Pinecrest is a highly sought-after town in Florida. With its large estates, manicured lawns, and secluded streets, a lot of people are looking at moving to this affluent neighborhood. This suburban town is ideal for families who prefer to settle down in a well-organized community with a quiet environment. With low interests and small inventory, many owners in Pinecrest are renovating and building their homes. In this article, you’ll find several construction companies within Pinecrest and its nearby towns. When looking for a contractor, make sure that the company you are choosing is experienced and knowledgeable in the town’s codes and standards, as Pinecrest requires strict compliance in terms of zoning and landscaping.

Hence, in this list, our team came up with a list of the best custom home builders in Pinecrest. Many of these firms specialize in building custom high-end properties. Some of the companies have been operating for decades and are highly experienced in Pinecrest’s unique regulations.

RCPA Builders, Inc.

7700 SW 115th St. Miami, FL 33156

Founded in 1993, RCPA Builders is a custom building and design firm offering architecture, planning, construction, and renovation solutions for Miami homes and businesses. As an experienced contractor, founder Richard Cortes is directly involved with every project. Together with his dedicated team of designers and builders, Cortes focuses on the architectural details to create a comfortable and remarkable space, as well as adding value to the property.

RCPA Builders’s design and construction process begins with a personalized consultation that involves the designing, budgeting, and scheduling of the project. With extensive knowledge in working with city codes and regulations, the firm ensures that all aspects of the project are up to standards while providing a safe environment. For more than 20 years, the company has worked on numerous high-quality remodeling projects in the residential and commercial sectors. Its team of architects and subcontractors has decades of industry experience. RCPA Builders delivers exceptional construction and service tailored to the client’s needs and budget without compromising the quality and aesthetics.

Kenner General Contractors

7520 Red Rd. Suite E, Miami, FL 33143

Distinguished custom home builder Kenner General Contractors has earned a reputation for its strong attention to detail. Its commitment to providing superior workmanship and service has led to successful projects throughout South Florida. Since 1987, firm principal Ken Gomberg has produced several award-winning properties including Pinecrest, Coconut Grove, and Coral Gables. The company is also recognized for its stunning modern interiors and uncompromised quality.  

At Kennel General Contractors, communication plays a significant role in every project. Its talented pool of designers and builders work with clients throughout the building process to ensure that their vision is fulfilled in every aspect. Each team member follows high standards and is dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction whether the project requires minor or major construction. Over the years, the firm has received several awards and recognitions. In 2007, Kennel General Contractors was honored with Florida’s Best Platinum Award for Best Home. The firm is a member of the South Florida Builders Association.

Certain Homes

1080 Brickell Ave., Miami, FL, 33176

As a third-generation family-owned company, Certain Homes continues its legacy as a well-respected construction firm in Miami. Established in 1999, the firm specializes in custom home building and is known for its distinctive style of contemporary-inspired build-outs. As a full-service construction firm, Certain Homes provides expertise in managing projects of all scopes and sizes. With over 20 years of experience, the firm helps clients build dream homes tailored to their specific needs and wants. 

Firm president Alejandro J. Certain runs the company together with his son Pierre Angelo Certain. With their combined experience and skill, Certain Homes has developed an efficient building process using the latest tools and technological advances in the industry. Its expertise allows the company to deliver projects within a reasonable budget. Additionally, the firm also provides assistance in land acquisition as well as building new structures on existing properties.

Over the years, the firm has completed various types of build-outs throughout South Florida and is recognized for its quality of work and professionalism. Its impressive projects have earned the company features in Home Builder Digest and Cocoplum Living Magazine.

Adler Companies

1430 S. Dixie Hwy. Suite #310, Miami, FL 33146

Miami-based Alder Companies is a boutique interior design and development firm specializing in building custom homes. During its 15 years of service, the firm has produced spectacular homes located in the most prominent neighborhoods in South Florida. Alder Companies is spearheaded by David Adler who has amassed a portfolio of over 1,500 homes located across South and Central Florida. 

The firm is recognized for its modern and Mediterranean-style homes. Its design philosophy involves focusing on exclusive projects at a time, allowing the firm’s crew of professional designers and builders to concentrate on the smallest details to deliver premium quality workmanship and service. Additionally, the firm offers renovation, construction management, owner representation, and space planning services to provide a convenient solution for clients.

David and his team have the combined knowledge and skill to deliver detailed and precise build-outs at an affordable price. As a premier custom home developer, Alder Companies has earned its ranks as one of the top custom home builders in Miami and its surrounding areas.

Canterbury Homes Inc.

8772 SW 129th St. Miami, FL 33176

Luxury home builder Canterbury Homes has been constructing high-end residential properties since 1987. For 37 years, the firm has worked on custom estate homes in affluent neighborhoods in Miami including Tahiti Beach, Gables Estates, and Snapper Creek. With a broad range of construction services, Canterbury Homes offers custom homes, renovations, and specialty projects. Its designs span across all styles with diverse projects specializing in large estates, beach properties, and Italian revival homes. 

