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The Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in San Diego

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Thanks to its incredible weather and its wide variety of attractions, San Diego serves as a hub for pleasure and comfort. Its range of picturesque sites includes its white-sand beaches, its famous zoo, delicious breweries, and resorts that accentuate the Pacific Ocean views. When partnered with its multicultural offerings and nightlife activities, San Diego is simply irresistible.

But living in the city has its challenges, and locals know how difficult it can be to manage home issues. One common issue is determining how to handle a home’s bathroom to suit the homeowner’s taste. That’s why our editors have created a list of the best bathroom remodeling contractors in San Diego, California. We wanted to guide interested clients to solutions for their bathroom problems. These contractors were chosen for their awards, experience, and expertise.

Jackson Design and Remodeling

4797 Mercury Street, San Diego, CA 92111

Since its establishment, Jackson Design and Remodeling has handled thousands of homes within the city and the state. Whether ground-up construction or simply a renovation service for one area of a home, the firm has provided exceptional results for its clients. The firm has a unique, comprehensive approach to forming a complete construction and design plan with realistic budget targets. The firm has been implementing this process for over three decades and has never disappointed a single client with its finished projects. 

The firm can point to a long list of awards. The firm’s notable accolades include Master Design Awards, National Kitchen and Bath (NKBA) Design Awards, and American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Awards. The firm also maintains several accreditations: it is Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited, and a member of the NAHB, ASID, AIA, and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. 

Featured is Blooming Glamour Bathroom, which provides allure and comfort within complete privacy. Notable details include the hanging chandeliers with glittering elements, a beautiful floral mural, and neutral colors for an easy-on-the-eyes design. The firm also designed the bathroom to hold two people at once for a shared experience. 

Miramar Kitchen & Bath

8454 Commerce Avenue, Suite B, San Diego, CA 92121

For over 31 years, Miramar Kitchen & Bath has dedicated itself to accomplishing projects through a smooth process that is convenient, budget-friendly and schedule-observant. The firm’s services are focused on kitchen and bathroom remodeling, so clients can rest assured that their homes are handled by capable hands that specialize in those home areas. The firm also employs straightforward and respectful customer service so that clients can easily communicate with its team about their concerns and desired changes. With so many completed projects in its portfolio, interested clients can easily check the quality of the firm’s craft.

Miramar Kitchen & Bath has been recognized by several publications. Qualified Remodeler Magazine and FINE Magazine are just two examples. The firm also maintains multiple accreditations. It is Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited, and a member of the NAHB, and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

The firm has delivered over 6,000 projects throughout San Diego. The featured project exemplifies beauty through simplicity and purity. With cream-colored walls and surfaces, along with mild contrasts of darker brown hues, the bathroom creates a truly relaxing atmosphere. With the appropriate fixture placements and object management, the area feels generous and spacious. It also has a defining window connected to a joint wall and ceiling for more natural light to occupy the room. 

Marrokal Design & Remodeling

9474 Kearny Villa Road, Suite #205 San Diego, CA 92126

Marrokal Design & Remodeling is a premier remodeling contractor that has been in service of the state for over 41 years. Over the course of its four-decade-long history, it has developed its skills as both a partner and contractor for interested customers. Its designs and projects are regarded as innovations and that’s obvious in its media features. The firm’s success can be found in three fundamental principles—integrity, quality, and service. The firm and its team strictly adhere to these principles to ensure the achievement of the best possible version of each project. Its services include home renovations and remodels throughout multiple home areas and home additions for the insertion of extra space. 

As a premier contractor with excellent credentials and results, the firm has earned multiple Contractor of the Year awards over several years from NARI. It has also earned other awards, such as the 2021 Chrysalis Award for this featured project, Bath Remodel. The space was initially a tiny bathroom that acted as a separating area for two bedrooms. The firm transformed it into a master suite with more functionality and space and improved the space quality. It now has mixed wooden and pebble flooring, brick-patterned walls, and additional fixtures for storage, including a closet and laundry. The color scheme features a simple black-and-white combination with some contrast from the wooden floor. This space serves as a relaxation and self-care spot for its users.

Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling

12396 World Trade Drive, Suite #108, San Diego, CA 92128

As a firm that can transform houses into havens and homes, Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling has earned a successful reputation as a competent contractor in the city of San Diego. The firm understands that remodeling homes isn’t just about making them more beautiful; it’s about turning them into spaces that positively reinforce a person’s life. It employs designs that fit into modern trends, cutting-edge technology for better equipment, and well-designed plans that consistently produce great results. The community has recognized the firm as a leading brand that offers outstanding services that leave lasting effects. 

The San Diego Union-Tribune, Locale Magazine, and Influencive are among the multiple publications that have featured the firm. The firm is also a GuildQuality Member, a Certified Green Professional, a member of ASID, and the US Chamber of Commerce, from which it has earned the Spirit of Enterprise award. 

Poway Luxury Master Bathroom Remodel is a prime example of what the firm can accomplish for its clients. From the intricately patterned surfaces to the built-in sink, to the spacious bathtub, and everything in between, luxurious elements frame the space. The bathroom also has a window that provides gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape.

CairnsCraft Design & Remodel

4660 Voltaire Street, San Diego, CA 92107

What makes CairnsCraft Design & Remodel an exceptionally competent contractor is its complete set of services that include both design and construction. Its full contractor services have been honed through its cumulative years as a design-build firm in San Diego. During these years, the firm has assembled a team of professionals whose hands-on experience contributes to the firm’s success in delivering projects.

The firm’s goal as a contractor is to develop integrity, ingenuity, and individual projects that are shaped according to the needs of their respective clients. Its foundation lies in building trust—trust that is shared between all involved parties for a fully functional and seamless team composed of professionals and clients. Bathroom Design, Bathroom Remodeling, and custom fixture installations are among the several remodeling services it offers.

The Coastal Master Bathroom is featured below. Its pleasing combination of muted colors and elongated layout provides smooth accessibility. This bathroom has a rectangular frame with a long granite countertop running along the length of the area. With corresponding drawers as the countertop’s base and two full sinks, the area is set to accommodate two people at once. There’s also a cabinet at the far end of the room for additional storage. Multiple windows were added to bring in more light.

Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel

2851 Camino Del Rio South, Suite #310, San Diego, CA 92108

With over 47 years of commitment and service, Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel, is renowned as a strong pillar within the community of San Diego. With over four generations’ worth of experience in construction and remodeling, the firm has cultivated its culture and skills to be a successful contractor that exceeds expectations and an assistant that guides its clients with the right decisions throughout all parts of the services. The firm builds relationships through attentive and responsive communication—it will listen to each client’s concerns to ensure that the results are perfect for the users.

The firm’s services follow an extensive process of initially designing a space through 3D rendering and on-site evaluation. Then, once the outline is approved, preconstruction permits are administered so that the actual construction can be carried out. Once that’s done, final add-ons, inspections, and finishing touches are employed to ensure that the project is successful and stable. The firm has used this process since its establishment: it has been the source of its many accolades, including a number of BBB Torch, GuildQuality, and Houzz awards.

The featured bathroom remodel is a minimalist, yet effective private area. It has neutral tones to create a calming effect, but there are some pops of blue for style. The bathroom has a decent size that is able to hold two people at once, hence the two sinks, mirrors, and ample storage space. The actual toilet and showering area, however, is designed for privacy. 

CALbath Renovation

7626 Miramar Road, #3500, San Diego, CA 92126

CALbath Renovation consistently highlights the importance of personalization and individuality. As you will see in its many bathroom remodels, the firm has always strived to build and design spaces that are uniquely tailored to each client’s needs. It believes that an accomplished project is successfully defined if the user has a natural connection with the space, aside from the striking themes and functionalities it includes.

