Luxury custom home building is one of the most complex and demanding sectors in residential construction. For one, homebuilders work with architectural plans that are carefully and meticulously curated to achieve the most ambitious design aspirations and functional needs of their future owners. Contractors also face the challenge of providing high-quality materials and finishes that respond to the specific stylistic demands of every project.

The best custom home builders in Coral Gables understand these objectives. Through decades of experience serving the high-end market, they have developed delivery methods that cater to the specific, demanding, and detailed requirements of every build. The builders below have been commended for their outstanding portfolios. Many have a track record of winning awards and have been repeatedly featured in leading industry publications.

Hollub Homes

10101 S Dixie Hwy. Pinecrest, FL 33156

For over seven decades, Hollub Homes has been providing Florida with some of the most iconic luxury homes and estates. Harry Hollub, the firm’s president and principal builder, is a licensed general contractor that has extensive knowledge of custom home building. Under his leadership, the firm’s excellence in construction and design is often celebrated by leading industry institutions. The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), for instance, commended the firm’s green construction efforts and awarded the firm its Sustainable Design Award.

Since the firm’s inception, it has collaborated with top architects to produce unforgettable residential structures. One of the firm’s biggest construction projects for the market, for instance, was the St. Andrews Country Club commission. The home draws inspiration from the airy and expansive spaces of contemporary architecture and how it interacts with the surrounding natural landscapes. The luxury home features a façade of white stucco and red tiling on its low-pitched roofing. Its entrance is introduced by an overhang supported by massive rectangular columns. Tall windows and framed glass walls allow natural light in and let it flow across its light-palette interiors. The same glass elements connect the main living areas to the green landscape outside. The interiors are all about luxury and high-end finishes meant to entertain and accommodate the most discerning inhabitants.

Bart Reines Luxury Homebuilder

1800 Sunset Harbour Dr. Marina Suite P, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Bart Reines Luxury Homebuilder opened its doors in 2004.  The firm’s design-build nature allows it to provide construction and architectural services. As a custom home builder, its residential projects come in a wide spectrum of architecture inspirations. These projects represent a broad range, everything from the functional and minimalist appeals of modern and contemporary design to the timeless allure of old-world and classic architecture. 


Many of the firm’s luxury custom home projects have caught the attention of the industry’s design community as well as leading national and regional publications. Forbes, for instance, featured one of the firm’s custom home collaborations with renowned Miami architect, Kobi Karp. The 48,039-square-foot estate is a Balinese-inspired architecture that accommodates six bedrooms and eight-and-a-half baths. The home also highlights luxury, hotel-like amenities, including a reef pool, jacuzzi, and a yacht dock. 

MV Group

1200 Brickell Ave. Suite #600, Miami, FL 33131

As a full-service construction company, MV Group provides a comprehensive service approach to building and design, construction management, and sustainable construction and architecture. Aside from its focus on commercial design-build, the company also caters to the residential sectors. The firm’s portfolio for the market includes projects for luxury custom homes and high-end remodeling work. Indulge Magazine and Miami Home & Decor featured some of the firm’s most recent projects. 

One of the firm’s most iconic projects can be found in Coral Gables. The home derived its inspiration from the timeless forms and elements of Spanish architecture. The home features a white stucco cladding, a charming contrast to its red-tiled roofing. The thick walls and an overall smooth façade provide a canvas for the home’s decorative moldings and arched entranceways. Adapted modern elements like tall windows and window groupings bring plenty of natural light inside and let it flow freely throughout the interior. 

Landmark Custom Homes

17025 Stratford Ct. Southwest Ranches, FL 33331

Since its inception in 1988, Landmark Custom Homes has dominated the building industry with some of the most ambitious building projects across Florida’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Rick Bell heads the firm’s everyday practice. Under his leadership, the firm delivers a full range of contemporary, modern, classic, and traditional homes. This spectrum of styles reflects the firm’s profound understanding of the building process as well as incorporating the latest building technologies into old and proven craftsmanship.

The firm built a contemporary home that put emphasis on the dialog between the structure and the landscape. The two-story home features minimalist lines and an asymmetrical façade, a form that is not imposing yet establishes a presence of subtle, nature-toned elegance amid the lush landscape. Connecting the main areas of the home to its outdoors are transparencies in the form of full glass, floor-to-ceiling walls, and windows. Aside from making the interiors feel more expansive, the abundance of daylight provides an energy-efficient alternative. The interiors’ white and bright palette enhances this effect and softens natural light.

Gables Construction Group

1200 Anastasia Ave. Suite #207, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Established over a decade ago, Gables Construction Group presents a full-service full construction practice that takes on some of the most complex and architecturally challenging commercial and residential projects. Alberto Diaz, firm president and licensed general contractor, leads the firm’s practice. Diaz has been in the industry for years and has established relationships with leading designers and architects. Under his guidance, the firm delivers high-end new construction and luxury renovations, and remodeling spaces to the region’s most sophisticated homeowners. 

