Looking for reliable architects can be a challenge. Potential clients need to consider their own budget and firms’ processes and experience, as well as the styles in which each firm specializes. For the best results, both the firm and client need to have a clear understanding of the final output.

Collaboration is important for every type of project. This list compiles the best residential architects in Del Mar, California. The firms were chosen based on the experience, process, and styles they offer, along with the number of projects they have completed. 

b+d studio

PO Box 33137 San Diego, CA 92163

Architect Todd Brazzon has been crafting homes in the California area for two decades. His firm’s process is about gaining the trust of each client, paying close attention to every detail, and making sure the firm is able to capture the exact desires of each client. Details about the clients’ preferences will be constantly reviewed to ensure that the final product has the personal touch of the client. 

From modern to historical and traditional, the firm offers inspiring ideas with customized design solutions for each client. The La Noria estate in Rancho Santa Fe provides personalized designs with a blend of traditional interior designs and a modern landscape.

BGI Architecture Inc.

2292 Faraday Ave #100 Carlsbad, CA 92008

BGI Architecture Inc. has built numerous projects across different states such as in California, Arizona, and Hawaii. The BGI team’s process revolves around full team collaboration, including the architects and builders as well as the clients. It emphasizes each individual’s contribution to create high-quality, award-winning homes. The firm believes in innovation and integration of green building architecture as a means to further enhance each project, and is well-versed in multiple styles and designs with a simple idea that offers each client a memorable living environment. 

From custom homes to large estates, the firm creates simple designs that can be further enhanced rather than over-the-top patterns. The Solana Beach Residence is a 5,164 square foot home that includes a 1,164 square foot exterior main floor entertaining terrace and a 418 square foot second-floor roof deck. The firm used mid-century modern designs with modern building technology like automated shades, windows coverings, automated light systems, and a three-story elevator. The home was made to be efficient and sustainable but still maintains a simplistic factor.

Christian Rice Architects, Inc.

1127 Loma Ave. Coronado, CA 92118

Christian Rice Architects, Inc. understands how important the process is to create good quality homes. As such, the team puts emphasis on the research stage, with visualization and collaboration of ideas and designs. The firm then goes to the design stage, in which the firm uses 3D modeling and rendering software to fully understand each project. Finally, a team is formed to start the construction once the project is approved. The firm ensures that it pays attention to each detail, no matter how small, and takes into consideration all of the client’s wishes. 

The firm focuses on producing contemporary houses with a simple design. The La Jolla Residence, at a price of $750,000 – $1,000,000, has a beach/coastal ambiance. The home’s design includes elegant furniture, a pool, and views of the beach. 

Dean Meredith Architecture

1125 Camino Del Mar, Suite A, Del Mar, CA 92014

Dean Meredith Architecture has an extensive process for each project. The firm takes into consideration the landscape, budget, and each client’s wishes. The firm also takes the project plans through a design review board and art juries to gain approval, and focuses on creating high-end contemporary homes/estates with attention to detail on the landscape and environment.

The Hidden Pines Residence is an excellent example of the landscape and environment improving the home’s ambiance and atmosphere. The exterior has a natural appearance, with many plants and trees surrounding the house. This nature complements the interior design, which contains simple wooden furniture and structures, resembling a modern cabin home. The amount of detail and attention the team puts into each project comes from a long technical process, but that process is what guides the team in every step to produce high-quality projects.

domusstudio architecture

2800 3rd Ave, San Diego, California 92103

Founder Lew Dominy has an array of reliable principals to lead a creative and cohesive team. These principals include Jon Dominy, Wayne Holtan, David Keitel, David Pfeifer, and John Pyjar, who have all helped the firm garner several awards and grow its client list. With more than three decades of experience, the firm aims to continue its flawless work without compromising aspects requested by its clients.

The firm’s focus on residential projects revolves around contemporary and coastal estates. A beach house residence located in Oceanside, California, offers views of the ocean with a simple structure. The home includes a wooden ceiling, cement walls, and modern furnishing. The house’s structure is simple but is refined with furniture to create a coastal theme.

Hayer Architecture

445 Marine View Ave, Suite 280 Del Mar, CA 92014

With over three decades in the industry, Hayer Architecture commits itself to the personalization of each home it builds. The firm has completed private custom residences, remodels, and historical restorations, many of which have received local and national awards and publications.

The firm focuses on luxury contemporary-style residences. This La Quinta residence is an excellent example, with an outdoor pool, a great room featuring a fireplace in the middle, a courtyard, and exotic outdoor plantations like cactuses. The house also features views of the mountains. Other projects completed by the firm have a similar style, but each home has its own flair; the firm makes each home unique, customized to the client’s lifestyle and preferences. 

House Design Architects

2150 W. Washington St., Suite 301 San Diego, California 

House Design Architects has devised a seven-step process, beginning with a discussion of the project with the client, and then proceeding towards gathering information and design development. The firm makes sure that each home is fully permitted before clients move in, taking care of all paperwork for the client. 

