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The 14 Best Custom Home Builders in Glencoe, Illinois

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Glencoe is a small, historic village. Nestled between wide recreational spaces filled with greenery and nature, it is a great spot to raise a family and is known to have neighborhoods dotted with parks, schools, and places of worship. As a residential area, it is decorated with homes that possess various architectural styles such as traditional, contemporary, and French styles, with many of these homes accredited to renowned architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Howard Van Doren Shaw among others. This list of the best custom home builders in Glencoe highlights streamlined design building processes alongside features of some of these firms’ most notable works. 

These professionals are also known for their quick and experienced responses to potential project issues—an attitude that results in the successful creation of high-quality homes. Their years of experience have brought some of them recognition from magazines like Luxe, Better Homes & Gardens, Design Chicago, and Chicago Sun Times among several others.

Page Custom Homes

512 Chestnut St. #250, Winnetka, IL 60093

Aside from a repertoire of luxurious custom homes, Page Custom Homes is famous for providing its clients with a memorable building experience. As an industry veteran with over 50 years of experience, the firm combines its great working relationships in the industry with a design-build approach that heavily involves the client, the use of new technology, and the incorporation of safe green building materials. So far, this approach has helped the firm create homes like the contemporary villa in St. Charles. Surrounded by trees in a lot overlooking the Fox River, it was designed for cohabiting professionals who wish to retire together and has a coherent, flexible style that resembles a single-family home.

Aside from having separate his and her wings, the residence also has ancillary rooms off the entry hall, working as a support to the owners’ separate lifestyles while being potential rooms for live-in caretakers in the future. Since the owners also have eclectic possessions, the home takes on a minimalist contemporary design to give neutrality. Alongside homes like this, Page Custom Homes has also completed projects in other styles including the French cottage, Normandy, and ranch styles.

JMD Builders

1845 Oak St. #11, Northfield, IL 60093

A company that highlights high-end luxury through convenient customer service, direct communication, and quality finished homes, JMD Builders is a 27-year-old firm that was founded on founder Jerry Max Dardick’s 40+ years of experience, resource network, and customer-oriented approach. With such an experienced leader leading the firm, JMD Builders has serviced many clients in and out of the Chicago-land area.

So far, the firm is most recognized for its work on modern homes like the Northbrook private home which highlights a relaxed and open relationship with nature through the use of floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow light to flood almost through every room.

Newgard Custom Homes

666 Dundee Rd. Suite #308, Northbrook, IL 60062

A luxury home builder established in 2013, Newgard Custom homes has worked with a variety of clients, architects, and interior designers. Alongside these professionals, the firm has polished its experience in building custom homes and remodeling projects.

As a boutique firm, Newgard Custom Homes focuses on only a handful of projects in order to successfully implement a hands-on design-build process. So far, this approach has helped it complete homes in a number of designs such as the traditional, modern, and Victorian styles.

Danko Homes

334 Country Lane, Glenview, IL 60025

Established in 1998, Danko Homes has spent years providing quality customer service alongside high-end craftsmanship. During this time, the firm has completed homes carrying designs from the traditional to the farmhouse, Craftsman, and cape cod styles for clients in the Glenview and Northshore areas. Among its many projects, its most notable one is a modern Craftsman home that highlights its modern features with the use of a simple black and white color scheme that emphasizes the home’s exterior and interior forms.

Aside from creating beautiful homes, the firm is also capable of installing high-efficiency appliances and materials that result in eco-friendly homes.

GlobeEx Developments Inc. 

2222 Chestnut Ave. Suite #201, Glenview, IL 60026

GlobeEx Developments Inc. was founded on the principles of integrity, quality, and timely completion within a provided budget. This work ethic has allowed the firm to grow into one of Glenview’s premier home builders with experience in crafting new homes, remodels, and renovations. While the firm is quite known for its experience in crafting homes with different designs including the traditional,

Tudor, and farmhouse styles, it is also recognized for providing highly-skilled and hands-on project management that ensures the production of high-quality projects. Aside from helping its clients in choosing finishing materials, the team also makes sure to seamlessly include the latest technological features into any type of new or renovated home. 

