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The 13 Best Custom Home Builders in Eugene, Oregon

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Surrounded by nature, Eugene is a bustling town full of museums, markets, and parks surrounded by views of Oregon forests and mountains. An array of homes fill the city in a diverse range of styles and designs, homes designed to please a broad range of sensibilities.

The best custom home builders in Eugene are extremely flexible and implement modern approaches with a strong emphasis on quality materials and efficiency. Our editorial team created this list of the best custom home builders operating in the town by reviewing the portfolios, press features, and processes of a broad range of western Oregon firms. The top firms listed here are the curated result.

dC Eugene

450 Country Club Rd. Suite 260. Eugene, OR 97401

An established custom home builder in Lane County, dC Eugene has earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship that comes from a high level of attention and a client-first approach. From start to finish, the firm aims to build inspiring custom homes specifically tailored to each client—something that residents can enjoy for years to come. For the past 15 years, the firm has built an array of homes ranging from contemporary, ranch, cottages, and estates—all with a strong emphasis on creativity, originality, and timelessness.

In 2009, the firm—along with home designer Dan Cooper—completed this modern colonial home featuring numerous amenities. The firm was able to include a bar and pool area, a home gym, a theatre, and a basketball court. In terms of creativity and originality, the firm treated each living space as its own, providing unique lighting for each area. The bar and pool area are lit, for instance, by neon green lights; the theatre room features dark yellow lights. The house provides a comfortable living space with modern furniture that keeps things simple yet refined. 

Breeden Homes

366 E 40th Ave, Suite 250, Eugene, OR 97405

Having been around for more than five decades, Breeden Homes’ primary goal is to build affordable, livable homes. The Greenwood residence is a custom-built traditional-contemporary fusion featuring an interesting array of materials. Stonemasonry and wood make up the exterior; hardwood and tiles frame the interior structural design. The residence includes three bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, wooden cabinetry, granite countertops, and a two-car garage that presents a simple, comfortable, functional design.  

The firm was founded in the middle of the Great Depression. At that time, many families were losing their homes. The firm made it its goal to build affordable houses; it has since expanded into creating neighborhood areas for numerous families. The firm’s continuing mission is to build places where each family can work, rest, play, and thrive.  

John Webb Construction and Design LLC

1256 Willagillespie Rd, Eugene, OR 97401

Completed by John Webb Construction and Design LLC, this modern farmhouse in Hatfield St. incorporates contemporary furniture to create a modern look. Featuring numerous living spaces, the residence includes two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a walk-in closet, and a walk-in shower. Owner John Webb takes into account colors, textures, and functionality. He especially emphasizes quality finishes, and the straightforward approach of this modern farmhouse is a great example. 

Prior to establishing the firm, John Webb was a journeyman for ten years working for renowned architects and artisans in the industry. Equipped with over 30 years of experience, John has implemented The Field Issuance Remodel (FIR) program, which provides fast track plan review and service inspection. FIR is a service-oriented approach that fosters a strong relationship between the firm and client and puts in place a smooth process from budget discussions to schedule management.

Stonewood Construction Inc.

935 Oak St, Eugene, OR 97401

The team at Stonewood Construction Inc. practices a collaborative approach, with each supervisor providing ideas and their own individual approach. That dynamic ensures that the best course is taken with the goal of having a consistent process and constant communication with the client. The firm has numerous established connections with subcontractors and suppliers. The firm’s track record, as a result, is strong: it has produced an array of houses that range across contemporary, traditional, and ranch styles. 

Aside from focusing on the quality of the home, the firm goes beyond expectations by delivering value to each client through modern designs, methods, and green-building techniques. The end result is an accessible house that offers a comfortable living experience through quality design. That approach is evident in this traditional ranch home that features a wood and brick exterior.   

Gant Custom Homes

121 Wedgewood Dr, Eugene, OR 97404

As an established custom home builder in Oregon, Gant Custom Homes has produced and restored numerous houses via the firm’s core values of quality and integrity. A great example is this restored home in Yoncalla. After a fire destroyed the original home, the firm rebuilt and added energy-efficient features to cut costs and provide a more eco-friendly residence. With a simple exterior design, the firm structured the interior with contemporary furniture—the white cabinetry and wood vinyl flooring produces a sleek modern vibe. 

Certified and accredited, the firm has a solid foundation for building custom homes through a budget-friendly system without compromising quality. The firm creates homes that are comfortable, welcoming, and eco-friendly. It’s not just about the client and the project: the community around the project has to be taken into consideration in order to build strong relationships between the firm, client, and neighborhood. 

Gansen Construction

1065 River Rd, Eugene, OR 97404

Being practical about the projects, Gansen Construction tackles its projects with a realistic mindset. In terms of what the firm can work with, it will use the necessary methods to ensure the client gets the results they are hoping for and that home is the best possible result for its context. The team at Gansen Construction has built strong connections with area suppliers and contractors that aid them in the building process. Those relationships and that process led to solid residences like this stunning contemporary house. Tall windows and wooden beams signal a contemporary aesthetic, an aesthetic complemented by modern furniture. It’s all completed by a bright finish.  

Nearly 30 years of experience has allowed the firm to explore new and modern techniques to better its process and building quality. As certified builders, the firm uses environmentally friendly materials and modern technology. The firm is an Earth Advantage Builder and a Certified Master Builder. 

Anslow & DeGeneault, Inc.

