Regarded as one of the best places to live in New Jersey, Rumson provides its residents with easy access to lower Manhattan via New York Bay and typically attracts the likes of Wall Street executives. Given this easy access, however, its population has since grown and expanded outside of New York’s wealthy and elite. Its architectural scene has also developed into more than its classic grand estates and mansions to encompass wonderful cottages and bungalows. Its waterfront properties are recognized for their luxury and comfort, while popular home styles typically come in Victorians, Queen Annes, and lots of colonials. Homes here often come with wraparound porches, allowing owners to take in the area’s scenic views.

This list compiles 15 of the best custom home builders in Rumson behind some of its most beautiful homes and spaces. They were chosen based on their experiences and various skill sets. Several of these firms have been the recipient of a multitude of awards, as well as the subject of various magazine features. 

Captivating Construction

9 Western Dr., Colts Neck, NJ 07722

Captivating Construction has been extending its services throughout New Jersey for more than three decades. It is a family-owned and operated business that offers its clients a complete range of residential construction services. It is the product of Matthew Clemente’s vision, who started the practice after moving from Brooklyn, New York to the area in 1985. Through his skills and methods, the firm has become well regarded for its great processes. Since its establishment, the firm has worked on multiple 15,000-square foot homes, outstanding spaces, and more than 200 townhomes. It has also taken on several commercial works, which include doctors’ offices and communities. The firm has been featured in various publications and media outfits, such as CBS New York. 

Captivating Construction’s work is often recognized for its team’s use of open floor plans and various custom finishes. It is also known for its great home additions and exterior details. It achieves its great work through 3D drawings rendered by its talented team of in-house designers and professionals. 

ERNA Properties

320 Broad St. Suite #7, Red Bank, NJ 07701

ERNA Properties is a family-owned business that extends its services throughout Monmouth County, Ocean County, and Middlesex County. It assists throughout the entire process and is noted for its great remodeling, renovating, and home addition work. The firm draws inspiration from nearly three decades of industry experience and works with a customer-focused approach, which has resulted in timeless and excellent projects. The firm is led by Dave Seidenberg, a registered builder and experienced engineer who ensures that each of the firm’s projects receives the benefit of his skills and expertise. Under his leadership, the firm has become an expert in every facet of the process and can take on projects regardless of size or scale. ERNA provides interested clients with free consultation services and specializes in an extensive range of architectural themes. 

For the project above, it opted for a timeless colonial theme. Its team made use of clean brick finishes coupled with trellised windows. It also installed mahogany double doors for its main entrance. 

Gambrick Construction

859 Arnold Ave., Suite #22, Point Pleasant, NJ 08742

Gambrick Construction is a full-service design, custom building, and remodeling company that extends its services throughout the Jersey Shore. It specializes in high-end luxury homes and often infuses various sustainability practices into its work. This ensures the high efficiency of its projects. Gambrick has worked on the design and construction of numerous modern tiny homes through the use of the latest innovative and creative techniques. This has enabled it to work on some of the most energy-efficient tiny houses in the country. The firm’s projects are often noted for their modern elements and high-end finishes, which potential clients can clearly see by looking through Gambrick’s comprehensive design library. The firm’s expertise is best illustrated in the project featured here.

Completed in Monmouth County, the project spans 5,500 square feet. Inside, it has five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and a walkout basement. It depicts stucco and cultured stone veneer exterior finishes coupled with timberline shingles. The firm also designed and crafted a wood French door with great details for its main entrance. 

Hemphill Associates, Inc.

P.O. Box 6, Rumson, NJ 07760

Drawing inspiration from more than four decades of industry experience, Hemphill Associates extends its services throughout Rumson, Fair Haven, Little Silver, Sea Bright, Bayhead, and Spring Lake. It is known for its sharp attention to detail and ability to work on an extensive range of designs. It typically takes on four to five projects at a time to make sure that each of its homes and spaces receive the necessary amount of attention. In 2007, it had the privilege of being recognized as completing one of the most prestigious homes in Monmouth County. It is also known for its accurate plans and estimates, assuring clients that all of its projects are completed on time and within the agreed-upon budget. 

The firm is led by its namesake, Joe Hemphill. He is a native of Monmouth County and lives in Rumson, where he serves on the town council. Under his leadership, the firm has curated an excellent portfolio for itself. Its talent is best exemplified by the project showcased here wherein the firm made extensive use of wood elements and timeless traditional architecture. 

