When it comes to English cottages, the first thing that often comes to mind is storybook-like homes in the middle of the gothic-inspired woods. Your imagination probably isn’t entirely inaccurate when it comes to actual English cottages—that’s part of their charm—but of course, this architectural style has evolved and adapted to any number of other environments and contexts. The class version typically includes gabled roofs, over-scaled chimneys, and cozy yet irregularly shaped rooms. Nowadays, however, English cottages also feature highly popular green elements and other modern touches. Your storybook home might also be the solar-powered, carbon-neutral home of the future.

If you love these charming homes, and want to live in a fairytale of your own–or if you just recognize the environmental potential in historic style, we’ve made finding an English Cottage Home Builder easier. This list provides you 40 of the best English cottage home builders across the United States. They were chosen on merit, work history, and the strength of their clientele lists. Several of these firms offer unique services and make use of innovative processes. 

If you are thinking about building an English cottage home, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.


Hawkins Construction

7700 Hillside Way., Anchorage, AK 99516

Headquartered in Anchorage, Hawkins Construction specializes in luxury home construction and has been in business since 1968. The firm is family-owned and—in addition to its residential work—ventures into the commercial industry from time to time. The firm’s team of highly-skilled, experienced professionals takes on large-scale remodeling projects. Its process emphasizes the importance of maintaining open lines of communication with its clients. The firm also assists with working on budgets and commits itself to ensure that its client’s lifestyles and needs are reflected in their new homes. The firm’s portfolio depicts a variety of modern, contemporary and traditional homes, all crafted with the Alaskan environment in mind.

As you might guess, English cottages are an uncommon sight in Alaska. This, however, does not mean the state is completely devoid of cottages and European inspired homes. Take a look at this English cottage that we fell in love with. Drawing inspiration from classic Tuscan designs, the home showcases stucco exteriors, a warm and inviting color palette, and gabled roofs.


Randy Broadway

3617 Oaktree Dr., Semmes, AL 36575

Established in 1987, Randy Broadway specializes in both custom home building and remodeling. The firm extends its services throughout the Gulf Coast of Alabama and is led by its namesake, also a third-generation builder. Randy offers the firm’s clients nearly five decades of onsite experience and maintains a highly hands-on approach throughout the entire process. Unlike most firms, Randy Broadway employs a full-time staff of skilled carpenters and painters manned by a team with a collective experience of over 150 years. The firm mostly limits its projects to three on-going homes at a time, typically based on location and size. This careful approach ensures that each project it takes on receives the utmost attention it deserves.  The firm has had the privilege of having its work published in a variety of magazines. Some of these include Mobile Bay Magazine and Alabama Homebuilder.

Randy Broadway

Focusing more on its designs, the firm’s portfolio showcases a variety of European and traditional inspired homes. From French eclectic designs to classic American themes, the firm’s portfolio depicts its skill and expertise. The featured project is an example of its English Tudor cottages. For this home, the firm’s team made use of both bricks and wood, as well as several ornate finishes.


GB Group Construction

885 W Henri De Tonti Blvd. Suite #2, Springdale, AR 72762

Hailed as one of Northwest Arkansas’s premier custom home builders, GB Group Construction is an expert in both modern, traditional, and craftsman designs. The firm has been in the industry since 2009 and has collaborated with some of the area’s best architects and designers. The firm is led by founder Jacob Tankersley and he adheres closely to the principle of crafting premier custom homes that are energy-efficient and highly functional. He has overseen and managed the construction of over 150 residential homes over the past two decades. The firm’s excellent work has been featured in publications like Retrofit Magazine, Northwest Arkansas Citiscapes, and AY Arkansas Lifestyle. The firm is also a Certified Green Professional and maintains affiliations with vital organizations like LEED and the US Green Building Council.

The featured project depicts the firm’s skill for English cottages. This home displays two dormer windows, coupled with a large gable roof. The firm made use of a neutral color palette, unseen in most cottages, giving the home a modern touch. Several custom details can be observed on the home’s front porch, as well as several beams and gorgeous finishes in its windows.


Sonora West Development

8937 E Bell Rd. Suite #100, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Extending its services throughout the Phoenix and Scottsdale area, Sonora West Development has worked on the design and construction of over 150 luxury custom homes since its inception. The firm makes use of a design-build approach: it oversees and provides the entire process from inception all the way to completion.  The award-winning team assumes the role of both designer and contractor which allows for a more unified, seamless workflow. The firm is led by Scott Pfeiffer, an experienced builder who started the firm in 2001. The firm makes use of cutting-edge techniques and has secured a reputation for stellar, yet sturdy designs. 

The firm is an expert in both modern and traditional designs. Its portfolio depicts a variety of homes that draw inspiration from the old world and Mediterranean architecture. So it comes as no surprise that the firm has also built several English cottages. The firm’s cottages often feature stone exteriors and shingled roofs. For the featured project, the team opted for a neutral color palette and added in a small, quaint front porch.  


