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The 3 Best Accessory Dwelling Unit Builders in Boston, Massachusetts

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Last updated on May 23rd, 2024 at 01:18 pm

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are separate extensions of the main house that can serve multiple purposes. It can be a guest house for visiting friends. It can be a secondary unit for the homeowner. It can also be a residence for senior family members. Thanks to its versatility, it’s no surprise that more homeowners are choosing to build an ADU.

If you’re a Boston area homeowner in the market for an ADU, this list features the best accessory dwelling unit builders in the area. Each firm stood out to our editorial team for its quality work and service. Criteria factored into the selection include merits, reviews, and background.

Design Construction & Consulting Services

74 Howland St., Boston, MA 02121

Design Construction and Consulting Services (DCCS) has over 30 years of general contracting experience in the Northeast. The firm specializes in building and management, with a service range that includes design, consulting, construction, and additions. The firm’s projects include residential and commercial developments and span design, remodeling, historical renovations, and ADUs. Historical restoration is also a big part of the firm’s work.

President Cesar DaSilva is the veteran builder who runs this excellent operation. He is focused on providing a quality product and professional service, a priority shared by his impressive roster of craftspeople and managers. The team always strives to create long-lasting projects in a timely, cost-effective fashion. Client satisfaction is a constant goal in every project, achieved in every job thanks to the firm’s streamlined process. Tight planning and efficient workflow ensure that every aspect of every job is completed to meet the industry’s standards.

Here is a residential property in a Boston community. It is a two-family building, which stands out from the three-family units common in the neighborhood. DCCS rendered rough framing, roofing, windows, and exterior door installation for the project.

Auburndale Builders

151R Adams Street, Newton, MA 02458

Auburndale Builders provides quality craftsmanship and upstanding service. The firm’s services include new homes, remodeling, retrofits, and additions. High-performance spaces are tailor-made for the client’s needs, each built based on the homeowner’s lifestyle to provide a specific function, purpose, and aesthetic.

Principal Nick Falkoff is a seasoned residential and commercial builder. He practices meticulous attention to detail to deliver excellence and client satisfaction. The firm’s projects incorporate modern methods and top-tier materials that ensure structural integrity that meets current standards.

The company delivers exceptional projects and forges relationships that are durable. Its staff is proficient in customer service and fosters a collaborative and positive environment that integrates clients into the process. The team particularly excels in planning, construction, and post-building services.

The all-around contractor operates in Boston and the MetroWest. Its portfolio consists of custom homes and passive houses, as well as ADUs like the one featured. This small Newton unit is a collaboration with Synnott Architects. The 800-square-foot abode features a single-story with a full kitchen, bath, bedroom, and living area.

Backyard ADUs

Western Mass and Greater Portland Maine

Backyard ADUs, as its name implies, excels in accessory dwelling units.  The firm has a two-phase approach that provides a comprehensive building process. The first involves planning and design; the second involves execution and construction. This division creates a more streamlined project flow with minimal issues. 

President Christopher Lee leads the operation and fosters a collaborative and positive environment that keeps customers at ease. The company has offices in Maine and Massachusetts, where it provides services to residential clients. These services include site and home design, permit applications, fixed construction budgets, and more.

The featured project is part of the Boomerang Line—a 574-square-foot house with a single bedroom. It includes high-end finishings and standard aspects like quartz counters, vinyl plank flooring, and net-zero-ready construction. The tiny abode also has customizable amenities that allow owners to readjust the floor plans, size, roof pitch, masonry, and more. Learn more about their work at