Ingalls Custom Contracting

2307 Hwy. 71, Spring Lake Heights, NJ 07762

With more than ten years of industry experience, Ingalls Custom Contracting extends its services throughout Monmouth County and is regarded for its luxury residential work as well as commercial projects. It takes great pride in its outstanding craftsmanship and has had the opportunity to work in some of the best areas in Ocean and Middlesex counties, specializing in every facet of the process. Ingalls assists its clients with everything from carpentry, woodworking services, and new home construction to renovations and home additions. It is particularly known for its great bathrooms, kitchens, and extensive carpentry services, which encompass crown molding, wainscoting, as well as various trim work. 

For the project above, the firm’s team used shingled roofs and several dormer windows. It also installed a couple of pillars by its entrance, as well as numerous intricate finishes. 

Ken Wilson Builders LLC

11 Monmouth Ave., Rumson, NJ 07760

Ken Wilson Builders provides its clients with more than four decades of industry experience and extends its services throughout Rumson. It prides itself on the stellar reputation it has established through its seamless processes and methods. The firm is particularly known for its efficient construction management, which enables it to work closely with both homeowners and their architects throughout the entire process. It has had the opportunity to work on an extensive range of project types, which include estates and quaint seaside cottages. Ken Wilson Builders works with only the best professionals in the area and since its inception, has created an exceptional team of talented craftsmen for itself.

The project above best showcases the firm’s work. For this home, it worked on hipped roofs and coupled these with shuttered windows. Its team also worked on various intricate finishes and borrowed elements from timeless Cape Cod themes.

Kolarsick Builders, Inc.

PO Box 614, Rumson, NJ 07760

With more than three decades of industry experience, Kolarsick Builders operates out of its office in Eastern Monmouth County and provides its clients with a comprehensive range of services. It specializes in both new home construction projects, as well as large-scale renovations. Additionally, it has taken on a variety of neighborhood developments and commercial projects since its establishment. It is highly regarded for its excellent custom renovations, exterior and interior finish work, and home repairs. The firm takes great pride in the numerous repeat clients it has had through the years and the wonderful relationships it has built with some of the area’s leading subcontractors. Some of these subcontractors have been working with the firm for over two decades now. 

As for its designs, the firm’s portfolio depicts a gallery with an impressive range. For the project above, the Kolarsick team opted for paneled exteriors. Several trellised windows can also be observed, as well as a quaint and inviting front porch. 

Lead Dog Builders LLC 

219 E Bergen Pl., Red Bank, NJ 07701

Lead Dog Builders specializes in construction management, custom home building, and renovations through the use of only the finest materials and innovative techniques. It has been servicing the area for more than two decades and has had the opportunity to work in some of New Jersey’s prime communities. The company is owned and operated by Michael Villane, who established the practice in 2009. He started Lead Dog as a small business from his dining room table and has since enabled it to work throughout Monmouth County and beyond. Under his leadership, Lead Dog uses smart technologies, which allows it to simplify the entire process. Its projects are often distinguished by exquisite cabinetry, millwork, fixtures, and exterior detailing. It also works on great heating, intercom systems, and other infrastructure elements. 

The project above best showcases the firm’s expertise. For this home, its team opted for a timeless Cape Cod theme. It coupled this with intricately finished windows, as well as a custom main entrance and paneled exteriors. 

Merrick Construction

524 Prospect Ave., Little Silver, NJ 07739

Merrick Construction specializes in every facet of the residential custom home building and remodeling services and is highly regarded for its excellent home additions, kitchens, and bathrooms. From time to time, it also takes on commercial projects. The firm has been in business since 1989 and is the brainchild of its founder Timothy Merrick Cross, a native of Middletown Township. He has since established a great team of professionals and experienced artisans for the firm. Together, they have secured a solid reputation for the company and primarily use a highly hands-on approach, which ensures that its clients’ visions and needs are met. It has its own in-house team of architects, tradesmen, even interior designers, who specialize in an extensive range of designs. 

The firm has become renowned for its high-end services and has worked on multiple primary residences, vacation homes, and large-scale remodels. Its portfolio also depicts various pool houses and cabanas. Merrick is also noted for its great budget and planning services. 

Milano Builders

845 Broad St. Suite #2, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

Founded in 1985, Milano Builders specializes in the building and remodeling of high-quality luxury homes. Since its inception, it has worked on over 485 projects and has secured solid relationships with some of the area’s best builders. At its helm are Gregory and Steven Milano, two brothers and experienced professionals who have worked in every facet of the process. They employ only the finest craftsmen and specialists and believe in a hands-on approach that infuses client participation. Milano Builders adheres to the highest standards and maintains excellent levels of professional care. The firm’s portfolio depicts an excellent range of designs, depicting a gallery of traditional and timeless designs. 

