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The Best Custom Home Builders in Clovis, California

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Last updated on May 27th, 2024 at 02:29 pm

Clovis, known as the “Gateway to the Sierras,” is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in Fresno County, in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley. The city has a strong Western history and an even stronger agricultural background. It is a popular vacation spot with various charming and engaging attractions and elements, including outdoor sports, recreational hobbies, museums, restaurants, and even traditional events like the Clovis Rodeo. Many tourists end up considering settling permanently in the location, and there are always locals in the market for custom homes that will enhance their evolving lifestyles.

Choosing a permanent home isn’t a quick and easy task — it requires the right set of hands and the proper guidance to fully visualize and develop a home that fits the needs of its users. Our editors have compiled a list of the best custom home builders in Clovis, California, that provide the best custom homes. These firms were chosen for their recognition, awards, work history, and expertise. 

Butler Construction & Renovation, Inc.

General Contractor, 755 N. Peach, Suite E-2, Clovis, CA 93611 

Butler Construction & Renovation—thanks to almost two decades of home-building services—understands that in constructing a dream home, both the client and professional team need to have a close, communicative partnership throughout the entire building process. Clients are able to communicate directly with the builders to identify even the tiniest details that need to be changed; the resulting home is perfectly tailored for its appropriate users. It employs only the highest quality services and ensures its clients that the construction process will be accomplished on time and within budget. 

This featured project is Spanish Style, a beautiful Mediterranean and Tuscan-style residence. The exterior includes mostly Mediterranean features with tiled roofs, symmetrical columns, and brick surfaces that support the building, and distinct areas with stone details for an artistic accent. The interior features a much more Tuscan style, with several natural elements such as wooden furniture, fixtures, flooring,  stone countertops, and a beautiful dark earthy color palette. Other amenities include a fully designed patio, a sizable swimming pool, and an open home front area. 

Image Custom Homes Inc.

7493 N. Ingram Avenue, Suite 104 Fresno, CA 93711

Image Custom Homes is an exceptional home builder capable of delivering projects to multiple areas in California. The firm is spearheaded by its principal member and president, Kevin Mulligan, who has over three decades’ worth of career experience in homebuilding. With his long experience in the Central Valley region, he has built a broad knowledge base which he employs along with his team in handling projects for different clients. Image Custom Home’s specialty lies in flexibility and is able to handle projects of varying size, complexity, and style. 

The firm has over 31 years of service and has accomplished a plethora of projects of over 700 residences. Among those projects is Family Farm Home, a Farmhouse-style residence strongly connected to its natural environment. This home has a simple color design with a mix of brown hues and shades of grey and white for a clean appeal. This theme is consistent throughout the entire home’s interior and includes hints of contrasts in the exterior. As a Farmhouse home, it offers a rustic atmosphere strengthened by the material choice for the fixtures, stairwells, and other elements. 

Cornerstone Homes

385 W Bedford Avenue, #103, Fresno, CA 93720

Cornerstone Homes is a pioneer within the construction industry. The firm has marked its place through its commitment, excellence, and client-driven services that have been honed during its 45 years of service within California. The firm initially started as a builder for ranch-style homes but it has since expanded into tackling projects of varying home styles. The firm practices sustainable and energy-efficient methods in all of its projects and employs top-tier craftsmanship to accentuate the designs. Cornerstone Homes takes pride in ensuring its clients that whatever dream home they can imagine, it can build and develop through its complete set of services. 

Featured is Contemporary Clovis Residence, an elegant space that highlights beauty and comfort in simplicity. The floorplan seamlessly integrates rooms from the kitchen to the living space. The home’s simple contemporary design is heightened by its large frame, allowing for multiple sections in the house to be distributed according to functionality, entertainment, or comfort. The house was also conveniently placed and designed within a beautiful landscape which allows it to blend naturally with the open field beyond it. The materials used for the house provide aesthetic practicality and include stones, wood, and concrete. 

Elite Custom Homes

PO Box 25908, Fresno, CA 93729

Over the course of over 38 years, Elite Custom Homes has built and designed over 400 custom homes. It believes that it is through effective performance and responsive conduct that its clients are satisfied. Its mission is to infuse first-rate quality in all aspects of the construction process. All design work is completed in-house to provide clients with a more accurate and appropriate project, supported and provided by the team’s expertise. It also offers its clients services outside of the construction and design process, including: full 3D design, accurate budgeting, construction visualization and planning, and personalized support throughout the building process.

A prime example of the firm’s custom home projects is at Monte Verdi Estates, a premium residence that signifies luxury in classical elements. With a Mediterranean home style, the property includes several features, such as arched themes on the windows and surfaces, finials and tiles that adorn the roofs, and an open courtyard with a fountain for added effect. The color palette introduces a stark contrast of light and dark hues, which are stressed by the use of yellow lights that generate a warm atmosphere. The same atmosphere is induced within the interior design, with the added features using stone and tile, hand-textured walls and woodwork, coordinated colors, flooring, and other elegant finishing touches. 

BLC Custom Homes

7081 N. Marks, Suite #104-344, Fresno, CA 93711

BLC Custom Homes is able to produce great results through its passion for taking in clients like their own family — offering them the best services at cost-effective pricing and time-convenient schedules. It acts as a supportive pillar within its communities and works to positively shape them through transformative homes and spaces that enrich people’s lives. It also helps clients tremendously by letting them choose the location that best fits their standards, wherever that location might be. It will also provide a site evaluation for all inquiries regarding the construction, including those within the area. 

The Clovis Home is one of the firm’s unique custom homes. The home features a primarily Tuscan-style theme, owing to terra cotta roof features, green stucco walls, and arched doorways. It has an open area at the front of the house; it acts as a venue for minor outdoor activities, a driveway, and an addition to the garage space within the home. The home has abundant vegetation, found around and beyond the borders of the house. That vegetation strengthens the fertile atmosphere already provided by the green color scheme.