Home to just over half a million people, Wyoming is the least populous state in the country. The mountain ranges and the state’s cold climate make Wyoming perfect for those who are looking for inner freedom and a sense of adventure, as endorsed by the state’s tourism campaign.

People considering moving to Wyoming and local residents alike will find the state’s best custom home builders in this list. These firms are accustomed to the unusual environmental conditions and necessary home calibrations in response to such. To come up with this list, our editorial team gathered a number of Wyoming custom home builders and ranked them according to several criteria that measure each contractor’s quality of work. The criteria take awards, accolades, and overall work history into consideration. 

If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

Bennion Homes

135 S Greenfield Dr., Powell WY 82435

In 1975, Dan and John Bennion were looking for additional income while still in college. Their father encouraged the two to try construction, an experience that inspired Dan to pursue the field. Today, Bennion Homes serves Northern Wyoming with a renowned commitment to quality. Bennion builds residential and commercial projects all over the state with a consistent approach to high-quality buildouts regardless of project size and luxuriousness. 

Bennion’s portfolio is filled with homes in classic and traditional styles. True to its commitment to quality regardless of the project size and type, the firm creates refined homes that reminiscent of the typical close-to-ground home with gabled roof silhouette. The featured photo displays a cream and velvet home with the firm’s traditional style. 

Carter Bros Construction

3124 Old Faithful Rd., Suite #20 Cheyenne WY 82001

Carter Bros Construction has been providing full-service construction services all across Laramie County since 1987. While the firm specializes in kitchen remodeling and commercial buildout, its background in custom homes ranks among Wyoming’s finest. 

Carter Bros operates with a  well-reviewed and highly-recommended services. Cheyenne locals love the professionalism and work quality that Carter Bros bring in the table. Carter Bros Construction builds residences with a distinct simplicity and no-nonsense nature. Take the featured home as an example: This Craftsman home has a direct layout and straightforward choice of color. Dark tones and shades vary as the same color palette continuously runs throughout the entire facade. 

CC Builders 

1521 Martin Ln., Jackson WY 83001

The people of Teton County have been enjoying the services of CC Builders for nearly four decades. In those years, CC Builders has built high-quality homes featured by publications such as Homestead Magazine and The Luxury of Home. The stability and revered status of CC Builders are credited to its unique craftsmanship, design, and taste.

Founder and Principal Clint Cook leads a team of master carpenters, masons, craftsmen, and steelworkers to create stunning projects such as this timber home at Fall Creek. Much like every project completed by CC Builders, the home elegantly captures Wyoming living with the amazing mountainous scenery that increases the stature of the wooden home. The craftsman home has evoked a grander silhouette due to its entablature and use of fine stonework. Not only does the home feel taller and more stable, but its design also makes the home fit better into the mountainous Wyoming landscape where it is situated.  

Gail Construction

3243 Big Horn Ave., Cody, WY 82414

Four generations of builders have made Gail Construction a homegrown brand in local construction. The firm has been providing excellent craftsmanship and customer service to the residents and enterprises of Cody and the surrounding communities since 1905. Now led by Doug Gail, fourth-generation builder and 30-year industry veteran, the firm offers full-service residential and commercial construction services done on-schedule and on-budget. 

Homes built by Gail match the company’s reputation for high-quality buildouts that sport a welcoming and stylish aesthetic. Homes such as the one in the featured photo have a familiar layout, but additional unique alterations that make each home one-of-a-kind. The emphasis on horizontal lines can be seen in the silhouette of the home, as well as in the layout details, done in a combination of wood, one-way mirrors, stonework, and steel beams. Horizontal designs fit into the Wyoming landscape well without looking boring or templatized.

JH Builders

970 W Broadway #216, Jackson, WY 83001

2019 Best of Jackson Hole Builder/Carpenter Bronze winner JH Builders operates with a combined 40 years worth of professional experience. Owners Adam Scott, Andrew Miller, and Mike Wilson are industry veterans, and their long years are reflected in the firm’s meticulous modern and contemporary projects.

