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The 4 Best Custom Home Builders in Kent, Washington

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Last updated on May 24th, 2024 at 03:04 pm

Kent, Washington is part of the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metropolitan area and is one of the oldest cities in the region. Known for its rolling hills, lush greenery, and beautiful scenery, the city is a popular residential area for individuals working in Seattle. The town offers a serene, suburban lifestyle within an easy commute to the economic center. Kent is also a popular destination for tourists from around the state and across the Pacific Northwest because of the town’s views, parks, and museums. Homes in the city are typically set on large lots with beautiful views of the skyline.

If you are looking to settle down and build your own home in Kent, we suggest you check out this list of the best custom home builders in Kent, Washington. These firms have decades of experience building unique homes that match each homeowner’s needs, preferences, lifestyles, and budgets. They offer a wide range of architectural styles, designs, materials, and furnishings that allow you to create a truly personalized home that reflects your personality. Read on and start making your dream home a reality.

Scott Donogh Homes

2806 NE Sunset Blvd, Suite F, Renton WA 98056

Scott Donogh Homes is a custom home builder serving Renton and the rest of King County. Hailing from a family of custom home builders, Scott Donogh has an innate passion for beautiful and efficient homes and is on a mission to help clients build their dream homes. As a custom home builder, Scott Donogh Homes emphasizes the value of a custom home. The home reflects the personality and lifestyle of the homeowner, which makes daily life easier, more efficient, and more beautiful. The firm’s passion for custom homes is reflected in its use of quality materials and construction techniques, as well as its effective and remarkable customer service.

In building truly custom homes, Scott Donogh Homes takes time to understand the personalities, preferences, and habits of the homeowners and their families. The firm then offers design and material options that would fit these details while keeping within the client’s budget and timeline. The result is a custom home that reflects the client’s tastes and complements their lifestyle while adding to the beauty of the neighborhood’s architectural landscape. 

In the Renton Highlands home pictured above, the firm opted for a contemporary exterior to fit well with the other homes in the neighborhood. The exterior features large plate glass windows and a mix of natural wood and metal. Inside, each room was specifically designed to meet the needs of the homeowners. Rooms include a modern kitchen with granite countertops and high-end appliances, a magnificent master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, a home theater, and a large, outdoor living space with a stunning fireplace. The home balances beauty, luxury, and comfort while offering functionality and efficiency to the homeowners. This custom home is truly a sound investment and a legacy for generations to enjoy.

Assisted Custom Construction Inc

26918 204th Avenue SE, Kent, Washington 98042

Assisted Custom Construction Inc. is a custom home builder and remodeler that serves clients in Kent, Tacoma, Puyallup, and Seattle. Committed to delivering beautiful and functional homes with minimum expense and hassle, the firm offers an owner-builder-assisted construction program. Clients can participate in any phase of the project, such as nailing and painting, to reduce costs. The firm also assists clients through all steps of the process, from design conception and land acquisition to financing and construction. These procedures and allowances allow homeowners to build or remodel their homes according to their vision while lowering costs and staying within their set timelines. 

ACC also offers clients complete design-build services if they prefer to participate only in the planning and decision-making process. These projects rely heavily on the expertise of professionals in the field to make the best decisions that meet clients’ needs and expectations. In the custom home pictured here, the firm collaborated closely with the clients and trusted subcontractors and suppliers to build a $623,500 home for a little over $450,000. The homeowners participated extensively throughout the construction process and carefully chose suppliers and vendors suggested by the firm to help reduce costs while ensuring quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. The result is a beautiful and functional, two-story, three-car with RV garage home set on a 6,435-square-foot suburban lot.

Michael Tall Custom Homes Inc

34405 214th Ave Se, Auburn, Washington 98092

Michael Tall Custom Homes is a full-service design-build firm that offers custom home construction as well as room and whole-house renovations. Through its collaborative design process, the firm enables clients to fully participate in the planning and design phases. This guarantees clients that the resulting home reflects their vision and matches their needs, preferences, and resources. Using quality local materials and excellent craftsmanship, the firm ensures that clients’ homes will turn out safe, functional, and beautiful in whatever architectural style, design, and size that they prefer. 

Founder and owner Michael Tall has over three decades of experience building and remodeling homes and has built a strong network of subcontractors and suppliers that work with him in delivering beautiful and efficient custom homes. His excellent coordination and management skills ensure that projects go smoothly and according to the plan and schedule. For the Kent East Hill project pictured here, the homeowners wanted a whole-house renovation to improve the existing home’s durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Large picture windows maximize lighting, and sturdier materials such as brick and granite ensure durability and safety. Light-colored walls with marble accents and wood-plank floors create a rustic yet elegant look and feel. The firm’s work completely transformed the structure and offered the new homeowners a fresh start for the next chapter in their lives.

Stringham Custom Homes

5701 51st Ave Ct. E, Tacoma, WA 98443

Stringham Custom Homes LLC is a general contractor that offers custom homes, residential remodels, and commercial renovations. Established in 2000, the firm has earned a strong reputation among homeowners in the Seattle-Tacoma area as a reliable contractor that delivers quality homes and remodels. Committed to providing a stress-free experience, the firm collaborates closely with clients, subcontractors, and suppliers to ensure only the best quality materials and optimum processes while staying within budget and on schedule. Its network of suppliers and vendors allows Stringham to offer clients an extensive selection of materials, colors, furnishings, and accent pieces. This allows clients to truly customize and personalize their homes to match their personalities, needs, and lifestyles.

In the custom home project pictured above, Stringham carefully crafted a multilevel home on a hillside lot with a stunning view of the lake. Through careful planning and coordination, the firm completed the challenging project without issue or delay. The resulting home is a mix of a contemporary style, with large picture windows and slanted roofs, and a rustic style, with wood and brick siding. The large main balcony offers the homeowners ample outdoor space for hosting friends and family while enjoying the mountain view. The addition of plants and shrubs around the home’s perimeter connects the home to the surrounding woods and creates a serene look and feel that is perfect for this suburban home. Stringham’s exceptional work and attention to detail gave the clients a home they could enjoy and cherish for years to come.