A builder constructing or remodeling a house in a coastal community must be aware of a number of variables as he approaches the project. Aside from standard requirements, the contractor needs to optimize what the environment has to offer. The project must incorporate finishes that can withstand the effects of the salty seaside breeze. On the aesthetic side, the builder must be able to maximize views through strategic design. The property should also—paradoxically—stand out by blending in with the beautiful locale.

Here is a list of the best custom builders in Seal Beach, California. These companies caught our editorial team’s attention: their portfolio, background, awards, and reviews were impressive. Each one can point to a body of work that reflects a high standard of expertise in their craft. Most of these firms operate exclusively in residential markets.

Craig Beinlich Construction

P.O. Box 5383, Orange, CA 92863

Craig Beinlich Construction is a design-build company that serves the residential clients of Orange County. The firm is a trusted building commodity in the area, commended by local homeowners for its quality craftsmanship and upstanding service.

The second-generation contractor is proficient in home improvement tasks, both simple and complex. The full range of services involves custom homes, additions, remodels, exterior living areas, and renovations.

Owner Craig Beinlich oversees the day-to-day operations. He leads a team with a shared goal—deliver customer satisfaction through exceptional management. The crew strives to complete projects on budget and schedule and fosters a collaborative and positive environment for the customer’s convenience.

As an industry veteran of over 40 years, Beinlich has amassed a portfolio with hundreds of remodeling projects. Each space is a showcase for elite craftsmanship, from suburban homes to cozy cabanas. One notable project is this custom home in Rossmoor. The two-story residence features stone and cement sidings and gable roofs. Earth tones are prevalent both outdoors and indoors, bringing a classic charm to the abode.

7 Point Construction

201 Covina Avenue, Ste. #4, Long Beach, CA 90803

7 Point Construction is a full-service builder that focuses on commercial and residential projects. The Long Beach company has been working on unique developments in Southern California for over 15 years. Its expertise in luxury homes and corporate build-outs led to regional prominence and a reputation as one of the area’s elites.

CEO Josh Espinoza and his roster of seasoned builders deliver high-quality structures via a streamlined process. That approach means smoother projects that are completed with minimal fuss and on schedule. The team also fosters a collaborative environment, which means an earnest integration of the client’s input.

The contractor’s residential gallery includes new builds, remodels, additions, and outdoor spaces. That range includes kitchens, baths, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs). The featured project is a two-story house in a contemporary style. The striking stone house has an open concept, its interiors are visible from the streets. Though fairly plain in flourishes, high-end finishes elevate its visual appeal. Large floor-to-ceiling windows that start on the façade and wrap to the sides add a sustainable element to the house.

Chris Riggins Construction

3111 2nd Avenue, Suite 6, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

Chris Riggins Construction is well-known for its ability to create houses that match the owner’s vision.  The firm’s perfect balance of contemporary and traditional methods builds structures with optimal durability and loads of visual appeal. First-rate materials and innovative technology deliver dream homes that meet and exceed the industry and the client’s standards.

Owner Chris Riggins strives to provide high-quality craftsmanship and professional assistance in every project. His staff also cultivates a positive environment: communication is free and easy between the homeowner and the team. The builder’s exemplary track record has won the firm several client-voted awards from local circles, particularly for the service.

The Corona Del Mar firm provides design-build and remodeling services to Orange County clients. The portfolio includes whole house renovations and kitchen, bath, and living room remodeling projects. Among these residential spaces, the San Juan Capistrano stands out for its modern take on a farmhouse. The crew used distressed wood for the accents and minimalist themes for the design. Its lime-green sliding door entrance subverts the aesthetic, providing a striking neon visual opposite the stone make-up.

MTR Construction

10842 Noel, Suite 111, Los Alamitos, CA 90720

MTR Construction Inc. is a design-build practice that excels in crafting luxury projects. Its full range of services includes custom homes, whole house remodeling, room additions, and outdoor living spaces. The residential builder is based in Los Alamitos and has been serving the area and its adjacent communities since 2007.

The company consists of seasoned builders and specialists committed to high-quality service. These experts specialize in hassle-free construction, and each one can provide creative solutions with skill and efficiency.

Owner Michael T. Rose wants to create projects with long-lasting qualities. He achieves that goal by balancing innovative design and tested building methods. The combinations constantly yield exceptional results, inspiring spaces that elevate people’s way of living.

The featured project is a contemporary farmhouse in Orange County. The residence sits on a site that overlooks the hillside and provides a stunning view of the California landscape. Inside, a coastal theme adds a breezy atmosphere to every spacious nook. Both indoor and outdoor surfaces incorporate a pure white palette for a tranquil feel.

Best Techs Contracting

12534 Valley View St., Garden Grove, CA 92845

BEST Techs Contracting is a one-stop-shop for design, building, and remodeling services. Personalized homes tailor-made for the owner ensures function and style that are shaped by their needs. Every project yields high-quality construction and is provided with upstanding customer service. 

The company has been a staple of the residential market for over 25 years and is one of the preferred builders in Seal Beach, Rossmoor, and Los Alamitos. Working with the firm guarantees top-tier craftsmanship, efficient management, and cost-effective solutions, no matter the project scope.

The husband and wife team of Jason and Penny Scheurer serve as co-owners of the practice. Both general contractors specialize in new ground-up builds, complete house renovations, interior design, and remodels. Green building and sustainability also factor into their work, as they constantly strive to create homes that meet Net Zero Energy and Passive House Standards in California.

Here is a two-story Craftsman in a suburban neighborhood. The property stands on a lush acre with freshly-mowed lawns and tall trees in the backdrop. Its exteriors use a two-tone palette with dark and light gray. The bright red entry door adds a splash of color to the understated façade.