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The 5 Best Residential Architects in Placentia, California

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Placentia is a city known for having a modest lifestyle and warm atmosphere. As a bedroom community, the town has more residential properties than commercial and industrial buildings. Placentia residents like to enjoy the same kind of serene atmosphere inside their abodes. With the right of choice of home design partner, a customized and calm house can be easily achieved.

To help you in your quest, our editorial team curated a list of The Best Residential Architects in Placentia, California. Firms on this list have designed classic homes in various architectural styles throughout the country and the world. Each has also built a strong reputation by integrating modern, thoughtful techniques and processes.

Angeleno Associates

147 E. City Place Dr, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Beginning in 2005, Angeleno Associates rapidly grew from managers David Ko and Christine Ly vision into a firm consisting of a talented staff proficient in varying architectural and building styles. Collaboratively, this team renders services from design to site planning and complete construction. They provide thoughtful designs and solutions that correspond to the social and environmental setting of each project. Keeping active communication within the team and with clients has led to a diverse and successful list of accomplished residences.

​Angeleno Associates approaches home building by considering the inherent limitations and possibilities set by the project site. Through its experience, that firm has learned to embrace these challenges while integrating and maintaining the natural quality of surroundings. The Artisan Collection – Lot 9 in Ladera Ranch, is a great example. Winning the Grand Award from Gold Nugget Awards for Best Single Family Detached Home in over 5,000 square feet category, this home emphasizes comfortable amenities and a warm, vintage appeal. The brick accent exterior and prominence of smooth finishes flawlessly complements the rustic plank door and windows, reflecting classic homes located in Pasadena and Hancock Park.

Ultra-Unit Architectural Studio 

1327 Loma Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90804

Cameron Crockett, AIA, LEED, a traveler, is the founding principal of Ultra-Unit Architectural Studio. He uses his architectural and construction experience and couples these with the design inspirations he witnessed as he wandered through places in the world. His experiences in the construction trades—pursuing an Architectural degree and working for a number of firms—inform everything that he does. That experience and knowledge allowed Crockett to recognize the interdependence of the architecture and construction disciplines.

Crockett eventually started Ultra-Unit Architectural Studio. He instills a creative drive from ideation to build-out and leads the firm in using advanced digital construction technology to ensure every project’s professional integrity. These strategies have enabled his team to become an award-winning architectural firm designing and remodeling residences. An example of their work is the Moraytis Whaley residence. The firm widened the feel of this narrow house by bringing natural lighting into the main living space through the large skylight at the top of the two-story vaulted space.  The living room floor transmits light to the kitchen and dining room through a walkable glass floor that also serves to entertain the children of the family.

EBTA Architects

17871 Mitchell North, Suite 150, Irvine, CA 92614

Based in Southern California, EBTA Architects is an architectural firm specializing in luxury residential and commercial projects. The firm believes that building collaboratively and establishing relationships with clients is the key to successful design completion. To achieve those goals, the firm maintains constant communication and stays involved throughout every process: from the initial design phase—where the overall scope and direction is established—to the design development, where hand sketches are refined digitally.  

Communication is also present during the 3D modeling when EBTA Architects creates a realistic sample of the sketch and explores design solutions. The firm maintains involvement throughout the construction document phase for the approval of building permits and through construction administration to ensure construction runs smoothly and accurately. Such an active process allows the firm to achieve recognized and published designs, like the Needlegrass home featured in Luxe Interiors + Design. This classic home embraces overflowing natural light and creates a pleasant flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. It highlights authentic materials such as reclaimed roof tiles, antique beams, and carved limestone, which all come together to complete the playful, timeless charm of this home.

Maud Architects & Builders

616 South State College Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92831

The Clarion project called for a  renovation and the addition of an existing residence. Mission-Architecture and Urban Design (MAUD) employed a modern design and created the straightforward character of the estate. It maximized the spacious lot and provided an outside living area, patio, and mini-golf course perfect for relaxing, enjoying, and entertaining.  A modest pathway leads to the main door. The entrance reveals the elevated ceiling and elegant minimalist interiors of the ground floor. The firm focused more on functionality and made this already expansive home feel more spacious using simple ornaments and classic furniture.  

Projects like this show how MAUD enhances life and molds a community. The firm uses its expertise and creativity to create sound environments and address contemporary design challenges. Focusing on the client’s life, the firm introduces a plan focused on a lot of client interaction, meaningful conversations with the community, and active work with the team.  The founder of this team is Jae Uk Chung, AIA, whose expertise includes cultural, residential, educational, commercial, and hospitality building projects. He leads the team with partner Jenny Chung, who has a marked ability to integrate creativity and environment while balancing the pragmatics of project requirements.

DSEA, Inc.

145 South Olive St, Orange, CA 92866

Douglas Ely finished his degree in Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, where he was recognized as the top senior for service, leadership, and attitude. He has over three decades of experience in architectural design and construction project management and a solid reputation for focusing on every detail. In the industry, his experiences in designing and developing child care facilities, historic preservation, commercial, educational buildings, and residential projects are considered invaluable. He is well versed in historic periods of early California architecture as well as integrating elements of these styles within contemporary architecture. This knowledge and expertise are what he used when he founded his firm, DSE Architecture, Inc. (DSEA), in January of 1999.

Today, DSEA has a distinct portfolio of successful projects representing the firm’s principles while also satisfying the clients’ goals. The firm remains committed to knowing the requirements of every project and understanding how the abilities of every team member can positively shape the design. An example of its accomplished project is the Lichten residence in Orange County. Owners sought to transform their home from a non-descript ranch-style residence into a contemporary home with Craftsman elements. The firm did so by employing warm and vibrant Greene & Greene-inspired wood design features visible outside at the front yard fence, doorway, and window frames. Defining the Craftsman look of this home is the two-story ledge stone fireplace with a hearth built out of Batchelder-inspired tile.