Demarest, New Jersey, is home to numerous traditional-looking establishments featuring brick walls and a wooden exterior. Many of the borough’s residential areas follow this type of design, yet provide modern updates to keep the home’s look appealing and fresh. Vintage materials such as mahogany wood, stucco walls, and stone masonries are prominent in many of these homes.

The best residential architects in Demarest provide these classically-designed houses while offering upgrades for better functionality and efficiency. Our editorial team curated this list of the top eight residential architects, after looking into each firm’s process, design, and portfolio.

RS Mannino Arch + Cons

38 Park Ave, 2nd Floor, Rutherford, NJ 07070  

Under the leadership of Rosario Mannino, RS Mannino Arch + Cobs has assembled a team of experienced managers and designers capable of tackling a wide variety of projects. The firm is a member of numerous organizations including the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) and the US Green Building Council (USGBC), establishing the team as a top firm in New York and New Jersey. 

Pictured below is the Cliffside Park Contemporary residence, a modern single-family house situated atop the palisades and overlooking the Hudson River and Manhattan. The home features four main structures: glass boxes, a porcelain box, a metal roof/façade, and concrete stairs. These four primary forms comprise the foundation of the home that encapsulates its sophisticated interior design. A 180-degree viewing deck offers the homeowners views of New York. The home caters to a luxurious lifestyle.

Taeik Kim Architect PA

2029 Lemoine Avenue, #302, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

The Cresskill Residence below is a refined take on a classic cabin house that features luxury furnishing, vibrant lighting, and generous living areas. The use of mahogany wood extends to the home’s interior, matching the façade’s mahogany planks and stone chimney. The flooring is an eclectic mixture of wooden vinyl bleached flooring and provides a multidimensional appeal for the house. Numerous living areas from the ground floor to the second floor offer ample living space and are large enough to host gatherings. 

These projects are possible for the firm with principal Taeik Kim, AIA, overseeing production, alongside his team of designers and project managers. The firm’s design process focuses on creativity, and the team uses innovative technology to assist them in rendering an accurate representation of the project. This strong process has allowed the firm to offer its clients quality finishes in both structure and design.

Plan Architecture

125 Paterson Avenue, Second Floor, Little Falls, NJ 07424

Plan Architecture’s approach relies on carefully planned, innovative methods that produce a client-driven program specific to each client’s needs. This personalized process ensures an accurate architectural solution with particular designs and specifications that meet the requirements of the client’s requests. Apart from the firm’s architectural services, the company offers feasibility analysis, master planning, alterations, and programming.

Pictured below is the Salem Ridge residence, a project the firm worked on alongside ECS Homes. The 7,000-square-foot home features a blend of classic and modern design. The exterior includes a neutral color palette of white and gray that pairs well with the stone masonries. The theme applies to the interior design with white walls surrounding the living areas, black and gray furniture, and a fireplace. Outside, the home offers a large yard area with a swimming pool and deck area. Upon its completion, the residence radiates a refined atmosphere that combines a comfortable traditional setting with sophisticated, modern furnishing.

Paredes-Grube Architecture

Suite 101, Second Floor 240 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ 07452

The project below is the Bradford Street Residence, featuring a classic ranch-style design using bleached wood and stone masonries. The straightforward structural design extends to the interior, emphasizing functional spaces that keep the living area comfortable and refined. Principal Xiomara Paredes, AIA, has overseen the projects the firm has tackled since it got its start in 1994. The decades of experience Paredes has gained have led to distinct, creative design solutions unique to each client. The amount of detail Paredes puts into her projects has garnered her a reputation for intricate designing using modern technology that renders successful, accurate homes. Home Magazine, Spring 2017, and the New Jersey Monthly Magazine have featured the firm’s works.

FDS Architects

82 North Summit Street, Tenafly, NJ 07670

For 47 years, FDS Architects has established itself as one of New Jersey’s premier residential architects thanks to its detail-oriented process. The firm has built numerous connections within the community. Today, second-generation builder Peter Dito manages and supervises the production and design of each project. He also oversees the design department of the firm. This approach has led to a portfolio featuring a number of contemporary residences, including this Upper Saddle River home. This house combines traditional and modern designs using classic tones and materials to create a unique appeal. Stone masonries, stucco walls, and tiled roofing create a classic cabin-style residence that incorporates a modern appeal with the balanced use of wood in the arches of the home. The home takes concepts from both vintage and modern styles, resulting in a vibrant home.

Rapaport Design

15 Franklin Street, Tenafly, NJ 07670

The Country Club Road residence below is a modern home with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a two-car garage. Completed in 2018, the house has a unique structural design with its tall and narrow shape but is able to provide ample living spaces for the homeowners. Its design is one of the more dated ones with the use of black and white color tones and glass windows, showcasing a refined appeal from the outside. This design is apparent in many contemporary residences today, using neutral tones to radiate a sophisticated charm. Over two decades of experience has landed the firm numerous projects and a diverse range of residences. With every project, the firm looks to recycle materials to make the home more sustainable. It incorporates modern technology to render an accurate representation for the client. This clear process of practical communication results in houses that are eco-friendly and sophisticated.

Callahan Architecture, LLC

40-A Tillman Street, Westwood, NJ 07675

Pictured below is one of the traditional farmhouses Callahan Architecture completed. Its straightforward design and its wooden exterior offer a traditional farmhouse style that provides classic appeal. The overall direction for this project is keeping its structure simple, emphasizing comfortable living spaces with conventional furniture. A design-oriented approach allows the firm to create innovative design solutions personalized for each client. These custom designs result in finished projects that are straightforward in detail. Transparent communication with the client creates a smooth process and an accurate rendition of the project.