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The Best Custom Home Builders in Denton, Texas

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Denton has a long history of cultural influence. The city was established in 1857 to serve as the seat of Denton County, and the 1880s advent of the railway and the city’s status as an agricultural commerce center both had a significant impact on its development. Now a thriving community in North Texas, Denton is renowned for its amazing music scene, vibrant nightlife, stunning attractions, and a welcoming small-town ambiance that comes with big-city luxuries. Denton is also a haven for cuisine, as users can enjoy the local businesses and alternatives, which range from exquisite dining in opulent settings to quick snacks at a variety of establishments. 

It’s no doubt that people who have experienced what Denton has to offer have considered permanently settling in the city. To elevate the experience and truly enjoy one’s stay in the bustling area, they have to find an equally efficient home. Our editors have compiled this list of the best custom home builders in Denton, Texas, to assist clients as they build their dream homes. These firms were chosen for their histories, areas of expertise, awards, and the backgrounds of their principals.

Lingenfelter Custom Homes

2904 Corporate Circle, Suite #101 Flower Mound, TX 75028

What makes Lingenfelter Custom Homes an incredibly reliable firm is its meticulous attention to the entire building process. From start to finish, the firm directly supervises each phase while updating customers on every detail. This way, the project turns out exactly as the clients envision it, and that has been the case for five years. And despite having only half a decade’s worth of official business, Lingenfelter Custom Homes has satisfied countless customers with its effective approach. It has a number of professional certifications, including NAHB, TAB, DBA, and Certified Green Professional.

Featured is Thornridge Circle Custom, a beautiful contemporary home built for a loyal client. This residence was situated on top of a green landscape that accentuates its design. Using asymmetrical features and clean-cut edges, the details bring out the home’s visual charm and provide a green atmosphere. The use of contrasting white, brown, and brown colors adds further depth to the project’s style. The interior has an open layout strengthened by the prominent windows and doors that generate a feeling of transparency.

Noble Classic Homes

9998 Hilltop Road, Argyle, TX 76226

Noble Classic Homes tends to its client’s needs through a comprehensive, step-by-step building process. This intricate approach ensures that personalization is implemented from the get-go for all the firm’s clients. The firm’s work principle revolves around working closely with clients and giving them the builders’ perspective to allow all parties to fully grasp the home’s design and additional concepts. The has won several awards over the years, including multiple Best of Denton County awards, some ARC Awards for Best Architectural Designs, and the Greater Denton Custom Home Builder of the Year.

Modern Mansion with a Living Room Hot Tub demonstrates the firm’s capabilities when it comes to customizing homes. Despite being a modern home, this project features strong craftsman and traditional inspirations. The residence was designed to have an earthy theme, and wooden and stone materials can be found throughout. The landscaping vegetation on its exterior underlines this cozy motif. It has two stories of space with multiple functional rooms.

John Schedcik Custom Homes

2201 S FM 51, Suite #400, Decatur TX 76234

John Schedcik Custom Homes achieves success through its intensive network of first-rate subcontractors. These teams specialize in building quality homes with lasting efficiency and above-standard designs. What also makes John Schedcik Custom Homes a great custom home builder is competitive pricing partnered with world-class quality—a pairing possible through extensive research into each client’s lifestyle and the functions they want the home to serve. 

The firm is led by John Schedcik, whose values in home-building are just as wonderful as his skills. He believes that in building homes, a professional shouldn’t just rely on their skills in actualizing blueprints; they need to have effective communication skills and responsiveness. With his guidance, the firm has earned a number of accreditations, including NAHB and TAB.

Rafter P Construction

4103 S FM 730 Decatur, TX 76234

For over 20 years, Rafter P Construction has been serving North Texas. It has been building projects in the residential, commercial, farm, and ranch markets, bringing the firm an impressive variety of experience. Its unique design-build process has enabled it to shine in the industry as a dependable custom home builder that tailors each home to its corresponding client and user. During its 20 years of service, the firm has earned a number of awards, including the Best of Greenville Award.

Featured is this beautiful poolside home that is a mix of craftsman and modern details. At first glance, the residence looks like a shed with its bijou size and the exterior appearance of prominent wooden plank facades and roll-up entryways. On closer inspection, however, the house reveals itself as a functional space that acts as a quick shelter from pool activities. It has an open layout that offers users smooth accessibility throughout.

Cleve Adamson Custom Homes

27 Manor Lane, Lucas, TX 75002

Cleve Adamson Custom Homes has been in business for a decade and has learned that it is not enough to simply provide clients with a home to live in—the company needs to connect with its clients. The firm’s building approach is centered around forming deep relationships with each of its clients to fully know and understand them. After that relationship is established, communication is easier, home visualization and actualization activities go smoother, and a hassle-free process is introduced. That process also gives clients a flexible budget and timetable convenient for their needs and capabilities. D Magazine and The Business Journals have recognized the firm and its effective efforts in the industry.

