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The 6 Best Custom Home Builders in Roswell, Georgia

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Last updated on May 24th, 2024 at 02:47 pm

Situated in Fulton County is the eighth-biggest city of Georgia, Roswell. Surrounded by nature and adventure-packed places, Roswell is home to a myriad of experiences, including diverse festivals, restaurants, theatre, arts, and shopping centers. It has been one of the best places in Georgia to live in, housing over 94,959 residents. 

Because of Rosewll’s distinct atmosphere, people are interested in settling down here. However, finding the perfect home is a challenging task, but it is not impossible with the right people. The list below includes the best custom home builders in Roswell, Georgia, to help with this growing trial of finding homes. These home builders are sure to build popular housing types that best represent these soon-to-be residents. This list was compiled based on the companies’ diverse experiences and impressive portfolios that reflect remarkable services and timeless craftsmanship in homebuilding.

Georgia Contractor Group

1205 Johnson Ferry Rd., Suite 136-455, Marietta, GA

Georgia Contractor Group consistently exceeds its clients’ expectations. Through many years of constructing expertise, the company knows what it takes to shine as a premier custom home building firm serving the city of Roswell and the broader state of Georgia. As a custom home builder, Georgia Contractor Group’s wide range of services is limited to ground-up construction and home expansions, renovations, repairs, and remodeling. The firm is also affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders and the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. With their excellent services and high-quality craftsmanship of Colonial, Craftsman, and Cottage homes, the firm has marked itself with a solid reputation throughout Georgia. 

With over a decade of experience, Georgia Contractor Group’s skilled personnel manages projects of different scales and converts a space into a home, befitting a client’s vision. A notable project of the firm is the Thomas Circle Custom Home in Roswell, Georgia. This lovely Craftsman home takes simplicity and turns it into a comfortable environment that people can live in. The low-pitched gables are grounded in the crisp combination of blue and white colors, reflecting a calming atmosphere. The entryway’s staircase is astonishingly layered with brickwork that adds flavor to the already pleasant facade of the craftsman home. The house also includes hardwood flooring, white furnishings, and marble countertops inside.

R. Jacobs Construction

515 E. Crossville Rd, Ste. 230, Roswell, GA 30075

With almost five decades of experience, R. Jacobs Construction has been Georgia’s leading custom home builder, serving nine cities, including Roswell and the greater area of Atlanta. R. Jacobs Construction combines outstanding design, professional workmanship, and unsurpassed quality to provide tailored services and remarkable projects to its clients. The firm brings to the industry high levels of professional expertise from Bob Jacobs, Ryan Jacobs, and Roni Jacobs, who spearhead the firm as home builders, home renovation specialists, and home designers. With the solid reputation that the firm has built over the years, R. Jacobs Construction ensures unique designs and high-quality residences that exceed client expectations. 

The firm’s portfolio includes a variety of remarkable residences, including the style of Colonial and Craftsman. The firm’s lovely take on this two-story Colonial home in Atlanta reflects an instant curb appeal to the environment. The building has a solid foundation and is reinforced with the quality and durability of brickwork. It also features an elegant driveway that connects the house to the community as it extends nicely from the garage all the way to the streets.

Level Team Contracting

1440 Dutch Valley Pl. NE, STE 615, Atlanta, GA 30324

United by a mutual love for building, J.R. Torbert and Scott Burks founded Level Team Contracting in 2008. With a collective aim that builds not only timeless spaces but also lifelong connections with its clients, the firm has risen to the top of Georgia’s premier custom home builders in less than two decades. Torbert and Burks’ combined experience brings over twenty years of professional experience to the firm’s proficiency in homebuilding. 

For the most part, Level Team Contracting focuses on custom homes in Contemporary and Traditional style. This featured project is the Lok Custom Home in Atlanta. This 4,300 square-foot home seamlessly combines traditional and contemporary elements into a cozy environment. The firm incorporates a stone veneer into a beige exterior to reflect a rustic atmosphere. Inside the home, antique white cabinets permeate the corners with crema Marfil quartz tops, along with an appealing family room that welcomes an abundance of natural light.

Smith & Kennedy Custom Home Builders

8650 Parker Pl, Roswell, GA 30076

Smith & Kennedy Custom Home Builders is a firm that understands that each home isn’t just a place for shelter and rest; it is a space that transforms the lives of its residents. This philosophy drives the company to carefully plan, build, and design each project and home to become perfectly tailored to each client.

The firm has been in business for over thirty years now, and throughout its year of service, it has accomplished many projects and consistently satisfies its clients. Throughout Georgia, it has built numerous projects that are graceful and unique.

The firm’s portfolio includes over a dozen accomplished projects, featuring mostly colonial and craftsman styles of homes. A prime example of the firm’s colonial-style home is this colonial brick residence, Roswell Estate. It has a foundation of primarily bricks and stones as the materials, making it a durable and sustainable home. It has a grand entryway, intricate designs, well-thought furniture and items, and plenty of spaces both inside and outside. It also has a pool on top of several other amenities for recreational and practical activities.

JR McDowell Homes

310 Meadowood Dr., Roswell, GA

JR Mcdowell Homes is a small company that manages massive projects. As a privately-owned firm, it provides premium quality homes for each anticipating client. It visualizes the dream homes of its clients and actualizes them through sufficient resources and cutting-edge technology. 

Throughout its history, it has worked on projects of different styles and varying complexities. Three of its primary house styles are colonial, craftsman, and cottage. It takes on services that may either start from ground-up construction or renovations and finishing touches.

Powers Ferry Project is a notable project by the firm. This cottage-style home features a light gray hue on its exterior walls for a warm and charming atmosphere, steep roofs, and elegant door entrances and windows. It also has two main buildings connected by an entry to the garage driveway, providing ample space for functionality and other amenities.

CreekStone Custom Homes

1780 Trinity Church Rd., Canton, GA 30115-7716

CreekStone Custom Homes is a dedicated custom home builder that dispatches craftsmen with excellent skills and specialized expertise. Behind the firm is Jerry Severa, a principal home builder with over three decades of experience in the field. With his craft and management skills, he has led the firm to deliver exceptional results, all of which are proven by the satisfied clients’ testimonials. 

This particular project above is Georgia Custom Home, a Craftsman-style residence for a family residing in the local area of Roswell. It features a dominantly light color scheme, with some hints of grey for a contrasting theme, tapered columns, and a beautiful porch in the house’s exterior. The interior features sophisticated designs and finishes, which are present in the furniture and materials. It also has a well-managed space to provide rooms with enough items without damaging the elbow room.