Hartman Baldwin

100 W Foothill Blvd., Claremont, CA 91711

The English Tudor revival cottage below was originally built in 1929; it’s a great example of Harman Baldwin’s excellent work. This home won HartmanBaldwin an Excellence in Design Award from the Claremont Architectural Commission along with a Renaissance Design Merit Award from Remodeling Magazine and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). The residence features a custom 10,000 square foot garden, special nooks and hideaways, and a 1,300-square-foot gardener’s cottage. HartmanBaldwin uses a design-build approach and is the only fully integrated architecture, construction, and interior design firm on this list. It specializes in historic restorations, home additions, custom homes, and extends its services throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County. 

Given the firm’s extensive knowledge of historic renovations, it is often the leading choice for projects that require a deep understanding of specific architectural styles. The firm has constructed and renovated some of the most beautiful homes in Southern California’s most historically significant areas. In 2018, it was named the 15th best remodeling company out of 550 firms ranked nationwide by Remodeling Magazine. Composed of an award-winning team of architects, Certified Interior Designers, project managers, artisans, and craftsmen, the firm consistently demonstrates a skill for a wide array of designs, including contemporary, Tudor, English, Mediterranean, and traditionally-inspired architecture. 


Cornerstone Custom Homes

83 Glenmoor Pl., Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113

Since its inception in 1988, Cornerstone Custom Homes has worked on over 150 one-of-a-kind projects. It takes on both ground-up construction and large-scale renovations and specializes in an extensive range of designs. The firm has also established and secured relationships with some of the area’s leading architects and designers. The result: numerous elegantly crafted homes throughout some of the area’s best residential communities. The firm’s work has been featured in publications like 5280 Magazine and Luxe Magazine. It is also the proud recipient of an award from the National Kitchen & Bath Association for one of its kitchen remodels. 

The chosen project showcases stucco and masonry exteriors coupled with shingled and turret roofs. Custom millwork and impressive finishes may also be observed, along with arched entryways and unique fixtures. 


Cornerstone Contracting

200 Pemberwick Rd., Greenwich, CT 06831

Cornerstone Contracting has been in the industry since 1992 and offers a full range of custom home building services. The firm is led by George Pusser, an experienced builder who, prior to his establishment of the firm, founded and led a high-end construction company back in Dallas. Since his move to the northeast and establishment of Cornerstone, he has secured the firm’s reputation as one of the area’s leading luxury custom home builders. Cornerstone works closely with a client’s preselected engineer, architect, and designer from the very beginning. The firm has worked on a variety of horse barns, guest houses, and pool houses. 

In terms of designs, the firm’s portfolio depicts a penchant and expertise for most European and Mediterranean architecture. You can see all of this in the project we’ve chosen to feature. Drawing inspiration from mostly classic Tudor elements, this project makes use of a combination of wood and stone details. Several dormer windows can also be seen, as well as some gorgeous beams.   


Dewson Construction

9 Jefferson Ave., Wilmington, DE 19805

Dewson Construction specializes in both new home construction and major renovations and showcases skills for a variety of designs. Its portfolio presents a number of traditional homes with architectural themes ranging from classic farmhouses and colonial revivals to French eclectic and English cottage. In the featured home, the firm’s team opted to make use of both bricks and clean stucco finishes. The firm also constructed several arched entryways, a small patio, and inviting one-of-a-kind windows. The firm’s work is often distinguished by rich color palettes and custom millwork. 

The firm extends its services throughout northern Delaware and its nearby beaches, as well as the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. Dewson has established itself as one of Delaware’s premier custom home builders and assists its clients from architectural design and material selection to completion. Tim Dewson and John McMahon, two builders now nearing their fourth decade in the industry, lead the firm. Together, the two are responsible for the firm’s signature “old world craftsmanship.” They specialize in manors, estates, and cottages. 


Josh Wynne Construction

1925 Barber Rd., Sarasota, FL 34240

Josh Wynne wanted to contribute to the design and environmental needs of his area’s residential scene. At the time of his firm’s inception, Florida’s highly popularized “Cracker Home” design was out of circulation along with the once in-demand mid-century ranches. In response, he crafted Florida’s first LEED Platinum-certified home with the highest rating in the world at the time of its creation in 2008. This is only one of the firm’s many distinctions. With Wynne’s hands-on approach, the firm has received over a hundred Aurora Awards from the Southeastern Building Conference, as well as a number of other distinctions. Wynne himself primarily describes the firm’s process as highly collaborative and assures each of its clients that he and his team take all available measures to understand client needs. 

The firm adheres to the toughest, most stringent residential sustainability programs, rendering its homes equipped with all the qualities of a sustainable home, from low maintenance systems to consistent temperatures in each room. The featured project above is one of the firm’s traditional cottages. It features several innovations and modern qualities such as BioBased sprayed foam insulation and Low E insulated windows.  It also has its own FlexLite Solar PV system, a rainwater cistern system, and the Bryant Evolution HVAC.