1953 Garden Ave., Eugene, OR 97403

Anslow & DeGeneault, Inc. has an extensive, diverse portfolio, having been in the business for numerous years. That portfolio features hundreds of completed single-family homes as well as over 500 multifamily projects. These various projects come in price ranges that start at 80 thousand dollars and go up to one million dollars. The firm has developed both a systematic approach and a solid reputation for its quality workmanship and timeless style. From residential projects to commercial work, the firm has the same goal: starting with the kind of solid foundation that leads to quality results. 

That foundation translates to the various homes the firm has completed. Whether the style is modern, traditional, or ranch, each project has some contemporary features that include high-level finishes. The Wallowa residence, for instance, has a contemporary jet black exterior which complements the interior design. In 2015 the firm completed the 2,194 square feet property that features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, quartz countertops, and a twelve-foot vaulted ceiling.  

Meltebeke Construction

2315 Park View Dr. Eugene, OR 97408

One of Oregon’s largest custom builders, Meltebeke Construction, completes 15-20 residential projects a year in numerous communities across Oregon. The firm has three active subdivisions that include various proportions and property sizes in numerous locations to accommodate a variety of new home buyers. A significant phase in the building process is the client having the option to custom design their own home. The firm makes sure that it understands the client’s vision, and then executes that vision efficiently and successfully.  

One of the three communities the firm has worked on is the Lake Shore Estates, which incorporate outdoor living and environmental attractions to further enhance the living experience. A notable place in the community is Ayres Lake—full of wildlife, as well as opportunities to fish and sail. The residences built vary from 1125 to 2601 square feet in size, with two to four bedrooms, two or three baths, and an attached rear access garage. The firm’s designs range from contemporary to traditional, with an emphasis on simple structures and a comfortable aesthetic.  

Walter Custom Homes Inc.

2863 Riverwalk Loop, Eugene, OR 97401

Established custom home builder Walter Custom Homes Inc. has become one of Oregon’s prominent firms providing contemporary luxury homes. A 2x Home of the Year winner, the firm features the latest designs and amenities in the form of a variety of floorplans, kitchen designs, landscaping plans, and interior design. With modern approaches being more prominent, the firm stays true to its attention to quality, using the appropriate materials to create intricate architectural details and structures that enhance a home and its community. 

Considering the neighborhood’s aesthetic, the firm executes complementary designs that will please the client and add to the overall aesthetic of the established community. Landscaping plays an integral role in many residences, and a simple contemporary exterior provides a comfortable yet elegant aesthetic. The firm uses stone masonries and dark wood to amplify the modern look, as well as a classic interior design featuring wooden furniture and vinyl flooring. Some other details include marble countertops, white cabinetry, and stone fireplaces.

Three Creeks Construction

32971 Dillard Rd, Eugene, OR 97405

Formerly known as  Mica McOmber Construction, Inc., Three Creeks Construction has evolved since its early days in 1999. Producing some of Oregon’s most prominent residences, the firm has been repeatedly featured in the press. Projects like the Dillard Landing house showcase multidimensional facets with a rustic contemporary ambiance using wood for the majority of the structure and finished with modern furniture. The abundant amount of space on the property gave the firm plenty of options to work with and a moderate amount of furnishing leaves plenty of floor space. 

Today, the firm works with a variety of styles that range from rustic-modern fusions to clean contemporary looks. The firm employs green-building methods and installs solar heating and cooling panels. The firm takes on a number of budget-friendly projects, and always without compromising quality.  

Rainbow Valley Design and Construction

785 Grant St, Eugene, OR 97402

Rainbow Valley Design and Construction practices a sustainable approach that combines landscape and residential designs. As a RE:think certified builder, the firm maintains a socially responsible system throughout the building process while incorporating beautifully designed landscapes with a natural look. The firm evaluates every aspect of the project: location, scenery, and property size to maximize the residence’s structure in a way that incorporates every facet of the project. 

Nestled in a forest location, the contemporary Dunes City residence offers a  modern home featuring bright walls, wooden furniture, and unorthodox designs. Air vent tubes, a retro arcade machine, a workshop table, and a piano: the residence’s living space serves numerous purposes with a bubbly ambiance. The firm went outside the box with this home’s design, creating a colorful home with a bright color palette that includes orange beams and yellow walls. The firm moved away from the mainstream design and came up with this unique, lively house with a hip and youthful aesthetic. 

Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

1464 Willamette St. Eugene, OR 97401

A previous People’s Choice Award Winner, Jordan Iverson Signature Homes, fuses numerous elements to create stylish, efficient homes. A combination of urban, modern, and traditional design elements, are paired with creative interior details to thoughtfully designed homes that cater to the residents’ lifestyles. That approach is evident in the Ridgewood residence project completed in 2016. It fuses the dark clean lines of the exterior with bright French interior details. Featuring a retro-designed kitchen and a cast iron pedestal tub in the master, it takes modern furnishing and classic French designs to create a multidimensional house that is unique and personalized. The entire project took six months to complete, from the design phase to the fabrication stage. 

Aside from custom homes, the firm extends its services to commercial projects and serves areas outside Eugene. Catering to places like Portland, Los Angeles, and Seattle, the firm has extensive knowledge of producing homes that fit the location with the appropriate designs. With substantial experience in the building industry, owner Jordan Iverson continues to find new ways to better its process and quality using the latest technology with an array of design-build techniques.