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The Best Custom Homes Builders in Lubbock

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Lubbock is the heart of northwestern Texas, where the cotton industry drives the economy for this population of 300,000. Lubbock also enjoys a robust tourist industry. In 2014, over 5 million tourists visited Lubbock, and both the locals and the visitors know why. Lubbock is home to fascinating historical museums, art galleries, and the impressive CapRock winery is available for oenophiles.

Through the years architectural styles have evolved, and Texas homes have adapted to those trends; today there is is a diverse style of homes available in Lubbock. According to Zillow, homes in this area range in value between $120k and $800k. If you’re moving to Lubbock buying a home is a great way to go, of course, but building your own home can be even more exciting and rewarding.

Choosing the right contractor can be overwhelming when so many firms offer similar services. In order to help make this process easier, we’ve listed the top 12 best custom home builders in Lubbock. We looked for firms that specialize in custom home building. When we ranked them, we took into consideration the awards they earned and the variety of home design each firm offers. Whether it’s a simple, functional residence, or an elaborate dream home, there’s a contractor on this list for you!

If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

12) Clearview Custom Homes

10507 Quaker Ave. Suite #101, Lubbock, TX 79423

Owned by a creative designer, Clearview Custom Homes (CCH) provides a detailed custom home plan that will suit the client’s lifestyle and personal needs. With its dedicated, experienced team, the firm then builds a home that resounds with luxury and grace. CCH’s skilled craftsmen make these visions a reality, a place where homeowners and guests can come together. Kevin Reed designs and manages all of Clearview’s projects.

Featured below is a 2018 Parade of Homes home participant. The home won in a number of categories, including Best Kitchen, Best Floor Plan, Best Overall, Best Interior Design, and People’s Choice. Beyond that simple facade, adorned with criss-cross lines that match the home’s front lawn, is an intricate home interior.

11) Jackson Custom Homes

10507 Quaker Ave. Suite #202, Lubbock, TX 79424

Jackson Custom Homes builds homes to match a homeowner’s vision and lifestyle. The firm has introduced fresh, new ideas to Texas home building and design. With an eye for innovation, Jackson Custom Homes is gradually becoming a contractor of choice in Lubbock and the Texas Hill Country region.

The firm prides itself on its attention to the details, and you can see that meticulous vision in the firm’s portfolio. Take this gorgeous residence, for example. Its elaborate exterior work, as well as roof tiles, complement the overall Spanish style.

10) Salyer Homes

5815 82nd St. Suite #145, Lubbock, TX 79424

Salyer is known for building magnificent homes in Lubbock, Texas. Shane Salyer built the firm to bring his family’s long tradition of building quality homes into its own company. Today Shane continually introduces fresh ideas to Texas, building homes with the latest trends in design and technology.

The NAHB, WTHBA, and TAB have witnessed Salyer Homes’ unmatched personal service to its clients. The firm’s online portfolio showcases its excellence and meticulous process in each home it completes.

Among these great works is this craftsman inspired home. Craftsman homes are often common and simple, but Salyer Homes added personal touches to make this cozy home a distinct reflection of its homeowner.

9) Toogood Built

4414 82nd St., Lubbock, TX 79424

Toogood Built builds homes that will last. Motivated by a passion and a talent for homebuilding, husband, and wife Keith Toogood & Brandi Toogood decided to start a firm that would bring heart and careful planning to west Texas home construction.

The firm’s excellence in home building has been recognized by professional associations like the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), West Texas Home Builders Association (WTHBA), and the Texas Association of Builders (TAB).

And Toogood Built builds only with the best employees. Take a look at the company portfolio, and study the numerous projects that the firm has built throughout the years for evidence. Outdoor theaters, transitional kitchens, and cozy living spaces are just some of its notable works. This custom home stood out to us for its traditional, elegant design.

8) Jordan Wheatley Custom Homes

P.O. Box 53417, Lubbock, TX 79453

Jordan Wheatley is a Lubbock native with a solid background in the construction industry. Prior to starting Jordan Wheatley Custom Homes, Jordan worked for different construction firms, which honed his interest and skills in home building. Jordan’s firm has been building fine homes since 2007. Its expertise in building luxury homes that meet the needs of clients has been a reason why it has become a leading home builder in Lubbock and the surrounding areas.

Its portfolio is a cornucopia of beautiful homes, homes that are truly pleasing to the eye. One of them is this custom built French Eclectic residence that incorporated a grand vision with a penchant for delicate detail.

7) Artistry Homes

10507 Quaker Ave. Suite #102, Lubbock, TX 79424

Gabriel and Thomas Reyes, brothers turned business partners, are the great minds behind one of Lubbock’s leading home building firms, Artistry Homes. Growing up in West Texas, the brothers learned the value of hard work and they bring that uncompromised work ethic to the firm’s growing family of employees. Artistry Homes has been building durable and beautiful homes since 2007, and while they are experienced in a number of design styles, they tend to favor traditional homes.

