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The Best Custom Home Builders in Fairfield, California

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As one goes through the homebuilding process, it’s important to make sure everything works as smoothly as possible. A wise solution for this is to hire an experienced and skilled custom home builder who can be your partner from design to completion.

This list features the top ten firms that serve and reside near the lovely city of Fairfield. With talented experts and extensive portfolios, these builders have constructed homes while implementing sustainable solutions. These top-performing firms have streamlined processes meant to lessen the homebuilding dilemmas and guarantee confidence from clients.

Rasmussen Construction

1118 Grant Ave., Novato, CA 94945

For the remodel of Pacific Heights Victorian, Rasmussen created a new master bedroom with a custom dressing hallway and a light-filled master bath finished in walnut and natural stone. From a construction standpoint, the most eye-catching part of the project is the comfortable, bright, and smartly detailed family room and guest suite. The zero-clearance property lines and sandy soil caused a complicated process of supporting the house, demolishing the old foundation, excavating down, and installing a deeper foundation. DV Rasmussen solved this by implementing geo-grouting for stability during demolition and excavation.

This project represents how Rasmussen remains true to its founding principles of creating quality and durable works. It all starts with listening, defining design goals, and finding a range of options to fulfill them. As the project progresses, the firm employs sustainable practices for the sake of the community and the environment. Whether it is sourcing reclaimed materials, working with FSC-certified material, or pursuing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Net Zero Energy certifications, the firm renders design ideas while developing sustainable solutions. For Rasmussen, sustainability and durability have much in common, which is why it continues to pursue building structures that can stand the test of time.

PassivWorks, Inc. – Better Buildings

P.O. Box 99, Vineburg, CA 95487

Built by PassivWorks, the O’Neil house in Sonoma is the first Certified Passive House in California and the first Certified Passive House retrofit in the U.S. The ranch house was formerly two structures uninsulated at different elevations, with a U-shape configuration not optimal for solar access due to shading by adjacent buildings and trees. PassivWorks modified this into a near net-zero energy modern farmhouse, providing outstanding comfort and durability with low energy bills per month. The Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab has installed monitoring equipment in the home and verified its capability to save energy and perform sustainably. 

Since 1996, PassivWorks has been combining green building practices with hands-on excellence, commitment to design, and integrity with every project. They pursue sustainability through using non-toxic products, durable projects, low-waste processes, and materials. PassivWorks shows its dedication to a project’s success by sourcing the majority of its material from the U.S. and the entirety of its labor from skilled individuals.

Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling

2860 W Covell Blvd. Suite #3, Davis, CA 95616

Morse Custom Homes and Remodeling (MCHR) performs design and construction projects ranging from kitchen and bathroom renovations to custom site development and new home builds. It has completed hundreds of jobs in rural site development, complete teardowns and rebuilds within city limits. From initial design consultation to providing the finishing touches, MCHR enjoys assisting its clients. Apart from serving its clients, it also finds delight in supporting regional communities and charities throughout the area. 

With a full-time professional design department on staff, MCHR supports the clients’ dreams from concept to completion. It provides preliminary estimating and value engineering to ensure that the project corresponds with the budget. This renovated exterior, for instance. The front brick wall near the sidewalk was slightly modified and repaired to add new concrete stairs that lead up to a new, curved and contrasting colored walkway that draws the eye to the entry. MCHR relocated the front door to a new, central location and painted it a bold color. 

Everlast Construction

1270 Springbrook Rd. Suite #101, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

From remodels to addition and new builds, Everlast Construction delivers satisfying results and excellent customer service. Its team of contractors and designers have the expertise and creativity to transform its clients’ visions into beautiful homes. With professionalism, craftsmanship, and long-lasting quality results, its team will communicate and provide personalized assistance every step of the way. It is why they refer to their company as a place where personal touch never fades.

The three-step process of Everlast Construction begins with designing the project, completing the products and materials, and lastly, implementing construction techniques. These methodologies ensure consistent quality designs that result in a lower total cost of ownership. Another method used to reduce costs is the green building technique. Aside from cost reduction, Everlast Construction understands that green building also results in good indoor air quality, increased home value, healthier living spaces, and a healthier planet for all.