The firm focuses on contemporary and traditional homes with an emphasis on a cozy environment. The Camino de la Costa, La Jolla residence is a modern-style house, which has a corporate style ambiance with its tall glass windows and viewing balconies. The furnishing is somewhat minimalist, with white couches, plants, and an elegant fireplace. The minimal ambiance fits the general appearance of the home, which is modern, with clean lines. 

JLC Architecture

337 South Cedros Ave, Suite J Solana Beach, California

JLC Architecture aims to create better spaces for both the homes it builds as well as for surrounding neighborhoods and communities. It embraces standard steps in the architectural process, but also isn’t afraid to explore other options and solutions, which allows it to develop custom designs. The firm, client, and builders’ collaboration all contribute to a successful project, and the firm uses that process as the center of its operation in building homes.

The firm completed the North Granados residence in 2018, worth $1,500,000 – $2,000,000. The home features expansive multi-panel doors separating indoor and outdoor living, and includes a pool, spa, and deck space instead of a traditional landscaped backyard. The exterior’s materials are a mix of smooth troweled stucco, charred cypress siding, exposed masonry, and glass.

Juneau Architects & Construction

2270 Camino Vida Roble, Suite R Carlsbad, CA 92011

Andrew Juneau and his team hold themselves to the highest of standards with each project. The group is a quality and service-driven firm with methods that have been shaped and molded throughout the firm’s ten years in the business. The client’s goals and aspirations are the main priority for the firm, which provides attention to detail in every aspect of the project.

The firm provides the necessary services from landscaping, interior design, fabrications, renovations, etc. The team guides each client in every stage of the building process, providing a 3D rendering of the finished product, allowing changes to the design if necessary. A recently-completed project is the Ontiveros Residence. Before the home was constructed, the firm provided blueprints and layouts that detailed the final product. This level of attention the firm puts into its projects shows the standards of quality it sets itself for each client.

Lampert Dias Architects, Inc.

PO Box 4565 San Clemente, California

Owners Christine Lampert and Carolyn Dias are accredited architects leading Lampert Dias Architects in crafting some of the best properties in California. The firm’s primary focuses are sustainability and energy efficiency, which lessen the impact the building process will have on the environment. The firm also emphasizes the clients being up-to-date with each step of the process, resulting in a more efficient building operation.

The firm’s projects mostly consist of Spanish Colonial, Traditional, and Contemporary homes. The team completed the Boca Del Canon residence back in 2017. It has a size of 5,000 square feet with five suite bedrooms and bathrooms, two half bathrooms, and a wine tasting room that holds up to 600 bottles of wine. The main feature of the home is the rooftop deck on the 4th floor that offers views of the ocean. 

MADesign & Drafting Services

14168 Poway Rd Ste 104 Poway, CA

Many of MADesign & Drafting Services’s clients come from old clients and word-of-mouth. The attention to detail and meticulous process the firm follows allows it to visualize and create concepts to reality. The firm uses 3D renderings with a virtual walkthrough, giving more opportunity to get a feel for the look of the home before the final product. Throughout the process, the team members don’t just imagine the final product, but try to live the full design, putting themselves in the client’s perspective at each opportunity.

The firm aims to maximize the general home space with comfort and function. This $2,000,000-dollar home, newly-constructed in 2018 in Encinitas, California, maximizes its space with simple furniture and designs. The look emphasizes a clean, modern aesthetic, focused more on open spaces and a bright atmosphere. It also features large open spaces for outdoor living with a patio and backyard that includes a small courtyard. 

Sanctuary Architects

7730 Herschel Ave, Suite O La Jolla, Ca

A nine-time Home of the Year winner, Sanctuary Architects is a LEED accredited team that provides Contemporary, Traditional, and Mediterranean style homes. Its process revolves around 3D computer technology, ensuring an accurate visualization for each client. It aims to move forward with modern technology as a primary method in the building process instead of looking back on classic approaches.

Some of the firm’s projects involve historic restorations and updating them to a more modern home but retains some of its original features. The Woods Residence, completed in 2019, was first built in 1932. The team was able to balance the contemporary and classic aspects with neither being dominant over the other. The firm added a family room to update the floor plan, creating a connection with the house’s different areas, such as the kitchen and dining area. Before the update, the structure was in a “c” shape, but with the updated family room, the figure became an “o,” which provides more opportunity for family gatherings.

TRE Architecture

300 Carlsbad Village Dr. Suite 108a-336 Carlsbad, CA 

TRE Architecture is inspired by historic, multicultural architecture, and aims to bring it home to its discerning clients. The TRE team, headed by Amato Teta, reviews building options with each client to ensure the project goes smoothly and results in the client’s dream home. The firm carries with it a deep sense of responsibility in handling the client’s work and follows through with a meticulous building process.

One of the more unique projects of the firm is the Fulvia Residence. The Leucadia home combines both the Hawaiian and Polynesian styles. It contains tropical-themed furniture from the bar stools, rattan seats, and stone tabletops. It also includes features like a pool with a mini waterfall, several patio areas, and a garden area. The home is perfect for outdoor gatherings and pool parties with the Hawaiian style and beach vibe it provides.