Located in the heart of Rumson, the project highlighted here is a riverfront property. It provides its homeowners with breathtaking views of the Navesink River and grand riverbanks beyond. Inside, it has five bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. For this home, the firm’s team opted for an open-concept floor plan coupled with various intricate finishes.

Palatial Homes, Inc.

216 Monmouth Rd., Oakhurst, NJ 07755

Servicing the entirety of Monmouth County and Ocean County, Palatial Homes offers a complete range of custom home building services. It maintains affiliations with organizations like the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Shore Builder’s Association of Central New Jersey, ensuring its clients benefit from the highest quality of its work, while adhering to the highest industry standards. The firm provides its clients with state-of-the-art designs through its very own design studio. For its efforts, it has been recognized a multitude of times. Some of its most recent and impressive accolades include a 2015 BEAM Award and the 2013 FAME Award for Best Custom Home.

As for Palatial’s designs, its portfolio primarily showcases its expertise in traditional and transitional spaces. For the project above, it made use of clean finishes coupled with touches of stone masonry. It also designed small terraces, incorporated large windows, and clean shingled roofs. 

Patrick Golden Homes

66 Conover Place, Little Silver NJ 07739

Regarded as one of the leading custom home builders in New Jersey, Patrick Golden Homes operates out of its office in Little Silver. PGH has been servicing the area for the greater part of three decades and specializes in coastal home construction. It is quite unique in this regard because coastal design and construction come with the additional challenge of working around stricter building codes. Patrick Golden Homes also has to take into account rough storms, high winds, flooding, and salty air. The firm’s portfolio depicts a generous range of new homes, large-scale renovations, and home additions. It is led by its namesake Patrick Golden, an experienced professional who is known to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising quality or aesthetics.

The project above highlights black window frames, a large wrap around front porch and brick around the exposed foundation.

Petcon Homes

PO Box 735, Rumson, NJ 07760

Petcon Homes specializes in ground-up construction work and provides its clients with the best available resources. It specializes in residential construction, design consultation, construction management services, renovations, interior trim projects, landscaping/plantings, and hardscapes. It is able to support in-house design through its experienced professionals and architects, allowing it to keep the entire process within the firm. It couples this with its great construction management work, which has produced excellent results. The firm has been in service since 1980 and extends its services through the Rumson metro area. It uses only the latest and most innovative techniques, assuring clients of the sustainability of its work. Each design incorporates the sought-after features and amenities that clients desire in a new home — optimal living floor plans, custom craftsmanship, innovative technology, and energy efficient products. It also has an extensive background in terms of private real estate.

This home built by Petcon Homes in Rumson has over 6700 square feet with six bedrooms, seven baths, and 1.58 acres of manicured grounds. The estate-like property also features a stunning gourmet kitchen and extensive custom millwork throughout.

Prestige Custom Builder

156 Jefferson Dr., Ocean, NJ 07712

Prestige Custom Builder offers its clients expertise in every facet of the residential construction and remodeling process. At its helm is Mario Zolofra, who serves as the firm’s president and guide. He and his talented team of professionals adhere to the highest standards and work on an extensive range of home styles. Under his leadership, the firm offers a comprehensive range of services and has become a leading expert in some of the area’s most popular architectural vernaculars. Its portfolio depicts a rich range of homes and spaces, varying from modern and contemporary to transitional and traditional themes.

Featured here is one of the best homes the firm has remodeled. For this project, it worked on stucco exteriors with slate finishes. It also borrowed several Tuscan elements and worked on wrought iron finishes. Several solar panels were also installed on one of the project’s roofs. 

Roger Mumford Homes

247 Bridge Ave., Red Bank, NJ 07701

Headquartered in Red Bank, Roger Mumford Homes is regarded for its award-winning architecture. It has worked in some of New Jersey’s best locations and neighborhoods and has produced outstanding communities. Roger Mumford provides a comprehensive range of services and has its own design center, enabling it to personalize its processes and keep the entire project in-house. Since its inception, the firm has worked on more than 4,000 homes in 80 different communities. These encompass not only single-family homes, but also several other residential project types. 

Roger Mumford’s reputation and quality of work has led to the firm receiving more than 50 accolades. Its team also assists with land development, operations, accounting, and management. The firm’s work is often distinguished for its excellent exteriors, custom finishes, and trimmings. Its expertise is best showcased in the project above. Completed in Rumson, this home is a beautiful seashore colonial home. Inside, it has seven baths and five bedrooms. For this project, the firm’s team worked on detailed moldings and designer features.