at

Mosier Luxury Homes

1006 W 31st Street, Austin, TX 78705

Mosier Luxury Homes has helped Central and South Austin create energy-efficient homes since 2015. With a deep background in construction, Amy and Adam Mosier lead this team of skilled builders. It is a member of the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Greater Austin, Austin Energy Green Building, and the Texas Association of Builders.

The team is well-versed in creating homes where design meets functionality. Its homes are not just memorable, they provide a better quality of living because of their sustainability. A perfect illustration of this is the Mid-Century modern home in the North Loop neighborhood. It features a high-end design completed through energy-efficient construction. Its location offers homeowners accessibility to eclectic restaurants, shops, and the University of Texas.  

Oliver Custom Homes

11506 Pradera Drive, Austin, TX 78759 

Oliver Custom Homes is a full-service construction firm owned by brothers Paul and Matt Oliver. The brothers have worked and collaborated with some of Austin’s most recognized architects and share a combined expertise of over 50 years. This wealth of knowledge trickles down to its team of skilled builders who are at work continuously crafting remarkable homes. 

Excellent work rarely goes unnoticed and Oliver Custom Homes has been recognized with an abundance of positive client feedback as well as magazine features in Curbed Austin, Home Design & Decor, and Builder Online Magazine. One of its notable homes is the West Lake Pool House. It features a compact, yet spacious pool house complete with a dining area, bathroom, living area, and kitchen. 

Soledad Builders

1004 Mo-Pac Cir., Suite #201, Austin, TX 78746

Kelly Molak and Marc Molak co-founded Soledad Builders in 2003 banking on their extensive expertise in construction. These leaders brought together a team of skilled and passionate professionals. The firm puts its focus on creating high-end homes and ADUs that meet green energy standards. A majority of its clientele have praised the firm’s attention to detail and its superior quality of work. 

As a member of many home building associations, the firm upholds high building standards. One of the firm’s noteworthy projects is the Austin remodel and addition. It features a stunning exterior displaying a South Congress cottage. The addition is home to a bathroom, a living area, and a bedroom. 

Camelot Custom Homes

12400 Hwy. 71 West, Suite #350-404, Austin, TX 78738 

Camelot Custom Homes is an award-winning construction and remodeling firm in Austin. Seasoned builder, Paul Streeter, heads the team’s processes and projects. Under his management, the firm has grown its clientele and expanded its services. He is joined by Clara Oliver in actively collaborating with architects and designers in the city. Today the team has the knowledge to work on energy-efficient homes, ADUs, custom homes, and home remodel. 

The firm presents its clients with an efficient three-step process that starts with a phone call and ends with homes delivered on time and within budget. One of the firm’s home additions is located in Castle Hill. This home received a contemporary remodel from the firm including the addition and extension of a sunroom leading to the outdoor pool. It features a large screened-in back porch with a roof extension for an extended rooftop space.