JH Builders is responsible for a good number of stunning custom homes in the state. This stunning estate named Riva Ridge in Jackson is a contemporary cabin-like home that has all the cold weather necessities within its walls. Aside from its massive rooms and common areas, it boasts a private theater, a study room, and a wine cellar with a matching tasting room. The home’s mix of contemporary design and traditional cabin structure is form combined with function. The floor-to-ceiling windows maximize natural lighting and the view of Wyoming nature. 


8955 Riverfront Dr., Jackson, WY 83001

KWC has been one of the primary names in luxury custom homes in Wyoming since 1983. The company is known for its values of balancing cost and quality craftsmanship. In its three decades of operations, KWC has built contemporary and modern homes that will leave an impression of awe on those who are browsing their catalog. Kurt Wimberg and his team take on the luxury housing market with a bold and progressive approach. KWC is one of the few contractors on this list that specialize in the niche market of luxury homes in the state. 

Homes such as this stunning contemporary masterpiece display KWC’s expertise and capacity in building luxury homes. The home has a tasteful combination of stone and glass that invokes a free-flowing feel. In addition to a design choice that makes the home gorgeous and unique, KWC made sure the homeowners feel well-integrated with the inviting outdoors without making a step outside. This home also maximizes the natural surrounding that Wyoming generously provides.

Mountain View Builders

1620 Blue Spruce Drive, Casper Wyoming 82609

Mountain View Builders is known for winning Casper Star Tribune’s Builder Category Readers’ Choice Best of Wyoming Award for three consecutive years. The firm’s noteworthy projects rightfully deserve the award, as they prioritize the Wyoming lifestyle. The firm also prioritizes its customer services and has many flexible allowances for homeowners’ personal adjustments.

Photo courtesy of Mountain View Builders, Inc.
This custom home was built in 2014, in Casper Wyoming.

New West Building Company

3520 South Park Dr. Jackson, Wyoming

When it comes to contemporary and modern homes, New West Building Company is one of the firms to look out for. New West brings design-build, general contracting, and pro forma analysis over multiple buildouts from custom homes and speculative homes to retail and hospitality. 

New West’s high-quality design, construction execution, and customer service are matched with a rich portfolio of projects. In the photo, a home built by the firm overlooks North Ridgeview Drive in Jackson. This flat-roof contemporary home has outstanding regard for proportionality and balance. The design is defined by the floor-to-ceiling windows that are placed with slender wooden frames and cut in disuniform lengths and widths. This home’s bold contemporary look fits the surrounding mountain range, where it stands perfectly as the balance of windows and walls allows the homeowners to feel both connected to and separated from nature. 

On Site Management

320 E Broadway, Suite 1A Jackson, WY 83001

Design-oriented custom home builder On Site Management is a purveyor of luxury ranches and residential projects in the Northern Rockies. Founded by the renowned American architect Jonathan Foote in 1987, the company was established in pursuit of combining good design and craftsmanship. Since then, the firm has been featured in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Arch Digest, Forbes Life, among others. 

On Site Management has built impressive projects in Montana and Wyoming. From public sculptures to restaurants to residential homes, the firm has completed each project in a splendid fashion. When it comes to residences, On Site Management provides as much care as it does to public art installations and commercial projects. Take this home, dubbed “the Butterfly.” Done in collaboration with Montana-based Pearson Design Group, the project has been praised and featured by The New York Times and Mountain Living. The home features an elegant combination of geometric elements that fit the mountainous backdrop and site perfectly.  

Rendezvous Custom Homes

P.O. Box 11911, Jackson, WY 83002

Paul Wetzel and Jeff Jeppesen offer a unique construction experience through Rendezvous Custom Homes. With a combined experience of 42 years, Wetzel, Jeppesen and their team offer high-quality buildouts with competitive pricing. The firm’s unusual operations contribute to its advantage. The duo operates in mobile office trailers, manages its own projects, and self-performs carpentry work. As a result, Rendezvous produces the optimal option, giving consideration to pricing, quality, and project duration.












