As a beach city, Del Mar is home to many coastal and contemporary homes. Del Mar contractors offer properties that have an unimpeded view of the ocean in a relaxed ambiance. When thinking of building a new home, there are many factors to consider, including landscape, style, budget, and timeline.

It can be tricky to find a reliable home builder that will match your specific needs and have an approach that caters to your liking. This list compiles the seven best custom home builders in Del Mar, California. These firms were chosen based on the firm’s style, process, and the projects completed. 

Daley Custom Homes

Del Mar, California 92014

Daley Custom Homes’ focus is on building the property of their clients dream. The founder, Jeff Daley, is a general contractor and is known in the industry for building the finest custom homes in Southern California. A luxury home construction company specializing in the plan, design and construction of every architectural kind; making their clients dream a reality no matter the style.

The firm follows a meticulous process to ensure projects of the highest quality are completed on time and within budget. Some of the firm’s steps include landscape design, interior design, cost management, architectural services, and construction estimating. The firm’s attention to detail allows it to complete impressive projects to every client’s satisfaction.

The firm completed the La Jolla Farms Residence in 2017. The home has a striking contemporary exterior, including a large swimming pool and patio area. The interior’s furnishing is simple, with simple, modern furniture to create a comfortable environment with an attractive aesthetic.

Duncan Custom Homes Inc

P.O. Box 721107 San Diego, CA

The team at Duncan Custom Homes Inc has over 35 years of experience and focuses on high-end residential homes. Its residential projects are massive in size with expensive furniture. These projects are catered more towards estates but retain a clean modern atmosphere that is comfortable and cozy. Throughout the entire process, the firm focuses on having sophistication and quality which results in the estates that the firm has produced so far. 

In each of its projects, the firm includes design and furnishing of the highest quality in every part of the home. This Lago Vista residence is a large estate with a rather simple look. A minimalist exterior creates an elegant, appealing welcome to guests with a large driveway and roundabout. The interiors continue the trend of high-class aesthetics with a large living room, dining area, and views of the home’s surroundings. 

Elevation 92 Building Services

285 Melba Rd., Encinitas, CA 92024

Elevation 92 Building Services understands the importance of a high-quality construction process. Elevation’s team begins by establishing a relationship with each client, prioritizing transparency and clear communication, in order to bring each client’s vision into reality. The firm emphasizes energy-efficient methods as another way to modernize a home and reduce energy bills. The firm is familiar with an array of styles, including contemporary, Spanish Colonial, and traditional-styled homes.

The firm completed a Spanish Revival home with a price of more than $2,000,000, including traditional furnishings and structures. Each detail aims to bring an old-school style of living, updated for the 21st century. The firm aimed to build a home that is classic and timeless, but also stylish in contemporary living. It includes traditional wooden furniture, candle-like lamps, and paintings. A feature worth noting is the use of carpets and rugs in nearly every area of the house, adding a certain depth and further emphasizes the Spanish style.

Hulton Development, Inc.

PO BOX 675368 Rancho Santa Fe, CA

For over 30 years, Hulton Development Inc. has made a name for itself by personalizing contemporary homes and incorporating green-building methods. The firm also makes it a point to ensure the safety of the environment and community the house is in. It also puts importance on collaboration from the early stages all the way to the end. Starting the collaboration as early as possible means the firm will be able to quickly assess and understand the client’s vision without compromising the project’s timeline.

This Del Mar residence project is a modern 21st-century house. It uses many wooden structures, including wooden beams, handrails, flooring, walls, and cabinetry. It uses the classic combination of wooden structures to go with white furniture and paintings.  One feature of the home is second-floor access to the backyard via a long flight of stairs, which adds a dynamic factor to the structure of the house and makes things more unique. 

Mulvey Custom Builders

2120 Jimmy Durant, Suite 122 Del Mar, California

With over 35 years in the business, Mulvey Custom Builders’ sole focus is to create simple houses with long-lasting impressions. The firm focuses on styles ranging from contemporary to Spanish rustic and coastal. Some of its projects have different styles mixed together to create a fusion designed homelike the Asian Fusion Contemporary home in Rancho Santa Fe that uses traditional and ancient structures and arches. It offers various designs to its clients and adapts accordingly to each client’s vision.

One of the more eye-catching and large projects the firm has completed is this estate in Fairbanks Ranch. The estate has a traditional design and structure with a villa-like ambiance. When you enter the home, it has two large flights of stairs on each side of the room with a view of the large living room. The home has multiple living and dining areas, allowing more chances to have gatherings with family and friends. From the kitchen and patio to the pool area and balconies, the estate is fit for homeowners who wish to have a high-class lifestyle. 

Pfaff Custom Homes Inc.

Escondido, California 92029

Pfaff Custom Homes Inc., focusing on styles ranging from ranch and coastal to Tuscan and contemporary, was established over three decades ago. With each project it tackles, the firm uses high-quality materials and employs a hands-on approach to further improve the level of detail and attention it has on every aspect of the house. The projects the firm tackles are relatively diverse, so having that level of attention is necessary to exceed the client’s expectations. 

The firm completed this Tuscan home in 2018. The house’s entire structure resembles an authentic home in Tuscan with its large courtyards, garden areas, and plants. The firm did an excellent job with the landscape design by using pebbles and stones for the flooring and the addition of a fountain area. It also includes green and white benches, enhancing the Tuscan aesthetic. It emphasizes outdoor living by creating an eye-appealing landscape supported by simple yet stylish furniture.

Select Builders

PO Box 2104 Del Mar, California

Select Builders emphasizes quality on each project, extending this to the purpose, intention, and execution of the project throughout each phase of the construction process. This leads to a detail-oriented process, in which every aspect of the project is taken into account, and the needs of the client can be met. Select Builders’ team focuses on crafting contemporary houses and high-end homes. 

The team completed this La Jolla custom home with a modern design populated by wooden furniture. The entire house has a clean and simple look. White walls surround the majority of the home with a few pieces of artwork hanging, but for the most part, the firm used wooden furniture to give a natural look to the house. The furnishing creates a modern natural aesthetic similar to what is usually seen in coastal or beach homes, from the dining seats and tables to the bathroom cabinetry. Some other notable features include a pool, patio, and jacuzzi area, providing more of the contemporary aesthetic to the look of the house.