Southridge is a prime example of what Cleve Adamson Custom Homes can deliver for its clients. This traditional home induces strong feelings of rusticity and purity because of its decor and details. With prominent wooden fixtures as a foundation, the firm added subtle but effective features to accentuate that theme. These features include beige and white color schemes, a stone fireplace, leather furniture, and classic ornaments throughout the property. It also has well-managed space and several windows that create an airy atmosphere.

Design Classics Construction

1112 N. Locust St., Denton, TX 76205

Design Classics Construction is an award-winning firm that specializes in home services. It is a full-service, one-stop-shop for clients looking for a joint service for their architectural, design, and construction needs. While the firm builds custom homes for its clients, it also creates positive environments where productivity and bonds are cultivated. 

One of its best accolades is a press award, the Denton Record-Chronicle Best of Denton Honorable Mention, which was granted to the firm for its remarkable service to the Denton area.

Precision Builders

4931 Long Prairie Road, Suite #200, Flower Mound, TX 75028

As an official registered custom home builder in Denton and throughout Texas, Precision Builders has the experience and qualifications for interested clients. Since it has worked across multiple cities in the state, the firm has an expansive knowledge base that allows it to employ well-rounded solutions and breakthrough concepts for each home. It has a working principle of having a limited number of handled projects per year as it aims to give concentrated service to each project it takes on—unlike the other big-time firms with simultaneous ongoing projects.

The firm typically works on traditional, craftsman, French country, and Cape Cod home styles, and can even incorporate different themes into one other. An example is the Regency, which combines craftsman and French country influences into a single property. With apparent brick foundations and surfaces on its exterior, the home has a durable and enduring quality. In terms of the interior design, it retains some stone details, but wooden elements dominate the space for a rustic atmosphere. Notable features include overhanging beams, a beautiful stone fireplace, and an open grilling station for get-togethers.

Truth Construction

1110 Lakecrest Drive, Sanger, TX 76266

Guided by biblical principles and a strong set of skills for custom home building, Truth Construction vows to deliver homes that are as blessed as the verses that empower its team. As such, it is a client-driven firm that seeks to uplift the lives of the people it creates homes for. It takes a very thorough approach to project management. That process starts with site inspection, progresses to home visualization, and eventually, project completion.

The firm is led by Bryan Elsey, who—prior to serving as its president—had almost a decade of experience as a home builder. The experience he gathered from that field is what makes him an effective leader and principal for Truth Construction. He is very persistent in his principles and always puts his clients before himself.

This wonderful home in Sanger is a great example of beauty in simplicity. It has an elevated, straightforward design that resembles the typical modern-day homes of families. It is a fairly sizeable residence, with two stories for maximum capacity and space. It also has a unique shape—it appears like two separate homes, but they are conjoined by an angled corner. It has a brick foundation connected and heightened by wooden materials and painted with neutrally toned colors.

Tremont Construction

314 E Hickory Street, Suite #117, Denton, TX 76201

Tremont Construction is the only firm on this list with a work history of over 37 years. The firm is a second-generation custom home builder that has continuously developed its skills as a builder and its dedication to clients. In each of its residential projects, the firm has taken into consideration how each of the structures resonates with the surrounding area, whether it be the natural environment or other significant buildings. The firm’s passion for building special spaces is what drives it to achieve great results in custom home building. The firm is NAHB, DBA, and TAB certified.

This custom home is a fine example of how each building synergizes with its surroundings. While its grand size and luxurious makeup set the tone for how great it is, its unique characteristic of blending in seamlessly with the surrounding landscape sets it apart from the other buildings. The effective color choice of brown hues with subtle hints of white, in synergy with the enveloping trees, plants, and other earthen features, creates a strong natural atmosphere—an atmosphere further strengthened by the bricks and stones on the exterior.

Simpson & Gardner

369 Private Road, 3248, Decatur, TX 76234

Simpson & Gardner is a community-centered builder that has dedicated itself to successful, personalized projects and highly satisfied clients. It serves as a pillar in the communities it works in by providing transformative spaces that enhance its users’ experiences and memories. During its 18 years of service, the firm has consistently left its mark on the buildings it has accomplished. It has completed over 200 finished homes across Texas, ranging from low-maintenance homes to large-scale, premium residences. It is a BBB-accredited (A-plus rating) custom home builder, and regularly has contractors on-site for smooth project supervision and flow.