Cornerstone North Shore

1007 Kensington Dr., Northbrook, IL 60062

A short look at Cornerstone North Shore’s portfolio attests that this firm has years of experience in crafting impressive home projects that stem from a deep passion for crafting beautiful homes. One of the home building firms with a reputation as one of north Chicago’s premier home builders, Cornerstone North Shore has continuously built luxurious residences that carry various styles. These include the unique French Cottage, ranch, and Craftsman styles. 

Even without advertising efforts, this 30-year-old firm gained its reputation by word of mouth from past clients who have experienced the firm’s use of fine materials, impressive craftsmanship, and attentive services. Over the years, its portfolio has been filled with various projects including new home construction, room additions, remodeling, and kitchen and bath renovations. Thanks to its experience, Cornerstone North Shore has become trusted advisers, problem solvers, and valuable partners.

America’s Custom Home Builders, Inc.

4453 Oakton St., Skokie, IL 60076

Since 1999, America’s Custom Home Builders, Inc. has been persevering with consistency, dedication, honesty, quality, and warranties as its pillars of impressive work ethics. After many years in the industry, these pillars have brought the firm several home renovations and new home construction projects from clients in the Chicago-land area. Aside from home building projects, the firm is also experienced in commercial construction work.

Regardless of the type of work, America’s Custom Home Builders, Inc. delivers quality workmanship seen alongside great engineering that results in the creation of homes carrying styles from the traditional to the Victorian, colonial, and Craftsman styles. 

Amrami Design Build

8248 Christiana Ave., Skokie, IL 60076

The Amrami Design Build team has a simple six-step design build process. This involves the initial consultation, designing, planning, construction, interior designing, and inspections during walkthroughs. As a 22-year-old firm founded by Ben Amrami, it is known for its highly collaborative and responsive team, it has completed custom homes and renovations with varying designs that range from the French country, contemporary, Cape Cod, and colonial styles. 

Regardless of the style, Amrami Design Build residences are recognized for being luxurious pieces of architecture and for having interior spaces that are just as lush and grand.

Kenneth James LLC

400 Central Ave. #309, Northfield, IL 60093

Kenneth James LLC is a veteran firm established way back in 1949. Through the many decades, it has completed over 3,000 residences and has won a large number of awards. These include three Builder of the Year awards, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Developer of the Year award alongside magazine features from publications like the Pioneer Press and Builder Magazine.

These days, the firm is recognized for completing single projects and even communities of functional homes that usually come in the traditional and cottage home styles. Alongside such projects, Kenneth James LLC has been known for completing award-winning golf courses, resorts, high-rise condominiums, and several single-family, townhome, and retirement communities. 

Fettner Construction

910 Skokie Rd. Suite #107, Northbrook, IL 60062

A firm that emphasizes luxury, detailed elegance, and modern living, Fettner Construction is a 40-year-old home builder that has been featured in publications like Luxe, Chicago Sun Times, Pioneer Press, and The Highland Park Landmark. So far, the firm has a portfolio showing projects ranging from gold coast greystones to Michigan Avenue multi-unit renovations, 15,000 square foot smart homes, and historical renovated homes. Aside from varying in project type, the firm is also quite experienced with building different home styles including the farmhouse, traditional, and modern styles.

Regardless of the type, Fettner Construction limits its work to seven to eight homes per year in an effort to ensure that the firm continues to create quality results. One great example of its quality craftsmanship is the Berkeley residence. A home occupied by art enthusiasts, this contemporary residence was a full remodel that transformed the quiet home into one that serves as an extension of the art displayed inside. 

Highgate Builders

95 Revere Dr. Suite H, Northbrook, IL 60062

Composed of award-winning designers and building professionals, Highgate Builders has a plethora of residential projects completed throughout Chicago and the surrounding North Shore and the suburbs. Over time, it has created both new custom homes and renovations or additions. Regardless of the project, the team is involved even during the pre-design phase but Highgate Builders can also work with a pre-selected architectural design team before moving into the design process where the firm assists its clients in choosing adequate materials and architects for their desired project. 

