Situated in the northern part of Orange County, Brea is a city filled with a bustling downtown area featuring numerous modern establishments and stores. It is home to the well-known Brea Mall, recently revamped into the Brea Downtown. Aside from its shopping centers, the city is also known for its extensive art program since 1975, with over 100 pieces of art placed around the city. Its neighborhood areas have a diverse scene, with many homeowners having custom-made houses specifically tailored to their style and preferences.

From contemporary homes to traditional Victorian houses, Brea’s neighborhood allows for a diverse design selection that can cater to the homeowner and complement the surrounding areas. When considering a new home, you want the best custom home builder to assist you in every aspect of your home. To help you find the best builder for you, we have curated this list of the top five best custom home builders, looking into the firm’s process, portfolio, and designs. 

Cornell Custom Homes

5670 Schaefer Ave. Ste. H, Chino, CA 91710

Cornell Custom Homes focuses on providing luxury home construction projects with sizes ranging from 4,300 square feet to 13,000 square feet. Current president Toby Cornell is a third-generation builder coming from a long line of builders, starting with his father, Thomas Cornell. With Toby’s leadership, the company has accumulated a portfolio full of vintage European and Victorian estates featuring various amenities, classic furnishings, and traditional designs.

Pictured here is one of the firm’s most prominent estates featuring traditional structural designs with stucco walls, tiled roofing, and masonries. A courtyard at the front provides an appealing look with the fountain in the middle. As a multi-level home, numerous outdoor decks are included in various rooms offering views of the surrounding areas. A notable characteristic of the residence is the landscaping which includes tropical trees accentuating the home’s atmosphere and appeal. 

Built By Newkirk

417 East Wilshire Ave., Fullerton, CA 92832

Pictured in this article is the Royal Grove Drive residence featuring modern designs using neutral color tones to provide a refined atmosphere. The exterior radiates a straightforward approach using white-colored bricks to comprise the majority of the exterior. Inside, the firm provided contemporary furnishings such as leather couches, marble countertops, wooden tables, and a wine cabinet. These selections of furniture follow the neutral color palette of white, black, and gray, which is a classic approach in furnishing a contemporary residence. Amenities worth mentioning include a minibar, an office room, and a swimming pool.

Owner Brian Newkirk runs the family-owned firm incorporating his experience in mechanical engineering into the firm’s construction stages. The firm describes its approach as a “concierge-style” of service assisting the client through the various phases of building. Through this process, Newkirk aims to create lasting relationships with its clients, improving its reputation and establishing itself as a reliable firm in California. 

Randy Leggitt Construction

185 Viking Ave., Brea, CA 92825

Featured here is one of the firm’s best custom home projects featuring an array of amenities and modern furnishings. Randy Leggitt Construction has incorporated colorful and neutral-toned furniture creating a well-balanced interior design resulting in a refined atmosphere. Wooden furnishings, colorful artworks, bright lighting, and a diverse material selection finish off the home with a sophisticated atmosphere from its indoor space to the outdoor areas. Amenities of the home include a swimming pool, a patio area, and an outdoor dining area. 

Owner Randy Leggitt established the firm in 1985 with over two decades of experience and currently works alongside his two sons Jeremy and Travis. Specializing in custom home construction, the company has projects in numerous areas, including La Habra Heights, Laguna Beach, La Miranda, and Brea. Its process relies on a meticulous quality check on the materials it uses and the designs it implements in each project. Aside from its residential projects, the firm occasionally tackles commercial projects such as shopping centers and retail establishments. 

Richard Louis Construction

144 Country Club Dr., Brea, CA 92821

Owner Richard Louis Steigner has over three decades of experience working on various residential projects. Throughout those years, Steigner began to see the challenges of building custom homes with many things to consider. From material selection, design routes, and permits, Steigner aims to offer clients a seamless process while offering various services, including additions, remodels, and renovations. With this approach, the firm has fostered numerous connections with subcontractors and suppliers, ensuring the quality of the project. This project is a result of Steigner’s process, featuring a traditionally structured house using wood and masonry as the primary materials comprising the exterior. The firm included finer details in the new kitchen, bathroom, and landscape to offer functional spaces and improve the residence’s appeal. The result of the project is a home that is simply structured, emphasizing comfort and functionality. 

Craig Beinlich Construction

P.O. Box 5383, Orange, CA 92863

Pictured here is a traditional residence Craig Benlich Construction completed in Rossmoor, California. Its vintage exterior of beige-colored walls, stone masonry, and tiled roofing comprise a classic design with its warm color palette. Inside, the furnishing includes yellow light chandeliers, various mahogany furniture, and wooden plank flooring. The firm’s four decades of experience have equipped the firm with sufficient knowledge tackling numerous projects, from large-scale custom homes to smaller remodeling projects. Exceptional structural flow, project management, and quality finishes are what the firm would be known for, receiving various referrals and repeat clients. Today, it continues its intricate approach in all its projects, providing clients with custom designs and enhancements on existing plans.