Since the 1990s, the firm has been certified as a Qualified Remodeler and has provided efficient and cost-effective services for those interested. CALbath is also a GuildQuality Member, a Lead-Safe EPA Certified Firm, and ASID.

The bathroom model featured below is a visually striking space with a traditional, refined style. Featuring a classic color scheme of dark brown hues incorporated within the wooden fixture, marble surfaces with a light tint, and an open floor plan, the bathroom has an airy and romantic atmosphere. Plants provide an additional natural element.

Creative Design & Build

9275 Trade Place, Unit H, San Diego, CA 92126

Creative Design & Build, as hinted by its brand name, works with its clients to formulate creative and practical designs for projects that are rooted in the imagination of both its team and the client. The firm understands that each space is truly special and originates from the visionary capabilities of each user, which is why it aims to make those creative plans the basis of its projects. Despite having only 14 years of service as its own firm, the firm has principals that have hands-on experience with some of the biggest construction firms in the state. This experience elevates the firm’s capabilities as a contractor and paves the way for successful projects. 

Hollingsworth Way Bathroom Remodel is one of the firm’s many dedicated projects. Some defining traits of this space are neutrality and purity, which are denoted by its consistent elements of pale white-and-gray colors and subtle layout. The bathroom includes multiple fixtures and fittings, including different bathtubs, a shower, a toilet, and multiple sinks, which have been carefully placed throughout the area for accessibility and convenience. 

Lars Remodeling & Design

5925 Kearny Villa Road, San Diego, CA 92123

What makes Lars Remodeling & Design an incredibly special firm is its diversity—a diversity that is present not just within the projects it delivers, but also the team it deploys. Its specialized team includes experts from various sectors, including designers, builders, managers, and other partners, which are all highly trained and qualified. This varied employment is a testament to its collaborative tendencies and ability to handle a plethora of potential issues within the many projects it handles. 

The firm is also a member of the Better Business Bureau, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the National Kitchen & Bath Association. It is also a Lead-Safe EPA Certified Firm. The firm has also seen its work published in the pages of San Diego Home / Garden Magazine and Innovative Company Magazine.

This Bathroom Remodel project is a classic space with modern touches for a timeless design. One unique characteristic involves the asymmetrical setup which forces the users to traverse the bathroom fully before being able to use all its fittings and accessories. The glorious design pays tribute to traditional practices and themes while incorporating a modernized approach that allows it to keep up with the changing times. 

VanBerg Design & Remodeling

2521 B Street, #102 San Diego, CA 92102

VanBerg Design & Remodeling values mutual respect between its team and its clients. The firm promotes and strengthens this respect by providing full transparency with a project’s concepts, budget, and timeline by devising them to fit conveniently with a client. This approach has enabled the firm to become synonymous with its beneficial systems and professionalism. The firm provides several services which typically revolve around bathroom and kitchen remodels and home additions. 

VanBerg Design & Remodeling has long been a multi-award-winning firm. It has earned honors and accolades across various associations and publications, including being named  Remodeling Magazine Big 50, a BBB Torch Award finalist, and NARI Regional Contractor of the Year. It also won the Qualified Remodeler Magazine Master Design Award.

Below you’ll find an excellent example of VanBerg’s Spanish bathroom style. At first glance, the room’s temperature heavily leans towards the warm side, thanks to yellow and brown hues. This warmness is balanced by that large window that brings in generous amounts of light. 

REMCON Design Build

7154 Convoy Court, San Diego, CA 92111

As one of San Diego’s most prominent contractors, REMCON Design Build boasts consistent top ratings and testimonials from its satisfied clients. With over 16 years of developed craft and ethics, the firm has achieved the status of being able to deliver projects on time, under budget, and always perfectly suited for its users. These conditions guarantee high-quality results for any client with any home issue. The firm is also Better Business Bureau Accredited as well as a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, ASID, and NARI.