Fautt Homes

3201 Danville Blvd. Suite #268, Alamo, CA 94507

Fautt Homes builds and renovates homes for the most discerning. It exceeds expectations by characterizing the functional design and aesthetic attributes of each project. Rustic facades, natural color palettes, and an abundance of greenery are just a few features of its completed homes. These attributes are visible in this East Coast shingle constructed in 2020. 

The firm’s exacting standards arise from the combined experience of its team in building and restoring the finest homes. Its knowledge level in the industry enables Fautt to uphold quality, maintain value, and deliver a final product that meets its clients’ needs. Fautt Homes believes that the design, quality, and detail sculpted into every home create an exceptional living experience. It is why its experienced professionals provide a range of valuable insights to improve functionality and efficiency on every design and build project. Throughout construction, they observe crucial attention to detail. Value engineering is also employed to rein in costs, maximize comfort, and bring satisfaction to the homeowner. 

Green Bay Remodeling Inc.

1170 Brunett Ave., Concord, CA 94520

Green Bay Remodeling and Development is an award-winning streamlined home renovation And development platform that offers design, planning, and building services. Ever since opening their doors back in 2012, they have focused solely on residential remodeling and development in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company’s philosophy revolves around the belief that its success comes from prioritizing the happiness of its clients. Its commitment to giving each project personalized attention has allowed it to acquire thousands of clients all across the San Francisco Bay Area.

Green Bay Remodeling and Development specializes in developing the highest quality residential homes and mixed-use spaces. The firm’s experts design homes fit for the life and budget of its clients. They develop premium concepts for whole home remodeling, additions, kitchens, new homes, and bathrooms. They also provide free consultations and ensure that services are customized to serve the individuality of each project. Green Bay Remodeling’s innovative designs, years of experiences, successful builds, and unique processes have resulted in a noteworthy client satisfaction rating.

JS Design + Build

1878 El Centro, Napa, CA 94558

With more than 40 years in the business, JS Design + Build has streamlined a process that addresses every home building concern. From the inception, it takes its time to understand the goals and identify the scope of work. After the contract signing and material selection, its drafter converts the preliminary drawings into permit-ready construction drawings. Its team meticulously reviews every detail to avoid challenges or unnecessary questions onsite. The firm’s experts closely monitor the project to ensure they are on track with the schedules. Before the last inspection, they conduct a walkthrough to address any final details needing attention. 

This meticulous process demonstrates how JS Design + Build values its community and encourages a strong client relationship. Its commitment to excellence goes beyond finishing the project, as it guarantees ongoing support and warranty of its work. The firm also offers complete interior design services, including furnishings, floor and window coverings, accessories, lighting options, and art acquisition.

Monley Cronin Construction

419 Main St., Woodland, CA 95695

Founded in 1975, Monley Cronin, Inc. has become one of the premier builders focusing on high-end custom remodels. Years after its establishment, the firm started to expand and became recognized as a distinguished builder of quality custom homes. With its extensive experience, Monley Cronin offers a carefully developed and efficient process for moving a new home project from the design stage to the final focus on each last detail. Efficient project management, both in the office and in the field, provides personal attention from its skilled and experienced staff. 

Monley Cronin has constructed and renovated historic downtowns and business communities. It has designed and built professional buildings, restaurants, agricultural seed development, research campuses, student living complexes, multi-housing developments, and tenant improvement projects. One of those who trusted Monley Cronin is Honda Corporation, as the company chose the firm to be involved in the fifth Honda Smart Home project. The goal of this project is to provide a Living Laboratory that embraces innovative design in construction.

GEHL Design-Build

79 Arlington Ave., Kensington, CA 94707

The design challenges of this featured project were the height limit and compliance with a threshold of floor area. To resolve this, GEHL Design-Build used a vaulted ceiling system to increase ceiling height in the area that needed it most and lower the ceiling height in the areas that called for more space intimacy. Unlike the original layout, the new floor plan design emulates a narrative that guided the architecture throughout the design development process. It starts at the entry gate, where one can see a beautiful landscape, to the front porch with the bench and covered trellis.

This house, built in the 1950s, is just one of the remodeled projects of GEHL Design-Build. From remodeling to major additions, and new buildings, the firm renders quality design for projects that locally and regionally affect communities. As a Certified Green Building Professional, it provides pre-design consultation, design consultation, and post-design consultations.