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The Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas, Nevada is well-known  for its reputation as the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” This vibrant city is home to about 2 million people, and locals and tourists love its cultural venues. There are many affordable places to live in the town, close to great food, entertainment, and shopping. Shipping containers made Downtown Container Park a place to shop, eat, and have fun outdoors. The Fremont Street Experience is in downtown Las Vegas. It has everything from ziplining to live music to restaurants.

Learn about the best bathroom remodeling contractors in Las Vegas, Nevada, if you are thinking of revamping your space. These contractors were chosen because they always do high-quality work that exceeds clients’ expectations.

Las Vegas Remodel & Construction

205 N Stephanie St, Suite A Henderson, NV 89074

Las Vegas Remodel & Construction is a general contractor founded to deliver a smooth and enjoyable remodeling process. The firm’s core values of commitment, quality, excellence, and knowledge guide every project, ensuring it is delivered on schedule, within budget, and of the highest quality. With an integrated and collaborative approach, the firm is dedicated to bringing each vision to life by giving each client services, designs, and products that consistently exceed expectations. With 20 years in the industry, the firm has worked hard to develop methods and procedures geared toward the customer. It also utilizes cloud-based technology to fast-track and streamlines the project delivery.

One of the firm’s notable projects is this bathroom remodel in Las Vegas. The new space offers a sleek and minimalistic design with a light color scheme and clean cuts. The warm bathroom tile flooring balances out all the whites from the cabinetry and walls, adding visual depth to the space. The large window brings in a lot of natural light, making it the perfect place to relax after a long day.

One Eleven, Ltd.

2618 Heathrow St, Las Vegas, NV 89135

One Eleven is a modern consulting, design, build, and renovation firm focused on delivering universal design ideas. The firm offers a single-source solution for its clients that allows it to manage every detail from start to finish. From developing a complete plan for remodeling to the construction proper, the firm has consistently showcased its ability to exceed client expectations. It offers the strength, knowledge base, professionalism, and necessary skills to consult, design, and rebuild outdated spaces into one that is safe, functional, and gives the best value for their investment. Since its inception in 1999, the firm has earned a long list of satisfied clients that testify to its quality and professionalism. 

In this featured project, the firm used natural materials to create a design for the master bathroom that met the homeowner’s wish to make it feel like a memorable vacation retreat. The subtle shine of the polished tile goes well with the rich color of the Cherrywood cabinets and the reclaimed wooden flooring. These elements, along with the bold matte black finishes, create the perfect balance for a sleek and sophisticated design.

Tridel Construction

6293 Dean Martin Dr. Unit C, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Since its inception in 2017, Tridel Construction has been proud of its reputation as a general contractor that is both reliable and trustworthy. Although the firm has been in the industry for five years, its team of professionals offers years of combined experience in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. Over the years, the firm has built genuine, lasting relationships with its clients to give them the best experience and results possible. Its in-house teams take on a certain number of clients each year to provide a personalized and hands-on approach and ensure success. As a result, it can confidently finish all of its projects on time and with care and quality.

This modern bathroom in Las Vegas is one of the firm’s notable projects. It features a clean and sophisticated design with a black-and-white color scheme. The black cabinetry balances out all the white, adding visual interest to the sleek space. It also includes a glass-enclosed shower area, a freestanding tub, and silver hardware.

Ranieri Construction

8237 Arch Bay Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89128

Stacey Ranieri founded Ranieri Construction in 1974 as a general contractor in the Greater Las Vegas Valley. Over the years, the firm has completed various projects such as custom homes, kitchen and bathroom remodels, and room additions. Backed by a team with 40 years of experience, the firm showcases its ability to build the most creative projects and solve the most challenging building problems. As a result, the firm has earned a solid track record of finishing projects on time and within budget. The firm has built trust with its clients by following the highest standards of honesty possible in the construction industry. Because of this, many satisfied clients keep returning for more repeat projects. 

Since it was built in the 1990s, this large custom home’s master bathroom has not been updated. The homeowner wanted to keep the same size but updated the ample space with a freestanding tub and a marble-patterned porcelain tile that was both elegant and durable. The color scheme of gray and white with chrome and brushed nickel fixtures made the room look modern and elegant.

Tajo-One, Inc.

