High-end communities feature a dynamic combination of homes. Far from being elitist, the residential make-up of these areas usually consists of traditional homes and upscale estates. This diverse landscape offers a variety of styles ranging from understated dwellings to fancy manors. Building experts for these areas require a flexible skillset and a versatile eye for design. Management savvy is a must.

Here are the best custom home builders in Fountain Valley, California. Each has its own construction approach; all are proficient in simple and complex projects. A commitment to high-quality work and service is a common thread among all firms, a shared trait that guarantees exemplary results.

True Home Builders

14 Hughes, Suite B204, Irvine, CA 92618

True Home Builders is a staple of the Irvine building scene due to its exceptional homes and service. The family-owned firm delivers upstanding work from the consulting stages to the project’s completion.

Co-owner Michelle Yahav and Ami Gilad embody the same goals as their team—to deliver true information, service, and quality of work. Collaborative and transparent management yields fantastic results, whether for a creative solution or a complex build.

The full range of the firm’s services includes custom homes, kitchen and bath remodeling, and room additions. To date, the builder has completed over 150 projects, 208 plans, and 14 architectures.

The featured home is a Newport Beach residence finished in 2020. The mid-sized abode’s coastal theme creates a relaxed, breezy atmosphere. A sleek white palette exudes a tranquility that matches the scenery. Stylish handcrafted furniture and fixtures mixed with contemporary interior design enhance every space. Colorful touches in the suites add personality to the rooms.

Christiano Homes, Inc.

410 West Coast Highway, Suite L, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Christian Homes is one of the most preferred builders in Orange County. The company specializes in custom homes, remodels, extensions, and remodels. The firm’s high-quality projects have earned the firm numerous repeat clients. Strong craftsmanship is not its only forte, its first-rate customer service has also won merits in California homeowner circles.

Owner and president Steve Christiano has been a residential builder since 2003. His seasoned status and background in commercial construction have propelled his work to regional prominence. The ability to manage efficiently in the field, deliver transparent service, and complete projects on time and budget makes his firm a local favorite.

Take a look at this Broadway Traditional Custom in Costa Mesa. It was a collaboration between Christiano Homes and La Roche Architecture Inc. The stunning home includes classic features, including hickory hardwood floors and high-end finishes. Its interiors showcase a warm and welcoming design, with a dove-colored palette that adds to the homely atmosphere. The home offers guests and residents a great room, a powder room, a children’s study, a music room, a bar, and a covered lanai.

Mur-Sol Builders Inc.

119 E. St. Joseph Street, Arcadia, CA 91006

Mur-Sol Builders is a family-owned company that specializes in construction and management. The Newport Beach practice works with Southern California clients, particularly in the San Gabriel Valley. The scope of its projects focuses on the residential, multifamily, and commercial markets.

The full-service firm strives to deliver quality work and service in every development. Meticulous attention to detail, solid craftsmanship, and transparent management guarantees top-tier results at the end of every project. Efficient practices also guarantee timely, cost-effective completion.

Jasen and Josh Grohs are the managing partners of the company. Together with a team of seasoned professionals, they foster a collaborative environment that integrates the owner in every phase. This comprehensive approach consistently yields customer satisfaction and the potential for more repeat clients in the future.

This mansion in Fallen Leaf Road is an upscale residence with a luxurious design. An impressive quality emanates from the two-story estate, which features white stone sidings and dark-colored roofs. A tour inside further reveals the home’s polished, stunning grandeur. Crisp wood floors and high-end finishes add a majestic quality to every inch.

Waconah Construction

2431 1/2 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA 90291

Waconah Construction runs a detail-oriented process that upholds quality design and professional service. Its dossier of homes reflects creative expertise and solid craftsmanship, a signature of the firm’s work.

The building and remodeling contractor serves the Los Angeles and Southern California market. Its full range of services includes new home construction, luxury home remodeling, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

President Chris Mulhern’s forte lies in modern homebuilding and streamlined management. He also specializes in green building methods, particularly in energy and water efficiency. Mulhern leads a team with a strong sense of shared values, as each member is driven by passion and skill.

The company has an impressive catalog of residential properties, each home distinct in visual flavor. Houses in the portfolio showcase interesting designs that echo the owner’s lifestyle in style and function.

This Grand View residence is a million-dollar project in Los Angeles. The house was built in a contemporary farmhouse style with white surfaces made primarily out of wood. The simple yet sophisticated build stands two stories tall, a quaint abode that offers spacious interiors and a warm ambiance.

Matt White Custom Homes, Inc.

3090 Pullman Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Matt White Custom Homes, also known as MWCH, is a building expert that serves Southern California. The Costa Mesa-based firm is known for crafting modern homes with traditional values. Those values ensure durable structures with stylish and functional designs. Those designs are executed brilliantly thanks to a collaborative approach taken in the field.

Matt White is president and owner of the firm. He leads craftspeople and specialists well-versed in building and service. Comprehensive work is rendered from the planning stages until the project’s completion, as the team always aims for optimal results. 

MWCH’s houses showcase fine craftsmanship and long-lasting appeal, built for the owner’s satisfaction down to the smallest detail. The builder also incorporates sustainable methods, which fosters water and energy-efficient properties in every home.

The featured project is the Boulder View residence, an Andalusian home built in the Shady Canyon neighborhood. The 9,000-square-foot property has a villa-style design that fits the golf course community. Its rustic, classic aesthetic shines amidst the verdant locale and reflects the California landscape beautifully.

Horizon Construction & Remodeling Inc.

