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The 10 Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Pittsburgh’s rich immigrant history has influenced the city’s popular dishes. Pierogi, haluski, and cabbage rolls are some of the popular Pittsburgh dishes that came from European influence. Moreover, the Pittsburgh salad with french fries on top and the Primanti sandwich are dishes one can only find in the city. 

With such a rich history of food, kitchens in Pittsburgh are busy. To create the best dishes quickly, efficiently, and enjoyably, a kitchen remodel may be needed. Hence, our editors made a list of ten outstanding kitchen remodeling contractors in the city. These contractors are experts in traditional and contemporary styles for single-family homes. They all have impressive portfolios, a result of their years of experience in the industry. 

J. Francis Company

1410 High St., Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Based in Pittsburgh, J. Francis Company is a design-build contractor with expertise in kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling. Established in 1988, it has developed mastery in exterior living and whole house remodels, too. The firm is affiliated with different organizations including the NKBA (National Kitchen + Bath Association) and NARI (National Association of Remodeling Industry). Moreover, the company has received several recognitions including a feature in the 2016 Qualified Remodeler. On top of this, it is a three-time Guildmaster Award Winner for GuildQuality. 

Part of the company’s outstanding portfolio is the North Drive Kitchen. For the project, the firm handled the complete renovation of the home. Adding a brand new kitchen, this design-build company has introduced an open floor plan to the area. The kitchen, built with a classical, elegant design and modern touches, has French doors opening up to the exterior. The final result is a spacious kitchen that doubles as an entertainment space. This kitchen is only one of the many examples of J. Francis Company’s excellence in design-build. In its 33 years in the industry, its goal has always been to fulfill client needs with integrity and timeliness. 

Pittsburgh Remodeling Company

450 South Main St., Pittsburgh PA 15220

Pittsburgh Remodeling Company is a company that cares. Every project starts with a conversation to determine a client’s specific needs, budget and timeline. These initial conversations are crucial for the company to meet and exceed client expectations. Moreover, It is a NARI-certified company with an EPA Lead Safe stamp; this means it cares about creating safe living spaces for its customers. 

One of the firm’s kitchen remodeling projects done with care is the Trotter. For the project, the company worked with Jacob Evans Kitchen & Bath to give a 20-year-old kitchen a new look. The new kitchen still has hints of traditional design elements with the use of wood on the kitchen cabinets and flooring. Meanwhile, the geometric lighting fixtures, the modern backsplash, and the sleek kitchen island bring contemporary touches to the space. The result is a well-balanced space that harmoniously combines the old and the new. 

Established in 2008, Pittsburgh Remodeling Company believes that transparency and accountability must be present to deliver excellent customer service. As a people-oriented company, it is driven by passionate individuals who believe that the success of the company is the success of the team. Passion combined with professionalism is the formula to the company’s 13-year success in the industry. Its excellence has been recognized by Pittsburgh Magazine, giving the company the Best in Kitchen Renovation award in 2018. 

Master Remodelers

3630 Elm Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Founded in 1989, Master Remodelers believes that the kitchen is the soul of a home. Therefore, the company finds it necessary to create kitchens that serve as a place to cook, gather, and unwind. As a design-build firm, it has been helping clients turn their ordinary kitchens into inspired, functional living spaces. For over 32 years, the firm has delivered more than 1,000 outstanding projects in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. 

Included in the firm’s exceptional work is the Navahoe project. Winner of Pittsburgh Magazine’s 2018 Best Outdoor Design and Build award, the project involves the renovation of a home’s indoor and outdoor space. The indoor and outdoor kitchens are integral to the design-build process. Both areas are designed and constructed with utility and entertainment in mind. The company has successfully built a clean, traditional indoor kitchen that smoothly flows to the living room as well as the outdoor area. Moreover, the rustic outdoor kitchen provides entertainment spaces that can host plenty of gatherings within the residence. 

Several publications have taken notice of the company’s fantastic outputs including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Pittsburgh Business Times. The firm solidifies its reputation as an expert contractor through associations with the NKBA, Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh, and NAHB (National Association of Home Builders). 

Tischendorf Contractor Services

4144 Library Rd. Suite B, Pittsburgh, PA 15234

Tischendorf Contractor Services is a family-owned company with a unique approach: to listen, design, build, and live. Since its inception in 2011, the company has lived by this approach to deliver high-quality results and customer service. That means first taking the time to understand the client’s needs, then providing a suitable design built by its team of professionals. Throughout the design-build process, the firm remains in communication to ensure the company builds the right living spaces perfect for its clients’ lifestyles. 

Tischendorf Contractor Services specializes in kitchen remodeling. It has received two Best Kitchen Remodel awards from the 2018 Housing Excellence Awards. An example of its work is displayed in this Fruithurst Kitchen. The company remodeled this kitchen to create more space for a family of five. THe firm was able to elegantly meet requirements and surpass expectations. The new kitchen features a large island plus a connected dining area that can fit the entire family. The open plan layout can even accommodate a few guests, too. 

Aside from kitchen remodeling, the company is an expert in bathroom and interior remodeling as well. Clients in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas are lucky to have the chance to avail the company’s services.

Marvista Design + Build

2435 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Established in 2012, Marvista Design + Build knows exactly how to build spectacular kitchens. Understanding the complexity of kitchen construction, the firm is ready to transform any kitchen into a modern or traditional style. The company believes that as the main activity hub of the house, a kitchen’s design must be easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. 

