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The Best Custom Home Builders in Burlingame, California

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Located in San Mateo County, Burlingame is a city that sits on the San Francisco Peninsula with a  significant shoreline on San Francisco Bay. Given that it is a city, housing here varies, but it has numerous interesting and wonderful neighborhoods to show for.

This list displays 13 of some of the best custom home builders in the area behind some of the most beautiful houses in Burlingame. They have completed and worked on homes in several of these aforementioned neighborhoods and were chosen based on not only merit, but also history, experience, past projects, and services.

AV Builder

285 Old County Rd. Suite #7, San Carlos, CA 9407

AV Builder draws inspiration from over a decade of experience in the home building industry. It is located on the peninsula of the bay area and services its entirety and other places surrounding it. AV primarily offers a complete and comprehensive range of general contracting services. Its portfolio includes not only a rich array of custom home projects, but also several home additions and large-scale remodels. At its helm is Andrew Vanni, who personally oversees each of the firm’s projects and under whose leadership the company has had the privilege of being featured in publications like Design Bureau magazine. The firm specializes in a variety of classic and modern designs.

Its best work is seen in the project illustrated here. Located in Hillsborough, this mid-century modern home makes use of a recurring theme of straight lines coupled with a neutral color palette. Several wooden accents may be observed both in

Bay Area Custom Homes

611 Industrial Rd. Suite #1, San Carlos, CA 94070

Bay Area Custom Homes is a full-service residential custom home building firm that has secured a solid clientele network for itself, having been in business for the greater part of two decades. It is sensitive to each project’s unique requirements and provides its clients with an impressive range of architectural design, engineering, interior design, home organization, and home security services. The firm is personally led by its founder Jason Skinner, a builder known for his strict discipline and organizational skills, as well as a superior level of management and oversight to all aspects of each job. Together with his team, they come up with collaborative and innovative solutions and specialize in an extensive range of designs. 

Pictured here is a Tudor Estate located in Hillsborough. For this luxury project, the firm was challenged with its scale and having to work on timeless and classic architectural themes. It made use of hipped roofs coupled with shingled farmhouse-like walls. 

Chesler Construction

2682 Middlefield Rd., Unit R, Redwood City, CA 94063

Composed of a team of talented professionals, Chesler Construction Inc. specializes in every phase of new home construction. Personally led by owner Terry Chesler, a builder with more than four decades of industry experience, Terry has constructed some of the first commercial buildings in Silicon Valley during the 70s, 80s and 90s. This vast experience in the commercial industry prepared him for the specialty structures that Chesler Construction has become known for today. Every client who entrusts their home to Chesler Construction receives the benefit of his expertise. Each home is personally overseen by him, ensuring his personal touch. Chesler Construction prides itself on creating custom homes complete with spaces tailored to their client’s needs.

One such home is this 13,931-square foot home completed in 2014. In collaboration with Steve Simpson from SDG Architects, this home features a transitional theme, from the welcoming entry to the backyard, perfect for entertaining. With a vast portfolio filled with specialty custom homes that display a variety of unique spaces such as greenhouses, guest homes, and home offices, Chesler Construction has become one of the best home builders across the US.

Ek Construction

1221 Whitehorne Way, Burlingame CA 94010

Ek Construction assists throughout the entire process and handles, consults, and evaluates the structural and construction aspects of building projects throughout the entire process. It achieves this through the use of Master Builder, a construction project management tool that streamlines a particular project and ensures efficiency, timeliness, and the highest quality of service. It has worked on not only numerous custom homes, but also entire subdivisions and large-scale home improvements and renovations. Uniquely, it also provides extensive custom woodworking and cabinetry, which enables it to make its projects more personalized. It has its very own 2,000 square foot custom woodworking shop dedicated to custom cabinetry, furniture, and finishing for both its residential and commercial projects.

The project featured is a fine example of the firm’s work. For this modern space, it used minimalist elements. It also maximized the given space and made use of an open floor plan. 

Eram Builders

632 Cedar St. Apt #2, San Carlos,  CA 94070-3041

Eram Builders is a family-owned and locally-operated company that specializes in custom home building and kitchen and bathroom remodeling. It has secured a solid reputation for itself for its excellent interior and exterior construction services, and it goes the extra mile in ensuring that it provides only exceptional work. It operates out of its office in San Carlos and services its entirety and the areas surrounding it. Eram is capable of taking on projects regardless of scale and keeps its entire process in-house. This includes deck building, flooring, and siding. All of its projects come with affordable prices and are overseen by a team of  highly-trained professionals with years of experience.

The featured project is one of the firm’s best remodels. It is a modern take on an otherwise formerly classic-themed home. It features clean finishes, wood accents, and minimalist touches. A recurring theme of straight lines may also be observed. 

G. M. Lindberg Construction

533 Airport Blvd. Suite #400, Burlingame, CA 94010

Regarded as one of the San Francisco Peninsula region’s top remodelers and custom home builders, G. M. Lindberg Construction has been in the construction business for more than 30 years. Its staff comprises a tight-knit crew of skilled workers and is licensed and fully insured. The firm is an expert in every phase of the residential construction process and assists throughout every part of planning and construction.

Since its inception, it has secured relationships with some of the best subcontractors in the area and has established a solid clientele base for itself since its founding. The firm takes the time to understand a client’s vision to make sure that their needs and lifestyles are reflected into their new homes and spaces. Further, it believes in transparency from start to finish and provides its clients with realistic estimates and accurate invoices.