One great example of its work is the Glencoe transitional home which expertly weaves a traditional exterior with modern interior design flecked with traditional elements. Over time, Highgate Builders has been honored for designing Dutch colonial, French provincial, French country, and colonial homes. So far, the firm has been featured in publications like
Luxe, Crain’s Chicago Business, and mytrends magazine. 

Benvenuti and Stein

899 1/2 Green Bay Rd., Winnetka, IL 6009

Benvenuti and Stein has a veteran’s reputation known throughout Chicago and North Shore. Best known for its ability to listen to its clients and provide accurate outcomes, the firm has a design process that involves the work of a project manager who has years of experience working with clients from the initial consultation all the way to the construction. The firm’s project manager meets with clients and the architect on a weekly basis. This smooth design-build process has become Benvenuti and Stein’s signature style and involves the traditional high attention to every project detail and the use of modern technology. The Winnetka home renovation is a great example of how Benventuni and Stein uses its modern-traditional approach. Originally built in the 1950s, the Winnetka home project involved rebuilding the structure from the first floor to the roof rafters. 

Alongside trim and panel details, the firm also made use of a classy black and white palette to give the home a cohesiveness its previous design lacked. To bring more light into the house like any typical Californian home would, glass walls were installed to face the pool and yard. All of these new changes transformed the old and almost single-colored traditional styled residence into a timely and more breathable transitional space. This home was also honored with several awards including the Winnetka Home Preservation Award for Rehabilitation, Professional Remodeler’s Design Award, and the Marvin Integrity Red Diamond Achiever Award. Over time, the firm’s design-build process has been used on several other types of projects and home styles ranging from the traditional to midcentury to even modern Craftsman. Thanks to its flexibility, it has also been featured in a large number of publications. 

Orren Pickell Building Group

444 Skokie Blvd. Suite #200, Wilmette, IL 60091

From Chicago and throughout the north shore, Orren Pickell Building Group is recognized for its excellence in design and building innovation. After 40 years in the industry, it has completed several custom homes that take on various designs from the traditional, ranch, and country to the stucco, modern, and even French provincial styles. Among the many projects in its portfolio, the most notable one would be the stone and stucco European chateau-style residence. Located in Libertyville, this quaint home emphasizes the use of wood in its design. Among its many notable features is the front door made of stained, knotty alder wood—a feature along with the cedar shutters, brackets, and beams that highlight the home’s whimsical character. 

Regardless of the project type, this firm has a design-build process that involves the team with the client from concept development all the way through preliminary planning, construction, and even home maintenance which is an optional choice for clients who want the firm to be around in case an emergency arises. With homes like this in its portfolio and a hands-on design-build process to support it, Orren Pickel Building Group has won over 350 awards alongside features from magazines like
Design Chicago, Modern Luxury Interiors, and Remodeling Magazine among many others. Learn more about their work here.

Scott Simpson Design Build

1529 Shermer Rd., Northbrook, IL 60062

Scott Simpson Design Build has been in the home building industry for 25 years with Chicago’s North Shore as its main location of work. In the cities present here, the firm has completed several new custom homes, historical renovations, and even eco-friendly green building projects that have earned the firm several honors and press recognition. Regardless of the type of work, Scott Simpson Design Build is quite capable of taking on challenging and complex projects. Alongside a streamlined process, the firm also provides its clients with three-year warranties and has 24-hour emergency service to make the design building process smoother. So far, this approach has helped it complete projects like the modern Tudor home in Glencoe.

Perched atop the Glencoe Ravine, it was designed to naturally follow the curve of its surroundings. With this design in mind, the primary spaces and bedrooms are abundant with privacy, natural light, and wonderful views of the ravines. The home’s interior meanwhile emphasizes simple and natural black and white colors for every interior feature including the materials to the finishes. There are many more notable features such as large floor-to-ceiling windows which allow more light to pool into the spaces and France-imported sliding doors that offer a vintage-modern mix to the bathroom.