Featured below is a 2018 Parade of Homes participant. This Spanish Revival style home invites homeowners and guests to enjoy the authentic old-world architecture. A total of 2,772-square feet of pure elegance and sophistication welcomes everyone who walks in.

6) Elite Homes

16802 FM 1730, Lubbock, TX 79424

Elegance creates comfort, according to Elite Homes. The firm is guided by Glenn Self and Scott Self, and both possess a solid foundation in the construction industry. Elite Homes specialize in custom design/build homes across Lubbock and West Texas.

Elite Homes incorporate the latest technology in home building and design to ensure a home that will last for generations. Because of its innovative ways in building, it has kept its membership with associations including the NAHB, TAB, and the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce. Elite believes each family deserves a luxury home they can enjoy, and Elite Homes carefully review their clients’ lifestyles before they begin building.

The firm’s online portfolio gives clients the liberty to view completed works across West Texas. Take a look, and you’ll see what we did: this firm creates comfortable, beautiful living spaces.

5) Cole Thomas Homes

4101 124th St., Lubbock, TX 79423

Cole Pofahl’s extensive and diverse background in design, partnered with Jim Pofahl’s four decades of high-end construction experience, makes Cole Thomas Homes one of Lubbock’s premier custom home builders.

Every home that Cole Thomas Homes builds embodies a timeless elegance that captures a homeowner’s lifestyle. From updated modern to classic Spanish, the firm designs and creates with a keen eye on for the details required to make a project stand out.

A perfect example is this breathtaking home in Lubbock. Cole Thomas Homes blended traditional architectural with Asian design. The interior of this home is as intricate as its exterior; Cole Thomas Homes built a masterpiece of domestic repose.

4) Anderson Fine Homes

4417 1st St., Lubbock, TX 79424

Building beautiful homes across Lubbock has been an Anderson Fine Homes family tradition since 1976. Mark Anderson passed on the opportunity to serve Lubbock to his son Mitchell Anderson. Mitchell has over 19 years of architectural and construction experience.

Anderson Fine Homes is a custom home design and build firm, and offers clients homes that suit their lifestyles. In 2012, the firm was recognized by West Texas Home Builders Association with a Builder Member of the Year award.

Its portfolio is a great way of getting to know the style of homes that the firm offers. From the Mediterranean down to traditional, Anderson Fine Homes builds with ease. This serene lakefront residence is one of the firm’s gems. The grand home provides 7,091 square feet of total space. It takes inspiration from Spanish homes, complete with stucco and rock foundations.

3) McGuire Builders

6213 91st Pl., Lubbock, TX 79424

Recognized by the Texas Association of Builders as “Builder of the Year” in 2009, McGuire Builders continues to builds its esteemed reputation. Growing up in Lubbock gave Rick and Randy McGuire a clear understanding of the advantages of building homes in west Texas. The firm has maintained its membership in the NAHB, WTHBA, and TAB, and it was also featured in the 2017 issue of Texas Builder.

Among its wide selection of homes, a 2016 Parade of Homes participant stands out. The Mediterranean exterior draws clean lines that frame its cream and brown hues. Granite mixed with stainless steel makes up the central interior theme of this modern minimalist home.

2) Dan Wilson Homes

12402 Slide Rd. Suite #101, Lubbock, TX 79424

Dan Wilson Homes, a specialist in building luxury custom homes, is one of Lubbock’s premier home builders. The firm has been building homes with exquisite taste in Lubbock’s upscale neighborhoods for 30 years. The firm offers a variety of home styles, and French, Victorian, and modern are among the most common design styles you will see in its portfolio.

Dan Wilson Homes built this traditional/transitional home found in the Fountain Hills area of Lubbock. Handpicked details placed throughout this home combine with unique architectural elements, and the result is breathtaking. Dan Wilson Homes has produced a home that homeowners look forward to coming home to.

1) Sharkey Custom Homes

7302 82nd St. Suite #15, Lubbock, TX 79424

Born and raised in Lubbock, Jason Sharkey and his wife Heather, have been custom building homes in West Texas since 1991. Jason’s keen eye for detail, and his unique perspective on building, explains the firm’s exceptional work. Luxurious homes that have time-tested value are Sharkey Custom Homes’s priority. Due to the firm’s consistently stellar projects, it has won awards from the Lubbock Parade of Homes since 2005.

Among its notable works is this 2016 Parade of Homes participant. To describe it as grand would be an understatement; the home is nothing less than palatial. A grand staircase sweeps homeowners and guests into a Scandinavian contemporary-inspired home. And the intricate exterior reflects the detailed interior.

How can I find home builders near me?

Read our latest articles on the best custom home builders across Texas. If you don’t see your city below, just let us know – we are happy to create a tailored recommendation list just for you.

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If you are thinking about building a custom home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.