Las Vegas, NV 89128

Tajo One is a general contractor committed to delivering successful projects. The firm has been in the industry for 18 years, building and remodeling homes in the Northeast and Las Vegas Valley. Its impressive portfolio features many renovations, extensions, and improvements for commercial tenants’ bathrooms and kitchens that testify to its superior quality. The firm’s team of exceptional designers and builders is dedicated to delivering outstanding projects that reflect its client’s comfort, lifestyle, and personality. This commitment has earned the firm an impressive portfolio and a solid record of satisfied clients. 

This transitional bathroom is a perfect example of the firm’s impressive portfolio. It balances classic and modern designs with its light marble walls and wooden cabinetry. It has a lot of storage space that also houses a television, making it the perfect place for relaxation. The large windows bring in a lot of natural light and breeze.

Designer Kitchens & Baths

6380 S. Valley View Blvd, Suite #302, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Designer Kitchens & Baths is a general contractor that believes that kitchen and bathroom remodeling involves more than buying and implementing new things; it is a complex process. Since its inception in 1996, the firm has made the remodeling process stress-free from start to finish. With its hands-on, personalized approach, the firm can handle every detail meticulously from the design stage through installation. Its team of designers and builders brings in the right skills, experience, and expertise to bring each client’s vision to life, regardless of size, scope, or complexity. 

This mid-sized Asian master bathroom features beige tiles and earth-toned walls that bring a natural and rustic feel. The use of clean patterns and earthy elements makes the space warm, bright, and airy. It also includes an undermount sink, dark wood cabinets, quartz countertops, and a two-piece toilet.

Chermac Builders

2634 Westwood Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Chermac Builders is a Las Vegas-based general contractor with a reputation as an industry leader in residential construction. Since its inception in 1967, the firm has delivered exceptional projects with the idea that people should keep their promises, do their jobs honestly, and stand by the quality of their work. It is dedicated to delivering a smooth and seamless construction experience by keeping appointments, communicating on time, and exceeding the client’s expectations. Its impressive portfolio is a testament to its quality, professionalism, and ability to deliver projects on schedule and within budget. 

The bathroom was built and designed with classic elements. The white walls, light countertop, and dark cabinetry give the space a light and airy feel. The red wall adds a pop of color to the clean room, showcasing a bit of the client’s personality.

Gramly Construction

4265 Butler St, Las Vegas, NV 89129

Gramly Construction is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based general contractor built on high-quality construction, personalized service, and a commitment to doing the best job possible. Since its inception in 1998, the firm has made a name for itself by creating everything from award-winning luxury homes and stunning custom estates to specialized commercial projects. The firm is dedicated to ensuring that its customers are happy with the work by consistently exceeding expectations. As a result, the experts at Gramly are proud of their reputation for providing high-quality goods, services, and care for each person. 

In 2018, Gramly Construction did a bathroom remodel for this featured project. It features a mid-sized transitional master bath with white and gray tiles and a marble tile alcove shower remodel. The sleek and sophisticated design includes recessed-panel cabinets, white cabinets, marble countertops, a hinged shower door, an undermount sink, and gray walls.

Willbanks Kitchen Design Group

2291 S Fort Apache Rd # 103, Las Vegas, NV 89117

Cynthia and Jim Willbanks founded Willbanks Kitchen Design Group in 2017. The firm’s design team offers 75 years of experience in the cabinet design field. It provides the proper technical knowledge, expertise, and skills to understand each client’s unique vision and turn it into a reality. The firm also sells four brands of cabinets made in the United States, each with a different color and finish to match any style. No matter the project’s size, scope, or complexity, the firm has showcased its ability to deliver outstanding results that consistently exceed expectations.

One of the firm’s notable projects is the Grantz Bath, a modern bathroom in Las Vegas. Its elegant white walls match well with the stunning cabinetry made of walnut wood with a natural stain and Shaker-style doors. It offers a luxurious and elegant feel to the space, perfect for relaxing after a long hard day.

Las Vegas Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

9893 S Eastern Ave. Unit F1, Las Vegas, NV 89183

Las Vegas Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling is a general contractor focused on full-service design and remodeling. Backed by a team of dedicated professionals, the firm will take each idea and turn it into a real, actual plan that makes the most of the space. It has skilled craftspeople who can work with even the most unusual ideas. It also has a team of installers who only use the best materials to get the perfect fit and finish that have come to be associated with the firm’s impressive works. Since its inception in 1995, the firm has solidified its reputation for having high-quality designs, successful projects, and satisfied clients. 

