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The 7 Best General Contractors in Arroyo Grande, California

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Small coastal towns often consist of tight-knit communities. Long-term residents live in houses that parallel their longevity, and with time comes weathered structures and the need for property updates. Whether it’s a full-house renovation, structural remodeling, or home improvements, you might require the help of a trusted expert.

To help with your selection, our editorial team has put together a list of some of the best general contractors in Arroyo Grande. These firms stood out: their backgrounds, portfolios, and customer reviews were all quite impressive. 

RCH Construction

935 Riverside Dr. Ste 3., Paso Robles, CA 93446

RCH Construction aims to provide quality home improvement services to greater Los Angeles and the Bay area. The firm has been specializing in custom residential and commercial buildings since 2007, providing expertise in new construction, kitchen and bath remodeling, home additions, decks, patios, and full-backyard remodeling. It also works on tenant improvements and large-scale commercial projects.

President Ryan Halsey collaborates with industry experts and clients to create structures and spaces that meet modern standards. One of his projects is the construction of the Boho Modern Ranch home in Paso Robles. The mid-sized abode features a contemporary design with a beige palette and an open concept layout.

The living room includes large and small sofa chairs, a ribbon fireplace, and homely decor. It connects to a standard-sized kitchen and a dining table for six. Close to the wood furniture is a doorway that leads to the courtyard. An understated rustic theme is prevalent, and a soft earthy tone pervades every room. Light, polished wood floors extend throughout the house.

CK Builders Inc.

73 Santa Margarita, CA 93453

CK Builders is a sustainable contractor that excels in green and zero-energy custom homes. Its energy expertise includes upgrades, rebates, assessments, and affordable solar energy. The company aims to deliver expectational spaces that cater to the owner’s needs, providing function, comfort, and style. Streamlined and efficient management consistently leads to timely completion and does so within budget.

A collaborative process that integrates client input also leads to more accurate results.  CK Builders is a quality-focused firm, one that pays meticulous detail attention to every project. The approach also fosters kinship between the team and the customer, forging relationships and repeat commissions.

The women-owned and operated business is helmed by Cindy Edwards, who serves as president. The second-generation contractor is a staple of the Central Coast, where she provides contracting expertise in residential and commercial markets. One of her standout projects is the Emerson Wolf Remodel, an interior overhaul of a California home. The updated space features a more spacious layout and includes a beautiful interconnected kitchen and living area. Design finishes and fixtures add visual appeal to the abode, and it all exudes a warm atmosphere.

KGM Construction

1508 Mill St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

KGM Construction provides construction services to clients in San Luis Obispo and nearby areas. Its portfolio includes 35 years of work, with a variety of projects in the residential and commercial markets. Luxury homes, wineries, mixed-use buildings, restaurants, and retail spaces are all represented.

Owner Mike Morain is a veteran of the construction industry. He runs a dedicated team that prioritizes strong craftsmanship, efficient management, and client satisfaction. Through his balanced approach, the team consistently delivers high-quality work from the beginning of projects to close-out.

The contractor’s catalog of residential properties showcases diverse styles with high-end visuals. One such space is The Woods Estate in Santa Barbara, a collaboration with Murray Duncan Architects. It is an ideal getaway residence with a tranquil design and a relaxed atmosphere. The interiors also have a synergistic flow with the outdoors, which provides a breezy and light aesthetic.

The 3,600-square-foot luxury home includes a single-level floor plan with four bedrooms and four baths. The design also includes 14-foot vaulted ceilings and a 24-foot pocketing wall of glass doors.

Holland & Knapp Construction

4110 Horizon Lane, Unit B, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Holland and Knapp Construction made its name via razor-sharp proficiency in custom building and remodeling. The firm’s range of services includes new construction, residential remodels, finish carpentry, custom cabinetry, architectural millwork, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), and more.

The company, a merger of Zachary Knapp and Carty Holland’s former businesses, is one of the preferred contractors in San Luis Obispo County and the Central Coast. The firm provides high-quality work and warm client service, qualities that have led to its solid reputation and earned merits from local homeowners.

A structured approach to home improvements incorporates modern methods and quality materials. Close communication with the client allows the team to shape the project based on the property owner’s vision. Methodical management from inception to completion guarantees minimal fuss and delivery on schedule and within budget.

This is a whole house remodel of a historic home in San Luis Obispo. The residence, which traces back to 1904, required a complete overhaul to fit modern standards. The team rendered exterior and interior remodeling, which infused contemporary energy into the traditional dwelling. Despite the update, aspects of the classic design remained, retaining the estate’s classic charm.

Berry Construction & Restoration, Inc.

2116 Lopez Drive, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Berry Construction and Restoration excels in home improvement projects throughout the Central Coast. The firm operates with quality and functionality in mind, values reflected through its dossier that features quite a number of stylish and ergonomic spaces. The builder typically works on properties in San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara County.

As its name implies, the full-service company has two core services—construction and restoration. Its construction work focuses on residential and commercial remodeling. Its expertise for the former includes custom homes, kitchen and bath remodeling, and custom decks and patios. The firm’s restoration work includes water, fire, wind, and storm damage.

Randy Berry is the CEO of the family-owned business. The California native has over 30 years of experience, 12 of which were spent leading his company. His commitment to exemplary service and fine craftsmanship has earned high praise and reviews from local homeowners.

This kitchen project features a relaxed and sophisticated design with light tones and crisp wood surfaces. It includes white drawers, side counters, a stylish tile backsplash, and an island counter with stool seating. A dining table is also present, which makes the space ideal for cooking and dining.

Gannage Design & Construction Inc.

1560 Santa Rita Road, Templeton, CA 93465

Gannage Design and Construction is a design-build company with a collaborative and detail-oriented process. Its range of services includes kitchen remodeling, new additions, ADUs, whole home remodeling, and deck building and repair. The contractor uses traditional master builder methods, an approach where the firm takes on the task and becomes the sole point of contact. The process factors the client’s demands into every project, which yields spaces tailor-made for the homeowner’s lifestyle.

Mikhail Gannage is part of a family of property development experts who’s been serving the California market for three generations. He’s been overseeing the firm’s operations for over 19 years—a feat attributed to proficient work and customer service. His team only works with limited customers annually to maintain a consistent level of focus and commitment.

This kitchen is part of a suburban home in a California neighborhood. It uses a dove-colored palette with dark accents and shares space with the dining area. Notable features include an island with a marble countertop, overhead glass fixtures, and homely decor.

Seelos Design & Construction

195 Refugio Place, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Seelos Design and Construction is a residential remodeling contractor with a portfolio that dates back to 1981. Its dynamic dossier includes kitchens, bathrooms, additions, and outdoor living spaces. Each of its projects features durable craftsmanship and a high-quality finish, all of which have earned commendations from California homeowners.

Scott and Nina Seelos spearhead the firm’s day-to-day business. The husband-and-wife team share architecture and landscape backgrounds, which adds to their company’s impressive arsenal of services. As longtime experts in home improvements and remodeling, the two contractors always provide a hands-on approach and personalized service. Comprehensive management and attention to detail allow smooth project flow and guarantees optimal results in a timely fashion.

Ergonomic spaces that provide comfort and aesthetic flair define every single project of the Seelos team. One such work is this featured modern kitchen, which features a high-end aesthetic throughout its all-white theme. Crisp floors complement the pristine palette, with each wood panel polished to a fine finish. The u-shaped layout favors the open-concept plan and creates a smoother flow of traffic between the dining and living areas. Large glass windows provide plenty of natural light, further enhancing the sophisticated design.