614 S. Euclid Street, Fullerton, CA 92832

Horizon Construction and Remodeling Inc. has been a go-to expert for residential projects for over 20 years. It is known for its masterful and innovative home-building methods. The company also practices sustainable solutions that provide environmentally responsible and energy efficiency qualities to their projects.

Horizon Construction works on projects based in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Bernardino. As its name implies, the firm specializes in construction and remodeling. Its core services focus on structured work, additions, kitchens, bathrooms, pools, and interior and exterior spaces. Other services include planning and blueprints.

CEO Mark Besnos oversees the firm’s day-to-day operations and leads a crew of in-house experts who are all dedicated to the client’s needs. The team has completed many projects over two decades, one of which is this two-story home in a suburban community. The house’s exterior consists of stone sidings and gable roofing. The traditional dwelling also features large glass windows that provide ample daylight indoors.

Devco Homes

13 Corporate Plaza, Suite 102, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Devco Homes is a luxury home builder that provides comprehensive services for residential properties. The firm consistently balances cost-effective solutions and quality work, always aiming for complete client satisfaction at the end of the job. Creative designs, long-lasting structures, and timely completion are a guarantee, as is a positive environment from start to finish.

The company operates in Newport Beach and serves the Southern California market. It specializes in general contracting and management. Its expertise spans construction and project management, budget and schedule development, home design, team assembly, entitlement and permitting, and land acquisition.

Jon Deverian, the company’s owner and founder, has completed over 80 custom homes in Orange County. He and his team have a passion for building high-end homes, a trait evident through their impressive portfolio. This striking Harbor Island residence features a modern theme with sleek lines and a simple design. The exteriors display white sidings, black accents, and polished wood for the entryways. A minimalist interior palette veers away from blandness, adding a sophisticated flair to every space.

La Placa Construction Inc.

2120 Main Street, Suite 230, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

La Placa Construction Inc. has a dynamic dossier of custom luxury homes. It features a variety of styles that range from contemporary Craftsman houses to French Traditional abodes. Though all different, the properties share a high-class quality with crisp structures and sleek grandeur. It is no surprise that the firm is a local favorite. The firm won the Golden Nugget Award in 2019 and several service-oriented merits as well.

Gaetano La Placa spearheads the company as a seasoned craftsman, designer, and project manager. His focused approach prioritizes quality, attention to detail, efficiency, and value. Customer service is also a high priority for his team, which rounds out their construction proficiency.

A pantheon-like façade brings a classic and elegant charm to this stunning house and certainly makes it stand out in the neighborhood. Four Doric columns flank the main entrance; smaller pillars prop up the two upper balconies. Though fairly lavish on the outside, the interiors emit a homey atmosphere with white walls and polished wood floors. A large pool and lounge space are also available at the back of the house.

Rellion DBI

16560 Harbor Blvd., Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Rellion Homes is a design-build practice that excels in new construction developments and remodeling projects. The company aims to complete homes efficiently and cost-effectively and deliver high-quality spaces that meet the client’s standards. Contemporary architecture and interior design are also some of its strengths, noticeable in its collection of custom homes.

President Lin He is a seasoned contractor with a team dedicated to quality, professional, and cost-effective service. Their process incorporates architectural and interior design and budgeting in every project. Return on investment (ROI) is also prioritized in their work. These comprehensive approaches earned the firm status as one of the most trusted firms in the area. 

The Southern California builder has a versatile hand when it comes to residential design. Its portfolio’s variety, from its coastal homes to its Mediterranean estates, displays flexibility in design.

This Contemporary Luxury Home in Newport Beach was completed in 2020. The house favors simplicity over extravagance, a quality evident in every space. The rectangular home has a low flat roof with white and beige exteriors. The interior’s open concept plan connects the living room with the kitchen and dining room, providing smooth spatial flow. 

Corbin Reeves Construction

245 Fischer Ave., Suite A1, Costa Mesa, CA‎ 92626

Corbin Reeves is one of Costa Mesa’s most acclaimed luxury home builders. The general contractor works on residential projects in the coastal community, providing its expertise in custom home construction and property improvements.

The full-service firm crafts residences with durable design and structure. The Corbin Reeves team is well-attuned to the needs of the client from the initial stages to the post-construction maintenance. All projects are built with proficiency and efficiency and completed promptly and within budget.

Michael Reeves has been a residential builder for over 30 years. The Southern California expert has projects in Los Angeles, Corona Del Mar, and Orange County. One of his standout projects is the featured project home built on Strand Beach in Dana Point. The estate blends classic architectural themes with a more modern style. Its make-up consists of stone and plaster, which presented several challenges. The traditional materials worked well with the design, yielding a striking sentinel of contemporary beauty. The project is a collaboration with South Coast Architects.

Gonterman Construction

502 30th Street, Unit A, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Gonterman Construction is a builder that brings dream homes to reality. Each home reflects the owner’s lifestyle, from its design to its function. As houses are custom-made, every space caters specifically to its inhabitants, providing a comfort and style unique to them.

The full-service company specializes in custom home building, renovations, and interior design. It serves Orange County and Los Angeles, where it is a preferred contractor for most homeowners. Client-voted merits for service and design fill its resume, cementing its status as one of the area’s elites.

Founder and president Jason Gonterman takes a hands-on approach to every project. He and his team operate efficiently, driven by a streamlined process that upholds high-quality craftsmanship and design.

This Cliff Drive residence is a strong showcase of the firm’s building prowess. Its modern style features sharp corners and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The F-shaped structure has an intriguing silhouette, an aesthetic style that fits the high-end neighborhood.