This traditional bathroom is one of the firm’s notable projects. It features beige ceramic tiles with raised-panel cabinets, dark wood cabinets, a two-piece toilet, an undermount sink, marble countertops, and a hinged shower door. The layout offers the space a classic and luxurious feel, with elegant columns and black matte hardware.

Fairless Homes LLC

12211 South Eastern Ave, Suite #120, Henderson, NV 89052

Fairless Homes is a general contractor based in Henderson, Nevada that has been in the industry for 14 years. It offers complete design and construction services, allowing it to handle every project detail from start to finish. The firm ensures constant communication and collaboration throughout the project delivery process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for its clients. Its impressive portfolio is a testament to its ability to deliver the work well, on time, and under budget. The firm’s team of dedicated staff works closely with its clients and trade partners to choose all the items and parts, like appliances, fixtures, and finishes, to ensure each client can make sound decisions about their projects. 

This sleek and minimalist bathroom is one of the firm’s notable projects. Its modern look comes from a black-and-white color scheme, clean lines, and silver hardware. The freestanding tub serves as the space’s focal point, creating an efficient layout that maximizes the space.

Re-Bath Las Vegas

3655 E Patrick Ln #200, Las Vegas, NV 89120

Re-Bath was founded in 1979 as a general contractor focused on remodeling works. Since then, it has focused on giving people exceptional projects that reflect its clients’ personalities and lifestyles. The firm offers a unique design-build process that allows its clients to get designs, products, and installation services in one place without having to deal with various contractors. With its dedication to continuous learning and improvement, the firm keeps coming up with new ideas by developing its own products for its stakeholders and forming strategic partnerships to ensure customers get the best, most valuable products for their homes.

This stunning bathroom is one of the firm’s impressive works. It features a rustic atmosphere with an alcove shower design, a drop-in sink, dark wood cabinets, solid surface countertops, and orange walls. The warm, earth-toned colors create a light and airy feel, while the orange accents create a pop of color.

Amos Tile LV

Las Vegas, NV 89129

Since its inception in 1990, Amos Tile LV has helped many people and businesses in Las Vegas with their construction and remodeling needs. The firm offers various services and can cater to kitchen and bathroom renovations, including designing countertops, laying flooring, and installation. Its impressive portfolio includes home renovations, kitchens, bathroom remodels, and floor installations. The firm’s expert and dedicated staff team offers years of knowledge, flexibility, and skills that allow it to deliver unique styles and designs, great prices, the best craftsmanship, and the most advanced countertop and tile installation technology. Over the years, it has remained committed to its top goal of ensuring its services are quick and easy to use.

The white-and-charcoal bathroom remodels in Las Vegas are a perfect example of the firm’s work. It was completely redone with new vanity tops and refinished vanity cabinets. The new space is a large, minimalist master bathroom with a modern look. It features white porcelain tiles, a double sink with raised-panel cabinets, a one-piece toilet, white walls, an undermount sink, quartzite countertops, a hinged shower door, white countertops, and a built-in vanity.

Copper Creek Construction

5980 Topaz St, Las Vegas, NV 89120

Copper Creek Construction offers the experience and expertise needed to deliver each project on schedule and under budget, whether you need a simple repair or a full-scale bathroom remodel. Since its inception in 1998, the firm has established an impressive portfolio that showcases its ability to consistently exceed client expectations. The firm has earned its reputation as a reliable contractor with its commitment to delivering top-notch work without the hassle of low-cost contractors.

The owners of this Las Vegas home wanted to give their old, out-of-date bathroom a significant makeover. After the old bathroom was gutted, this new layout made room for a large, modern shower. This custom bathroom design considers the homeowner’s current tastes and needs for function and space separation.

GI Construction

410 S Rampart Blvd, Suite #390, Las Vegas, NV 89145 

GI Construction was founded in 2015 based on the following core values: integrity, dependability, and a strong customer relationship. The firm is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and seamless construction process with its personalized and hands-on approach to every project. The firm’s solid and long-lasting relationships with its clients and trade partners are why it has a lot of repeat business. It is dedicated to finding cost-effective solutions to every remodeling need while providing excellent construction services and good customer service. 

One of the firm’s notable works is this stunning transitional bathroom, which combines a unique mix of classic and modern design elements. The light and warm hardwood flooring complement the white walls, creating a sophisticated look. Its efficient layout maximizes the space, making it look bigger than it seems.