The project we decided to feature highlights REMCOM’s commitment to detail and intricacy. The patterns are present in the wall sections, the flooring, and even the countertops. These patterns add depth to the already stunning design and are further accentuated by the monochromatic color scheme. 

Fisher Gross Kitchen & Bath Studio

912 West Washington Street, San Diego, CA 92103

Fisher Gross Kitchen & Bath Studio’s wants to satisfy clients and exceed expectations through impeccable service. From remodeling services to custom fixture construction and installation, the firm has tremendous experience and a broad knowledge base that consistently generates solutions for clients’ problems. A key principle that is adhered to by its team is its meticulous attention to each detail within a space. The firm has been featured in Luxe Magazine and it has been certified by the San Diego Chamber of Commerce. 

Featured is Rue Michael Coastal Chic, a charming contemporary bathroom with sophisticated elements in a well-planned layout. This area has a white color scheme with some pops of color in the fittings, such as the tinted glass and fixtures. The use of natural lighting—as well as the ornamental designs and touches—provide a vibrant and tropical feel for this coastal-style space. Other elements include glass mosaic tiles, quartz countertops, and a doorway that connects the bathroom to an outdoor pool. 

Forever Builders

8305 Vickers Street, Suite #200, San Diego, CA 92111

Clients with a family who are looking for an effective home renovation service can count on Forever Builders. As a family-owned contractor, the firm understands common issues in a family home and the importance of meaningful spaces in cultivating memorable experiences. It has completed over a thousand projects during its 20 years in the business. It has received over 500 positive reviews from satisfied customers. The firm is also Better Business Bureau Accredited.

When working with Forever Builders, the team considers the clients and the professionals as one big collaborative family. The team’s professionalism and work ethic means the firm won’t stop until the job is completed correctly.

Take a look at the featured project. It is framed by a heavy white color and dark brown contrast: the combination offers a stark distinction that sets off an intense visual impact. That impact is further strengthened by the use of golden hues in the fixtures for a classy atmosphere in such a limited space. A shower, tub, sink, and toilet were all included within the space for a multifunctional design.

San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros

3983 Georgia Street #7, San Diego, CA 92103

San Diego Kitchen Renovation Pros takes a unique approach. It meets individually with each client to carefully understand their vision. The consistent result is a perfect renovation or remodel. The firm pinpoints all the right needs of each client from the overall atmosphere and layout of an area down to the minute details. It believes that this applied personalization to each project is what makes them truly unique, accomplished, and successful. It’s also important to note that the firm doesn’t take the reigns when handling each project; it merely guides the clients toward the right choices. That includes reviewing current trends and styles, then finalizing each detail with the client.

Bathroom Remodel speaks for itself as a wonderful project with traditional themes as the primary design.  The assorted patterns and designs on the different surfaces’ sections provide varied textures for the space, which are reminiscent of classical homes. The refined touches on the bathroom’s accessories create a harmonious connection between all the present elements. The use of colors and the entryways also center the space with earth tones. 

K-Co Construction, Inc.

3670 Clairemont Drive, Suite #9 San Diego, CA 92117  

K-Co Construction transforms possibilities into actualities with its honed craft, perfected proficiency, and consistency in delivering well-rounded remodeling services. It has been in service for over 27 years and has a strong reputation within the industry and the communities it works in. Its services include everything from whole-home constructions to specific area remodels and home additions. It is a multi-award-winning firm; it has won BBB Torch, Angie’s List, and Houzz awards. It is also an avid member of Build it Green thanks to its sustainable practices.

The Bay Park Cottage Expansion included this beautiful bathroom remodel. This space easily fits into the high standards of transitional designs with its retro color combinations, decorative accessories, and sleek cuts and lines. These elements incorporate traditional and contemporary elements for users to enjoy. Beige and stone tiles, a pedestal sink, granite countertops, and raised cabinets are among the several notable features of this mid-sized bathroom. This project also shows that clients don’t need fancy and luxurious elements to elevate the quality of a space—they need creativity and passion.


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