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The 11 Best Custom Home Builders in The Village of Indian Hill, Ohio

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Building a new home is a challenging task, given the restrictions in financing, logistics, and even aesthetics. This is where custom home builders come into the picture. These professionals handle complex projects with creative problem solving and skillful workmanship. Ohio has plenty of builders offering various services tailored to their clients’ needs.

This list features the best custom home builders in The Village of Indian Hill, Ohio. To come up with this list, our editorial team gathered a list of local builders and assessed each based on a set of criteria that takes into account each builder’s work history, capacity, and overall quality of work. 

WP Land Company

9352 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45242 

This brick-red Georgian home opens to a classic interior with bespoke elements in each room. A covered patio adjacent to the white coffered ceiling living room features light wood furniture and a brick fireplace wall. Gold wire chandeliers match the fixtures in the white kitchen. The formal dining room follows a gray and white motif contrasted by a pale blue carpet beneath the black wood table. This gray and blue contrast continues in the sun-lit home office, where a teal couch sits opposite the black desk fronting the gray built-in shelves. The master bedroom features a cushioned bed frame beneath a vaulted ceiling. A broad window gives both the traditional freestanding tub and the glass-encased shower a good view of the surroundings in the master bath. There’s also a rec room with a collection of guitars mounted onto the shiplap wall, a black and gold home bar, and a home theater with a custom wall-to-wall media shelf.

This Indian Hill home was built by WP Land Company. CEO Matthew Walker brings over 15 years of industry experience to the firm he founded in 2017. WP Land builds in high-demand Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods, giving clients their dream homes as well as a community.

Robert Lucke Homes

8825 Chapel Square Dr. B, Cincinnati, OH 45249

Since the firm was established in 1953, the Robert Lucke Homes team always had the goal of providing the best possible quality and structural integrity when it comes to homebuilds. The long years of company operations armed the firm with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a well-regarded name in the local construction scene. Three generations of Lucke family members continue the legacy established in the ‘50s now with Scott Lucke at the helm of company leadership. He furthers the familiar ties and strong relationships among locals started by generations of builders before him.

The longstanding nature of Robert Lucke Homes is seen in its portfolio. Residential projects such as this Bordeaux home testifies to the firm’s discerning taste and fine workmanship. This chic home was built on a sloping hill and followed the uneven site of the lot without feeling unbalanced.

J. Hensley Services

4025 Red Bank Rd. Unit A, Cincinnati, OH 45227

A firm known for quality service and clear-cut customer service, J. Hensley Services is a full-scale general contractor and custom home builder taking care of East Cincinnati for about a decade. Founder and principal Jeremy Hensley was trained by the Air Force in Civil Engineering and full-service construction. He pivoted his career in fine woodworking and carpentry, and later on started general contracting through his eponymous firm. 

Hensley and his team of talented contractors and designers have built a number of projects in various styles including the French Chateau in the photo. The home has a quaint look, thanks to its careful integration with the supple garden and the clear Ohio environment as backdrop. This project is also a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum concept, making it as environmentally-conscious as it is aesthetically pleasing.

John Hill Construction

123 South Second St., Loveland, OH 45140

Serving the Greater Cincinnati area for over three decades, John Hill Construction is a construction firm specializing in new residential construction and remodeling. John Hill has been in the construction business since his time at the university, where he juggled full-load classes and industrial projects. As the years went on, John Hill transitioned from industrial projects to commercial, and to his now-specialty residential projects. Hill and his band of construction professionals have developed strong relationships with the local community, trade partners, and relevant organizations. Additionally, 86% of new business comes from referrals, speaking to the firm’s stellar reputation.

The Craftsman home in this photo is an example of the firm’s commitment to great builds and excellent customer service. This home is an example of John Hill’s understanding of the local design parlance and respect for the neighborhood. The home captures the laidback Ohio living with its close-to-ground elevation, expert use of stonework, and an interesting layout that flows from the living area to the garage.

Michaelson Homes LLC

411 Main St., Milford, OH 45150

Finalist of Wolf Subzero’s Kitchen Design Contest in 2017-2018, Michaelson Home is a purveyor of customized residential projects that capture the lifestyle of each client in a complex and convincing manner. Founder and principal Marc Michaelson is an industry veteran for over 20 years, and with him are partners Robby Routt and Kristin Woodard. The firm specializes in new construction as well as renovations. It also has an in-house cabinet shop, Riverside Custom Cabinetry, composed of a small number of woodwork professionals led by Steve Schuckman.

The firm’s openness to creative challenges rsesulted in top-tier works such as the custom home on South Street. The home follows a contemporary style with its straightforward silhouette, clean detailings, and thoughtful use of neutral tones. The end result is this sleek and polished home that does not sacrifice comfort and functionality.