It is evident that the duo’s high regard for collaboration and delegation comes to play in its projects. The Village Project, for example, displays how Rendezvous uses high-level engineering to integrate the home into its environment. The home, separated into sections, displays the firm’s respect of the natural landscape and topography, and displays the team’s capacity in building complex homes. 

River Valley Builders

1616 East F St., Casper WY 82601

John Lace and Tyler Holthouse began their career on the banks of North Platte and Cache la Poudre rivers as they became inspired by the waters and the outdoors. Nowadays, River Valley Builders creates commercial, custom homes, and speculative homes for Wyoming residents. These homes are built with high-quality materials sourced by the company and are built by an in-house team of Wyomingite craftsmen. River Valley Builders guide those who eyeing a custom home throughout the process from design to completion. 

River Valley Builders’s portfolio ranges from contemporary to more traditional home styles. The home displayed in the featured photo is a traditional home with shingled roofing, French-type windows, and stonework. 

Stewart Construction

525 W Elk Ave., Suite #6 Jackson, WY 83001

Stewart Construction has been building custom homes for over a decade. The firm has a flexible service that fits any budget. What separates the company from the competition is that it is able to bridge the gap between its careful craftsmen and out-of-state contractors that manage the construction costs. 

Owners Peter Stewart, Chris Mommsen, and Tom Stallings lead a team of experienced professionals and industry experts in building sophisticated homes such as this cascading stone and wood home with a unique silhouette and distinctive structure. The home takes cues from Pacific Lodge style and contemporary design elements, combining them exceptionally well into a home that is truly original. 

Summit View Homes

6106 Yellowstone Rd., Cheyenne WY 82009

Cheyenne-based Summit View Homes is a speculative home builder that constructs homes at a competitive price range. Over the years, the company has built many properties across Wyoming. Summit View has developed urban and suburban subdivisions as well as custom homes. Led by Vince Belmont, the firm has been in business since 2001. Belmont was inspired by his father, who has been a home builder since 1975, and did business with him briefly prior to establishing Summit View. The firm currently extends its family-oriented nature to its business operations, where close family members work alongside Vince. 

Summit View-built homes have a conventional structure and design that maximize functionality, while keeping a stylish design with plenty of room for customization.

Teton Heritage Builders

160 West Deloney Ave., Jackson Hole WY 83001

Teton Heritage Builders is a construction institution and has been serving the Western United States for over 20 years. It has gained regional prominence through more than 30 national magazine features, including Mountain Living, Western Home Journal, and Homestead.

The firm mobilizes its team of craftsmen, architects, and construction professionals to ensure the highest build quality and service. This team is led by Princeton University graduate and Harvard MBA Peter Lee. To leverage its cast of professionals, the company employs an Open Book Policy, elevating clients to partner status.

Teton’s portfolio is a treat to look at. Modern cabins and contemporary rendition of log and timber homes will surely captivate those who peruse the firm’s work catalog. 

Wind River Builders

250 W Pearl St., Jackson, WY 83001

Alex Romaine is a 20-year veteran of luxury home building. Romaine began in the industry during his college years in Montana and brought the practice to Jackson Hole when he moved back to his family. Today, Romaine creates luxury custom homes all over Teton Village, Jackson, Hole, Wilson, and other Wyoming areas. 

Wind River Builders has a strong arsenal of well-built projects all delivered through a well-rounded process that is carefully planned, flexible, and efficient. This contemporary project with a gabled roof and a refreshing continuing layout is an example of the exceptional homes the company builds. The sections of the home continue freely in one horizontal expanse with clear boundaries between the garage, the main section of the home, and the facade where the entry point and porch are located. This clever sectioning makes the home smarter and more reactive to the outside environment. 

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