The architecture and design of homes in Sante Fe, New Mexico ties together design and build aspects that are unique to the area, from rustic, warm Farmhouses to glass homes that bring in the sunlight and serve as an oasis in the desert. Moreover, some even become a mix of the two, creating the unique look that is Sante Fe. Many contractors in the area are well versed and skilled in managing these projects, able to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients. Included below is a list of some of the best custom home builders in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Tierra Concepts

1512 Pacheco St. d206, Santa Fe, NM 87505

With 175 homes in its portfolio, this firm has 90 design awards under its belt. This is what Tierra concepts banks on: their track record of excellence in the field. The company has 3 partners leading it, Eric Faust, Kurt Faust, and Keith Georges. Each one of the three leads important aspects of this custom home-building company. The company works with both contemporary and classical designs, bringing forth the best version of its client’s ideas. 

Eric is the owner and leads their award-winning design team. His journey in design started in his childhood. He had a dream of doubling the size of his family’s farmhouse. He graduated with a degree in engineering but still returned to his first love, design. Kurt is the Vice President and a trained artisan; he has had experience in doing custom furniture and cabinetry. He also enjoys doing blacksmith work as a hobby. Keith is the president and oversees productions and other projects of the company. He has a degree in environmental science and resource management. Together, these three are the driving force behind the success of Tierra Concepts and the multiple awards that they have won. 

Prull Custom Builders

3204 Calle Marie, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Versatility is what Prull Custom Builders offers to its clientele. Whatever the location, style, or material, they are able to work with it and bring the client’s ideas to life.  Alongside versatility is their attention to detail which has won them awards for their projects, such as the 2019 Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association Haciendas Parade of Homes Best Kitchen, Craftsman, and Mastersuit award. These are just some of the awards that the company has won for its commitment to building and rebuilding great homes for its clients. 

Will Prull is the mastermind behind the company. His decision to put up a building company stemmed from his love for building. At an early age, Will Prull worked in hardware stores and later worked onsite with contractors. He furthered his knowledge by taking up advanced building courses, wherein he also developed an interest in woodwork and cabinetry. Leading the company with Will is Jodi Vevoda, who oversees their marketing and advertising. Jodi’s knowledge of design alongside her years of experience working in marketing in advertising for large companies makes for a strong partnership with Will. Together, they successfully lead the firm to continue to create beautiful, functional spaces for their clients.

Woods Design Builders

302 Catron St., Santa Fe, NM 87501

Construction is a male-dominated industry, but this didn’t scare Sharon Woods from putting up her own construction company in Sante Fe. Alongside Sharon are her two sons, Rob and Shane Woods, who now both stand as the second-generation owners of Woods Design Builders. This family-owned company prides itself on being born and raised in Sante Fe. This has helped them earn the trust of not just their clientele, but also the whole company. 

Woods Design Builder focuses primarily on traditional and rustic designs that give off that modern outback feel. They also do projects that are classic and territorial, perfect for the Sante Fe landscape and weather.  One of their notable projects is Sierra Del Norte. This project was a soft contemporary home that features large glass panels, exposed steel, and rustic oak wood floors. This is just one of the great projects that the Woods family, along with their great team, has produced in Sante Fe. 

Palo Santo Designs

1300 Rufina Circle Unit B3, Santa Fe, NM 8750

Palo Santo Designs is a household name in Sante Fe. They are known for their contemporary, traditional, and farmhouse designs and builds in the area. This has garnered them many awards and press validation. In 2018 they won best in Craftsmanship, design, master suite, energy efficiency, and water efficiency from Haciendas A Parade of Homes. Their success stems from their commitment to providing tailor-fit service while maximizing all resources to achieve efficiency, sustainability, and comfort. 

Their team is headed by Mark Giorgetti, who founded Palo Santo Designs and stands as their principal. Mark brings 20 years of construction experience to the table while also being involved in the design aspect of their projects. Mark has an educational background in Environmental Science and business. This is one of the many reasons why Palo Santo Design can ensure that its builds are of the highest standards of Energy and water efficiency. 

Zachary and Sons Homes

218 Camino La Tierra, Santa Fe, NM 87506

Tradition is what Zachary and Sons homes hold close to their core in order to build distinguished homes with a personal touch. This company has been building homes for 6 generations. Zachary Shultz is the current owner and is listed as one of the builders of the company. He experienced his first taste with building when shoveling sand for his grandfather 40 years ago. This is what pushed him to love the craft and later on take the helm of the construction bloodline in their family. 

Unlike most contractors, Zachary and Sons Homes only takes on a handful of projects each year. This allows them to give their projects and clients the needed attention and time. This also enables Zachary to have the time to be hands-on with all of their projects. From designing to picking materials to even the construction phase, Zachary is able to be present in each phase. Communication is key in building projects, and this is why Zachary opts to be present from start to finish rather than taking on numerous projects and only being able to be present in a handful of them. 

Hunter Custom Homes

330 Garfield Suite #201, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Architecture in Sante Fe is one of a kind; it’s the right mix of design and function. Hunter Custom Homes has perfected this formulation of beautiful custom homes in the area. They are able to accomplish this with their full-stack build and design team. Their team makes sure that the client’s needs are met by having an open line of communication and being available whenever the client has questions or concerns. This is partnered with their in-house architects and CAD experts.

The designs of Hunter Custom Homes can range from traditional outback farmhouses or southwest villas. These designs are timeless and are quintessentially Sante Fe. One of their notable works is Stone Gate. This house has a unique design, as if the house itself was built into the rocks of the desert. The facade is designed to look like sandstones, with beautifully curved edges as if they were wethered by natural forces. The interior, however, features warm and rustic design elements. It includes wooden ceilings partnered with warm-colored tiles and furniture. 

Design Solutions

1415 W. Alameda St., Santa Fe, NM 87501  

Designs Solutions is an honest-to-goodness contractor that can turn their client’s vision into a reality. They do this by being conscientious of a number of important factors like their client’s budget, ideas, materials, and local restrictions. One of the local restrictions that they adhere to and support is the Green Building Code for contractors. These energy-efficient homes that Design Solutions build are able to slash numbers on their client’s electricity bills and, in effect, minimize the use of fossil fuel and other harmful elements to the environment. 

With 33 years of business under its belt, Design Solutions has amassed a plethora of projects in its portfolio. These projects range from traditional and rustic contemporary to classical and territorial designs. Their designs bring together the beautiful rugged outback feel paired with soft and cozy interiors made with real wood trimmings and a warm tone. 

Borrego Construction

3056 Agua Fria St., Santa Fe, NM 87507 

Sante Fe topography is one of the key factors for the unique design and construction of homes in the area. Thus, Borrego Construction’s knowledge and long-standing experience in Santa Fe is one of the factors that pulls clients towards them. Run by the Sante Fe born-and-raised Borrego family, they are no strangers to the area and to what the families of Sante Fe need and want in their home. The company is led by three Borrego Men, all three having 43 years of experience in the field. James Borrego stands as the president and chief construction consultant and manager. Rick Borrego is the General manager who also supervises projects when needed. And last but certainly not least is Bob Borrego, who serves as the project inspector. These three men have all the areas covered for a construction business.

Being locals of Sante Fe, it is no surprise that they are highly trusted by the community. Borrego Construction has multiple projects in the famous Plaza Bonita subdivision. Aside from that, a notable project of the company is the Sante Fe Modern Home. This home has won them the 2017 Hacienda Parade of Homes award for Best Master Suite and Outdoor living space. The house features white walls accented by light brown wood trimmings.