In recent years, the firm led the construction of a modern home that embraces classic elements of Spanish architecture’s thick, stucco cladding and low-sloped tiled roofing. The clean façade of solid stone and dark red clay roofing hint at its classic origins. The rectangular and asymmetrical forms optimize the interiors and enhance usable spaces indoors. The same neutral palette and natural tones complement the surrounding landscapes dotted with trees and greenery. 

CJM Communities

9825 Marina Blvd. Suite #100, Boca Raton, FL 33428

CJM Communities is a family-owned and operated company that has been serving the industry for over 20 years. Its construction portfolio is dominated by projects for residential subdivisions, student housing, and commercial buildings. These structures celebrate classic Spanish, Tuscan, Mediterranean architecture as well as the clean and minimalist elements of modern and contemporary styles. Aside from elegant exteriors that take onlookers back to the glory days of earlier centuries, their interiors reflect the functional and structurally relevant layout and finishes of modern-day design and construction. 

One of the firm’s most iconic projects was for a Tuscan-inspired residence. The luxury home features thick stones of beige exteriors and an overall neutral wall palette. Its red-tiled shingle roof complements these tones and creates an overall color theme that blends in with the home’s natural surroundings. Modern materials such as tall, rectangular windows further expand the space and bring abundant daylight into the home’s interiors. 

Certain Homes

Miami, FL 33176

Certain Homes has focused its efforts on the luxury residential custom building scene since its inception in 1999. The firm’s president and founder, Alejandro J. Certain, is a third-generation builder who leads the family-owned and operated firm. The firm has been serving the region’s metropolitan areas and high-end neighborhoods through the construction of luxury residences that highlight the best of what old craftsmanship and modern functionalities can offer.  

The firm’s portfolio is composed of custom homes and luxury home remodels. These projects are known for their contemporary inspirations, especially in terms of building spaces that interact with their environment. These homes are designed not just to stay functional and relevant over the years; they are built to answer to the present-day lifestyle needs of their homeowners. Durable materials, sustainable features, and energy-efficient elements complete these homes’ overall design. 

CDC Builders

5775 Blue Lagoon Dr. Suite #400A, Miami, FL 33126

Jose Ortega founded CDC Builders after over two decades of developing a construction approach that answers the emerging needs of luxury residential markets for relevant and enduring homes. Much of Ortega’s works can be found in high-profile neighborhoods, including communities in Miami-Dade, Broward, as well as Palm Beach Counties. The full-service company is known for its sustainable and client-focused delivery method, as reflected in the reviews that it received from its past customers. The firm’s renovations, single-family construction projects, and high-end custom homes helped shape the region’s residential landscape.

The firm’s portfolio of stunning villas and luxury mansions reintroduces the timeless allure of Spanish, Tuscan, Mediterranean, and other classic European architectural traditions. Contemporary homes that establish a structural and aesthetic connection with their surrounding environmental and architectural contexts also reflect the firm’s range and expertise in terms of incorporating the latest designs and forms into custom home builds. The Warren Lane Residence featured here, for instance, is a 10,611-square-foot home exemplifying these qualities. 

Mackle Builders, Inc

7700 Southwest 57 Ave. Suite #200,  Miami, FL 33143

Mackle Builders, Inc. launched its general contracting services in 2010 and its expertise is based on four generations of construction practice. Founder and president Tom P. Mackle grew up in the construction scene and his early exposure to the old craftsmanship and latest construction techniques allowed him to develop an efficient, client-centered, and result-focused method. Mackle applies a hands-on approach to custom home building. Under his leadership, the company has completed a wide spectrum of residential construction services throughout South Florida.  

One of the unforgettable aspects of the firm’s work is its profound understanding of contemporary architecture and construction. For this Palm Island Residence, for instance, the company’s use of light, materials, and space, produced a home that embodies the qualities that this home style is known for: indoor spaces that interact with the outdoor environment through full glass walls and floor-to-ceiling windows, interiors that feature an open layout, and palettes that enhance the flow of light throughout the home. For the home’s façade, the use of natural wood—tinted in maple red, and metal frames and lines—creates a playful contrast to the thick, white walls. 

Hart Homes

420 SE 12th St. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Hart Homes has been building some of the most unforgettable structures across South Florida’s high-end communities since its inception in 1987. Its portfolio highlights a wide range of markets with varying levels of complexities and value. The company works on residential remodeling and rebuilds and also takes on work in transforming and upgrading business spaces. 

The firm has been commended for its custom home building portfolio that highlights Victorian, Mediterranean, French Countryside, American Colonial, and Key West styles. Its modern and contemporary homes feature minimalism and functionality of present-day architectures. One of the firm’s most iconic projects is inspired by this style—it’s a three-story residence that features a symmetrical façade with plenty of extended decking and outdoor spaces. Floor-to-ceiling, clerestory windows, and sliding entranceway visually and structurally blur the line between indoors and outdoors. 