Gona Builders

510 Corbitt Dr., Burligname, CA 94010

Gona Builders is a family-owned and operated general construction and developing firm that specializes in both commercial and residential projects. It works throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area and has been in business since 1996. At its helm is its namesake Javier Gona, who first started out in the industry as a small contractor who took on remodels as a sole proprietor. Under his leadership, the firm has grown into a full commercial and residential builder with expertise to take on projects of any size and complexity. Additionally, it is capable of assisting clients throughout the entire process, which includes not only construction, but also planning and post-completion. 

The project above is a custom Mediterranean residence that entails a large-scale interior and exterior renovation, as well as a home addition. Inside, it features exquisite original wooden beams in the ceilings throughout the home. It also has  unique floor designs with Italian travertine and inlaid with Brazilian cherry in one of its master bedrooms while Indian Sleight may be seen in the decks. On top of all these, its bathrooms, kitchen, and living room are the epitome of luxury.

KWS United Technology, Inc.

533 Airport Blvd. Suite #400, Burlingame, CA 94010

KWS United Technology, Inc. is a full-service residential design and build construction firm. It provides only the highest quality of services that it maintains through tight control throughout the duration of a particular project. All of its homes are personally manned by its principal Waldemar Stachniuk, a professional with more than two decades of experience in the building and design industry, and enjoys all aspects of the business from project development, design, and engineering through building. The firm is licensed, bonded, and insured and uses green building practices so all of its homes are energy-efficient and less impactful on the environment.

The firm provides detailed proposals for each of its clients. These include accurate estimates and timelines, ensuring that its projects are completed within budget and the agreed-upon timeframe. 

M B Contracting 

1242 Millbrae Ave., Millbrae, CA 94030

Also known as Millbrae General Contractor,  M B Contracting is a residential construction company that is an expert in  building and remodeling high-end custom homes. It offers excellent work and services at affordable prices and draws inspiration from nearly two decades of experience. It maintains control throughout the entire construction process and strives to keep the safest construction environment and meet the latest building codes. It is a Lead-Safe-certified EPA firm and extends its services throughout the entirety of San Mateo County. The firm also offers a variety of other specialty work, such as structural repair, termite repair, water drainage system services, flooring, and concrete work. 

The project showcased here is one of the firm’s best craftsman-themed homes. It features paneled walls, a palette of blue and white, and clean finishes. Several custom wood features may also be observed. 

Muldowney Custom Homes

235 Victoria Rd., Burlingame, CA 94010

Muldowney Custom Homes operates out of its office in Burlingame and services the entirety of the Bay Area. It is a general contractor that offers a full and comprehensive range of services. Muldowney is led by its namesake Kieran Muldowney, an experienced builder with a rich background in custom home building work. Under his supervision, the firm has become an expert in modern and contemporary designs. Its portfolio also includes a variety of classic Californian Spanish revivals as well as other traditional and Mediterranean designs. Additionally, it has worked on a variety of Tuscan-inspired projects and spaces. 

The project showcased here highlights one of its aforementioned Spanish revivals. It features timeless terracotta roofs, stucco exterior walls, and arched windows. Ornate pillars may also be observed by its front door as well as several custom finishes. 

Real Time Construction

171 Fifth Ave. #206, Redwood City, CA 94063

Operating out of Redwood City, Real Time Construction has been in business since 2016 and completes all of its projects on time and within budget. It collaborates only with the most experienced and talented subcontractors in the area and never asks its clients for advanced payments. In fact, clients may expect to only pay for work completed, and the firm pays homeowners back for any late penalties. Real Time takes great pride in its excellent customer satisfaction reviews. Additionally, it offers a full and complete range of new construction, addition, repair, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling services. It has also worked on various multi-family work and other unique project types. 

One of the firm’s best works is this modern Spanish revival, which made use of a warm color palette coupled with classic terracotta roofs. Quaint arches may also be observed by its back porch, as well as a trellised upstairs patio.  

Sargent Construction 

1430 Drake Ave., Burlingame, CA 94010

Established in 2002, Sargent Construction is an award-winning builder and remodeler that extends its services throughout the San Francisco Peninsula. It is led by its founder and namesake Rich Sargent, who combines his custom homebuilding expertise with hands-on experience with Fortune 500 businesses. This has resulted in exceptional work and thoughtful craftsmanship, which has greatly aided in securing the firm’s name as one of the best builders in the area. Typically, Rich takes cues and draws experience from traditional designs due to his New England roots, but updates them to meet the needs of today’s homeowners. All of the firm’s projects follow a pattern, which entails open floor plans, abundant natural lighting, and elegant yet understated design details. Often, these details are further enhanced by the addition of rich color palettes and custom casework. 

Unlike most firms on this list, Sargent Construction also buys and sells homes. It is interested in both older homes and vacant lots that it usually transforms into wonderful projects for reasonable prices. 

Zume Builders

1670 S Amphlett Blvd. Suite 214-20, San Mateo, CA 94402

Zume Builders specializes in building custom homes and Accessory Dwelling Units, otherwise known as ADUs. These are basically small homes located in the backyard of the property and are referenced as in-law units. They are great sources of rental income and have been growing popular as of late. The firm uses a hands-on approach that emphasizes the importance of having open lines of communications with its homeowners. It also makes use of management technology, which is readily accessible for its clients throughout the entire process. The firm services the entirety of the South Bay area, with several of its projects located in some of the best neighborhoods in Burlingame, Hillsborough, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Millbrae, Palo Alto, and Redwood City. 

The firm works with 3D services for its new custom homes, major additions, and major remodel projects. Its very own in-house design team is highly experienced in not only design concepts, but also with permit sets to efficiently secure permits from various cities. Zume Builders also works on prefab houses.