The family-owned and operated firm is led by Louis Gaines and his son, Austin Gaines. Together with a group of skilled and talented professionals, the company is known to deliver projects with the highest standards. The firm works closely with clients throughout the design and build process. By providing detailed workflows and schedules along with a clear line of communication, the firm is consistently efficient from start to finish. 

Since its inception, Canterbury Homes has developed long-lasting relationships with its clients and subcontractors, maintaining a strong foundation with customers who have been patronizing the company since it opened decades ago.

Eurohabitat USA

9660 SW 146th St. Miami, FL 33176

Eurohabitat USA is a boutique firm specializing in luxury homes. The family-run business was formed in 2009 by Eddy Gugliotta. Since then the firm has developed high-end properties across Miami Beach, Pinecrest, Coral Gables, and Hollywood. With more than a decade of experience, the firm has developed a unique system to simplify the design-build process for the convenience of its clients. 

As a one-stop construction firm, Eurohabitat USA is composed of a talented pool of architects, interior designers, and builders with deep industry knowledge. Aside from remodeling homes, the firm has extensive re-sale experience and assists clients in managing all the requirements. Additionally, the company offers interior design services while partnering with the most talented professionals in the industry. Other services include project development, new construction, and advisory solutions. Eurohabitat USA has been featured in the Miami Herald.

Coastland Construction, Inc.

7740 SW 104th St. Suite #201, Pinecrest, FL 33156

Founded in 2001, Coastland Construction is recognized as a leader in the construction industry. Offering a range of general contracting services, the firm is committed to delivering superior results in every project. The company is known for its professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail. With an experienced team of builders, the firm is equipped to handle a versatile array of projects, including custom homes, multi family and commercial construction projects

Coastland Construction is led by Alex Rodriguez, a second-generation builder with over two decades of industry experience. The firm’s exceptional service extends from the initial consultation to the final product and after offering unmatched warranty and post-service. With a broad range of services and tenured subcontractors, the firm delivers quality results on time at a reasonable price. In business for 20 years, the firm has built a strong and loyal customer base with most of its clients coming from repeat businesses.

The firm has been recognized for consistently delivering outstanding projects. In 2019, Coastland Construction was named as the builder for the Florida/Caribbean Architect Design Award Winner.

MV Group USA

1200 Brickell Ave. Miami, FL 33131

MV Group USA is known for providing clients unrivaled knowledge, creativity, communication, and most notably, extraordinary results. As a full-service construction company, the firm offers remodeling solutions, architecture design, and custom construction services to homeowners in South Florida. For over a decade, the firm has partnered with the most reputable developers in the area. As a result, MV Group USA has completed several iconic projects from various sectors including celebrity homes, hotel brands, corporate remodels, and real estate developers.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-accredited firm is operated by Manny Angelo Vargas. Under his leadership is a crew of creative and talented designers and craftsmen dedicated to providing unique and practical solutions. With a diverse portfolio, MV Group USA is recognized as one of the top builders in Miami, Coral Gables, and Fort Lauderdale. Located in Brickell Avenue, the company headquarters serves as a one-stop-shop for clients offering access to a wide range of finishing selections.

Luxcom Builders

1560 S. Dixie Hwy. Suite #211, Coral Gables, FL 33146

For over three decades, Luxcom Builders has established itself as a premier builder in Coral Gables specializing in real estate developments. The firm has completed numerous multi-million dollar homes, high-end condominiums, and commercial buildings. Known for its unique approach and high-quality finishes, the firm continues to raise the standards in design and construction. 

As a result-driven company, Luxcom Builders is passionate about every project and draws its expertise from decades of knowledge and experience in the business. Founder Oscar Barbara is a well-respected developer recognized by his peers and various industry organizations. Throughout his career, Oscar was honored with several awards including Builder of the Year from the Builder’s Association of South Florida (BASF). Since its inception, the firm has developed over 10,000 residential and commercial properties and has received hundreds of awards. Luxcom Builders was also featured in various publications including Miami Today and Florida Trend.

Hollub Homes

10101 South Dixie Hwy. Pinecrest, FL 33156

Pinecrest-based Hollub Homes is known for delivering high-standard projects having built over a thousand properties across South Florida. Established in 1954, the firm has established itself as a trusted and reliable custom home builder in Florida. The company is made up of skilled professionals with years of experience in the business. With a talented team of designers and builders, Hollub Homes delivers projects at a reasonable rate without any hidden costs. 

Marvin Hollub founded the company 67 years ago. His son Harry and grandson Aaron Hollub continue his legacy of building exceptional homes. Harry’s direct approach and out-of-the-box solutions have led to numerous successful projects earning him the respect of colleagues and customers. 

Some of the firm’s notable projects can be seen throughout Pine Bay Estates, Palmetto East, and Kings Bay Pine. Hollub Homes has been recognized by industry institutions for its outstanding contribution to the construction industry. In 2019, the firm won first place in the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Awards under the category of Home Theater/Smart Home Design.