Stan Bulbin Custom Builders

4651 SW 64th Ct #201, Miami, FL 33155

Stan Bulbin Custom Builders champions a construction practice that incorporates the time-tested old-world techniques with present-day construction technologies to deliver some of the most functionally and stylistically relevant interiors and residences across Miami. The firm’s highly commended approach has helped it establish its presence among the building community. For years, it has been an active affiliate of industry organizations, including the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). 

Specializing in remodeling and custom residential construction, the company is one of the most commended professionals in the region. The home’s portfolio highlights luxury spaces that feature high-end finishes and details. These homes’ style inspirations vary, from the woodwork of traditional craftsmanship found in farmhouse and ranch architectures, to the classic custom fixtures of mid-century aesthetics, to the expansive and airy interiors and exteriors of modern and contemporary design. 

Fastrak Builders

2333 Brickell Ave. #PH106, Miami, Fl 33129

Established in 2009, Fastrak Builders is a general contracting company that offers a comprehensive range of building projects for the residential and commercial sectors. The firm is also trained and licensed to offer luxury green construction projects led by LEED-accredited professionals. The company’s portfolio—a decade in the making—features a wide range of construction projects for commercial, multi-family, and single-family structures.  

As a custom home builder, it delivers a practice that exemplifies its understanding of architectural styles inspired by the classic, traditional, contemporary, and classic European designs. One of its latest construction projects was a luxury Mediterranean home that put emphasis on the simple yet timeless aesthetics of beige stucco finish and red terra cotta roofing. Its large, arched entrances, moldings, and metalwork hints at its old-world craftsmanship. Tall, large windows allow natural daylight to flow freely through its open-layout interiors. 

ICH Builders

2990 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Suite #500, Coral Gables, FL 33134

ICH Builders, which was founded by Ralph Ramirez, has been building luxury residences throughout the region’s high-end communities since 2009. The firm’s portfolio is composed of projects and in-progress construction from repeat businesses and client referrals, a testament to its stellar reputation and customer-centric approach to construction. The firm also partners with leading suppliers and manufacturers in the industry to deliver quality interior and exterior finishes and details. Contemporary and modern homes make up a large percentage of its projects. 

An example that represents the firm’s experience as a custom home builder was for a contemporary residential construction in Terrace. Completed in 2016, the 12,735 home accommodates seven bedrooms, eight baths and a half bath, a three-car garage, a fitness area, and an outdoor pool. The home’s architecture highlights the well-lit and open-layout interiors of contemporary design. Full glass walls and entrances enable the main areas of the home to interact with its surroundings. Its contrasting white to the wood-toned palette, sleek lines, and smooth, asymmetrical façade add character to the home. Learn more about them at

Vista Construction

1688 Meridian Ave. Suite #420 Miami Beach, FL 33139

As a full-service general contracting company, Vista Construction provides the commercial and residential sectors with a multidisciplinary approach to high-end building, remodeling, and property developments. Aside from its building practice, it also offers construction management, consulting services, permit processing, and expediting services. Its design-build nature allows it to work closely with homeowners and stay with them from conceptualization through to completion. Since 2013, the firm has generated a portfolio of classic, modern, and contemporary structures that answer to modern-day lifestyles. 

The Villa D’Este is one of the firm’s biggest custom renovation projects for a high-end residence in South Beach. The project was completed in 2014 and highlights the grand façade of thick, stucco-clad walls of Mediterranean design. The white palette is contrasted with the style’s signature wine red tiled-roof tapestry. Its large entrance door is set in the same dark wood tone. Tall, arched window groupings and rectangular windows invite ample daylight in and at the same time, allow the main area of the room to connect to its home’s surrounding landscape. The project also involved the demolition and transformation of existing interior spaces. The project was a collaboration with a team of leading architects and interior designers. 

Adler Companies

1430 S. Dixie Hwy. Suite #310, Miami, FL 33146

Adler Companies offers an extensive range of services delivering custom homes throughout South Florida. The ten-year-old company provides residential construction, renovation, construction management, space planning, interior design, permitting, scheduling budgeting, and owner representation services. The firm also provides boutique custom home building projects to the region’s high-end clients. Modern, contemporary, and Mediterranean homes dominate its portfolio.

The Bay Harbour Island residence, for instance,  is a contemporary home located in Miami. The company made use of the contemporary elements of light, space, and materials to create a structure that actively engages with the surrounding environment. The indoor is connected to the outdoors through floor-to-ceiling glass walls and extended second-level decks for entertaining guests and socializing. The asymmetrical façade is set in a full white color theme contrasted by the dark tones of metal lines and frames. The overall minimalist façade blends beautifully with the lush landscape.