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With an abundance of upscale homes, Hillsborough is considered as one of the more affluent cities in the state. Homes in the area are built with the highest quality and excellent design. However, building a home takes more than just a great design. The success of the project depends on the contractor tasked to build one’s dream home. This list compiles 5 of the best custom home builders in Hillsborough, California.

Some of these firms have been in the industry for more than 20 years and have built countless homes in the city. These firms are chosen based on their project styles, recognition, and homebuilding expertise. For a custom home built by the best contractors in the city, take a look at our list below.

Allwood Construction 

925 Tanklage Rd. Suite C, San Carlos, CA 94070 

The drive to provide high-quality homes brought Allwood Construction to life in 1979. Matt Gomez Sr. and Matt Gomez Jr. started the small company and slowly expanded its team and services over time. Its years of expertise have developed the team to build complex homes with a personal touch.

Modern and Spanish are a predominant style in its portfolio. Catch a glimpse of the featured Willow Residence. The clients described the original property to be a diamond in the rough, which the firm transformed into a real gem. Allwood Construction built the home with a modern industrial approach — clean lines, natural finishes, and exposed steel. Its modern appeal and industrial touch keep the balance between a crisp and warm vibe.

Bay Area Custom Homes 

611 Industrial Rd. Suite #1, San Carlos, CA 94070 

Generations of builders have raised Jason Skinner as a leading custom home builder. He established Bay Area Custom Homes on the foundations of quality work, innovation, and long-term partnerships. Since day one, the firm has put the focus on exceptional and quality construction. The team has had the chance to collaborate with various clients and designers in the Bay Area.

Bay Area Custom Homes’ team centers on building sophisticated homes ranging in style. Its team has built homes from Tudor estates to Cape homes with every home more unique than the last. This featured charming Tudor estate in Hillsborough reflects the team’s great attention to detail. Everything flows seamlessly from its design-rich exterior to its sophisticated interior.

Innovative Custom Builders 

633 Quarry Rd. Unit A, San Carlos, CA 94070 

Innovative Custom Builders is one of San Mateo’s leading builders since 1974. It all began with Hans Armbrust who mentored Bill Fitzpatrick in the early ’70s. Later on, Bill passed the home building responsibility over to Dan Fitzpatrick and James McGinty. Both leaders have continuously refined the firm’s building processes. Today, the firm demonstrates efficiency, innovation, and forward-thinking solutions. 

One outstanding project in its portfolio is the Alta Residence designed by M Designs. It features a sleek modern design taking advantage of the beautiful views. Its hillside location contrasts the sharp details of the home while still connecting it with nature. The open layout and spacious landscape seamlessly bridge indoor living with outdoor relaxation.

Peninsula Custom Homes 

340 Potrero Ave., San Francisco, CA 94103 

Building noteworthy homes since 1978, Peninsula Custom Homes’ (PCH) has established its name in the field. To begin, Brian Murphy gathered a team of goal-driven professionals under his roof. Together, the firm has completed many homes in the Bay Area ranging in style, size, and specialties. Many publications including Luxe Magazine, Architectural Digest, and The Wall Street Journal have repeatedly featured PCH.

PCH’s portfolio is filled with luxury homes built to perfection. Each home carries a remarkable character. Take a look at this home built with exceptional craftsmanship. The home is calmly nestled in the natural surroundings with panoramic views of the hills and Carmel Village. Exclusive elements of the home include Resawn Douglas fir ceilings, and reclaimed siding boards upgrade this private estate.

Upscale Construction 

2151 Union St. Suite #1, San Francisco, CA 94123 

Upscale Construction can be defined by a sophisticated taste for traditional and contemporary homes. Danny Bernardini built the firm backed by over 30 years of construction experience. He is joined by Tony Kelly and Bread Hayes in providing flexible, efficient, and remarkable homes. The firm’s ability to create affordable homes without compromising style makes them one of the best in the Bay Area. 

Working with various clients and architects in the city has expanded the firm’s design expertise. Upscale Construction built this modern abode in Vallejo Street. Behind its simple facade is an intricate fusion of contemporary and traditional elements. The firm used an array of materials like reclaimed woods, glass railings, and timeworn brick walls to play with textures. Its interior also features a contrast between textured walls and a subtle backlight. In the back, steel doors lead to a spacious yard terrace. Projects like these have been featured in California Home + Design and LUXE Magazine.