J&K Custom Homes

7259 St. Ives Pl., West Chester Township, OH 45069

J&K’s story began when Michelle Moran and her husband saw a lack of options in the local homebuilding market. She noted the need for a service-oriented business that makes custom homes hassle-free and tailored to the needs and expectations of the homeowners. Her dad, Jim McVicker, shares the same observation. After some time, the father-and-daughter duo kickstarted the company. Jim previously held an executive position at a Fortune 500 company for over 30 years prior to assuming the role in J&K leadership.

The team’s unique perspective in the construction scene led to the creation of well-regarded estates such as “The Hampton” in this photo. Inspired by estate homes in the northeast, “The Hampton” features modern design concepts that will stand the test of time. J&K Custom Homes utilized timeless features that have never gone out of style while maintaining a grasp on present trends. This home is a good case for balancing timeless designs with personalized details.

Wieland Builders LLC

7906 Tylersville Square Dr. Unit D, West Chester, OH 45069

For over 40 years, Wieland Builders has provided client-centered services over the people of Cincinnati and surrounding areas. The firm’s standing in the local community is credited with the Wieland team’s consistent and reliable services. Brothers Jeff and Mike Wieland continue the legacy of their family business. The two furthers their name in construction by being an active member of the industry. Jeff Wieland served as the President of the Ohio Home Builders Association in 2020.

The enticing French home in this photo is one of Wieland’s most recent projects. The home was designed with balance and rhythm in mind, as demonstrated by a clean silhouette that features a straightforward facade with an overhanging terrace. This subtle and smart detail creates a feeling of togetherness due to the generous and thoughtful uses of space.

Redknot Homes

2841 Woodburn Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45206

Known for luxurious and environmentally-conscious residential projects, Redknot Homes is a custom home builder developing luxury estates in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Northern Kentucky. The firm specializes in hillside construction, making Redknot an ideal choice for residents living in mountainous neighborhoods. Client service is central to the way the firm operates, emphasizing on ease of communication and seamless transitions in between processes.

As seen in publications such as Sophisticated Living, the firm has a number of top-quality projects in various home styles from Craftsman to Modern. This featured estate in West Chester is a Modern Farmhouse defined by a tasteful contrast of black and white exterior paint. Redknot built the home around the family that lives within, utilizing function and comfort above everything else. 

John Hueber Homes

526 B Wards Cor. Rd., Loveland, OH 45140

In business since 1986, John Hueber Homes is a premier custom home building that espouses modern technologies with old world craftsmanship. The firm takes pride in its polished workmanship, spotless reputation, and versatility. Andy and Marc Heuber assumed leadership positions alongside founder John Hueber through their hard work and dedication. Marc is a recipient of Professional Remodeler Magazine’s 40 under 40 Award and the Cincinnati Preservation Association’s Rehabilitation Award. 

Hueber has built over 500 custom homes done in various home styles and often in extremely customized terms depending on the demands of the client. Homes such as this contemporary home with earth tones and clean interiors is one of the firm’s finest works. This Denver home has an open flow layout that connects the back and front yard seamlessly and has amenities such as swimming pools and a garden. 

Sterling Homes

347 Stanley Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45226

A name synonymous with luxury home building, Sterling Homes is a full-service construction firm dedicated to mastering workmanship and optimizing varying project budgets. Sterling operations are carried by a group of carefully selected construction professionals that commit themselves to providing nothing short of the best possible quality deliverable. 

Sterling has an award-winning portfolio of residential projects completed in varying home styles. The Modern chateau in the photo features eclectic design elements that blend in seamlessly with the modern detailings. The home has a two-tone exterior done through marble and brick with slender vertical windows to give a refined look. This project won multiple distinctions in the Homearama 2020.

Hensley Custom Building Group

3295 Montgomery Rd., Loveland, OH 45140

Defined by Innovative Design and Creative Selections, Hensley Custom Building Group is a family-owned company leveraging on strong relationships with the local community in pursuit of excellence. Winner of the SAM Award from Home Builders Association of Greater Cincinnati in 2019, Hensley is lauded for its consistency and excellent workmanship. The firm is led by award-winning builder Tim Hensley. His understanding of the local design parlance and meticulous attention to detail take precedence over how the firm conducts its daily operations. 

This Creekside contemporary home is a 5,000-square-foot home in Indian Hill. The home has an interesting layout that maximizes the hillside setting, built around an asymmetrical silhouette that takes advantage of sharp edges and overhangs. The home has a patio that follows an interesting shrubbery, true to the home’s avant-garde styling.