Offering its services in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, the firm ensures a smooth construction process for kitchen remodels. It has a team of kitchen designers who work with project managers and carpenters to get the job done correctly. Collaboration is a key element in the firm’s success. This collaborative approach has been employed in the Modern Kitchen project in Fox Chapel. The firm worked closely with this client to provide the perfect cabinetry for the sophisticated kitchen. 

Marvista Design + Build is an expert in bathroom and whole house remodeling as well. With almost a decade in the industry, it has established connections with professional organizations such as the NAHB, NKBA, and Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh. 

Jacob Evans Kitchen & Bath

450 South Main St., Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Jacob Evans puts great value on trust. Earning the trust and respect of its clients is what motivates the company to become one of the best kitchen and bath remodelers in Pittsburgh. Founded in 2008, the firm produces stunning living spaces that satisfy client expectations. For kitchen remodeling, the company’s expert designers create comprehensive kitchen designs through  communication with clients. Through this, the firm is able to create a kitchen that suits the client’s lifestyle. 

Aside from its clients, Jacob Evans has formed great partnerships with trusted brands. This is crucial in completing any kitchen remodeling project. For instance, the cabinetry it uses comes from the best brands like Homecrest and Medallion. These brands provide the most suitable cabinetry based on client requirements like price range and style. Moreover, the firm works with top-notch countertop providers to source the most durable and stunning materials. For kitchen appliances, the company has connections with well-established brands like Bosch, KitchenAid, and Thermador. By establishing strong connections with employees, clients, and industry partners, Jacob Evans maintains its spot as one of the bests in the industry. 

North Shore Kitchen Design Center

1501 Preble Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15233

An NKBA member, North Shore Kitchen Design Center’s laser focus is on kitchens. As a specialist in the area, the company believes in creating kitchens that clients will love. To achieve this, it provides designs that reflect a client’s lifestyle and personality, sourcing only the best materials to use. In doing these things, the company has been creating fabulous kitchens for families in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Moreover, for its exceptional services, it has been a five-time winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award.

For over 35 years, North Shore Kitchen Design Center has been guiding clients step-by-step through every kitchen design and remodeling project. It makes sure that each client is updated with every detail and requirement change, whether it be about cabinetries, appliances, or fixtures. The company makes excellent recommendations for the best products to use that suit the client’s taste. On top of this, the firm modifies its approach depending on the needs of the project. 

Shelton Design Build

4805 Penn Ave. 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Established in 2014, Shelton Design Build is a young firm that immediately made a name in the construction industry. As a National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ), the firm is certified as an expert in interior design. This expertise is applied in every project the company handles including residential renovation, restoration, and remodelling. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the company uses its mastery in design and construction to produce an excellent kitchen environment. 

Shelton Design Build’s priority is to produce a safe environment that nourishes each inhabitants’ well-being. It achieves this goal through effective collaboration of its team of experts including interior designers, architects, construction managers. These skilled professionals are key to delivering inspired, innovative, and durable designs. 

One of the firm’s inspired designs is the Edgerton 1910. For this project, the company has designed a fabulous transitional kitchen with a successful combination of blue, white, and brown tones. The kitchen’s dark wood floor provides a great contrast with the blue and white cabinets and the white vaulted ceiling. The stainless steel appliances seamlessly blend with the entire layout of the kitchen. Through effective design, this expanded kitchen is now a perfect gathering space for its homeowners. 

Pittsburgh’s Best Remodeling

409 Beatty Rd., Monroeville, PA 15146

Pittsburgh’s Best Remodeling is a one-stop-shop for kitchen remodeling needs. Whether it be kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodeling, the firm is ready to take care of every client’s needs. It has a team of professionals that cover both the design and construction aspects of a project. These experts are masters in home additions and custom builds, too. With this skilled team, the company can work on any budget provided by the client. For the firm’s dedication to providing exceptional customer service, it has received the 2017 Angie’s List Super Service Awards and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Established in 2012, Pittsburgh’s Best Remodeling believes that a kitchen must serve both as a cooking and entertaining space. To maximize the kitchen experience for each homeowner, the company employs a custom approach. The company’s design team talks to each client to figure out what kitchen works best for their lifestyle.  Moreover, a dedicated kitchen designer guides a client in selecting the best products and materials that suit the budget and timeline. Moreover, the company uses top-notch products from top companies, guaranteeing quality in the final output. 

Luxe Pittsburgh

5991 Broad St., Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Established in 2013, Luxe Pittsburgh provides simple, elegant, high-quality designs. The company defines luxury in its unique kitchen designs that are both functional and stunning. With a focus on modern and contemporary designs, the firm employs the latest technology in kitchen and bath remodels. Products and materials featured in each project are sourced from trusted domestic and international manufacturers. For the company’s fabulous designs, it caught the attention of Life Space Pittsburgh in 2016. 

A perfect example of the firm’s stunning contemporary kitchen designs is the Robinson Township Home. The client particularly chose the firm for its specialty in clean, modern design. Using white and subtle gray tones, the space offers a refreshing area for the entire family to hang around.  With an open-plan layout, the kitchen with a grand island faces the living area, ready to witness endless family celebrations. Moreover, the client loves the functional sliding drawers and cabinets the firm has provided. This sophisticated kitchen is a testament to the firm’s excellence in luxury design. 


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