Bonner Buchanan 

269 Lawrence St. NE, Marietta, GA 30060

Originally known as Bonner Custom Homes, Bonner Buchanan was first founded in 1978 by Jerry Bonner under whose leadership the firm first made a name for itself for its European architecture. Bonner Buchanan would eventually be formed in 2014 under new leadership. It has since become known for its one-of-a-kind residences, traditional building techniques, and highly streamlined processes. Its work and craftsmanship are distinguished by its careful selection of the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail. Currently, the firm is led by Rhett Bonner and Wes Buchanan, two experienced builders who personally oversee each project the firm takes on. 

The featured English retreat above is one out of a dozen of the firm’s fine Mediterranean inspired handiwork. This particular project makes use of its team’s excellent masonry and woodwork. It features high ceilings from the inside, classic Tuscan features, and gabled roofs.  


Joel Koetje General Contracting

4471-B Mamo Rd., Kekaha, HI 96752

Joel Koetje General Contracting has been serving the entirety of the Island of Kauai for the past three decades. The firm is led by its founder and namesake, a highly hands-on principal for the past thirty years. Under his leadership, the firm has been offering a full range of custom home building and general contracting services. Further, it has the capability to take on projects regardless of size. From small bathroom remodels to full-scale renovations and custom home projects, the firm’s portfolio provides insight into a variety of traditional homes that were designed and crafted with the Hawaiian landscape and environment in mind.

This sensitivity to the surrounding environment is also true of the cottages it builds. We were particularly impressed with this project, where the firm made use of a warm color palette, coupled with clean finishes. It features a small front porch, clean trellised windows and doors, and a couple of posts. 


Rocca Custom Homes

Solon, IA 52333

Rocca Custom Homes makes use of a design-build approach and is noted for its innovative use of space and materials. The firm offers a full range of custom home building and remodeling services and provides its clients the option of buying a pre-existing home or building one from the firm’s wide selection of home plans. Focusing more on its custom homes, the firm assists with every phase of a project. From the get-go, the firm provides clients immediate access to its design, budget, and 3D model services and works on highly detailed plans so as to avoid any cost run surprises. Additionally, the firm conducts showroom visits and works closely with clients during product selection, which is made easier with assistance from Kevin + Kimberlee.

Once a project is completed, the firm’s team conducts a new home walkthrough. It also crafts a final details list, offers a one-month tune-up, along with a one-year warranty review. Clients may also rest easy knowing that the firm is only one call away, always ready to ensure the quality of its work. 


Caribou Creek

195 Sunrise Rd., Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

With over three decades of industry experience, Caribou Creek has completed projects in 35 states across the US and four countries. The firm’s work has been published in magazines such as Living Local Magazine and Log Home Design Magazine and is known for both its commercial and residential projects. The firm is a leader in the custom timber frame and luxury log home industry and is noted for its excellent handicraft. Headquartered in the rugged and beautiful mountains of North Idaho, the firm meticulously designs and crafts homes with their environment and landscape in mind. It works with the latest industry technology, such as advanced 3D architectural design software and makes use of a “direct-to-consumer” business model. 

The firm’s cottages can often be recognized by the team’s use of logs and beams. We really loved this cottage, where the firm’s team opted for a few stone finishes and a mostly rustic theme. 


Heritage Luxury Homes

1741 Harding Rd, Northfield, IL 60093

For the past three decades, Heritage Luxury Homes has had the privilege of working around the most exclusive locations on Chicago’s north shore. The firm has completed, designed, and constructed over a two hundred homes throughout Winnetka, Glencoe, Kenilworth, Chicago, Northfield, and Highland Park. The firm has also serviced the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. The firm is a family business founded by Leo and Milena Birov. Both have an extensive background in the construction and real estate industry and have led the firm to its solid reputation. The firm and its work have been featured in publications such as Luxe Interiors & Design Magazine and the Chicago Tribune; the former included the firm on its list of the 25 most expensive Chicago-area home sales of all time in 2019.

The firm’s portfolio and designs improve and update based on the latest innovations and trends in the industry. For example, the sport courts, golf simulators and smart home technology became the essential part of upscale houses.


John Eaton Homes

1101 N Central Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46202

Extending its services throughout the greater Indianapolis area, John Eaton Homes offers a variety of residential construction work. Prior to establishing John Eaton Custom Homes and Remodeling with his wife Rachel, John Eaton has already demonstrated the potential to become a great builder. He started working on remodeling projects as early as his high school years and went on to pursue a degree in building construction and management. He has since become one of Indianapolis’s most well-respected builders. The firm has won several accolades from the House-a-rama competition, in the landscaping, master bath, exterior, outdoor living, and lower-level categories.

Eaton is a hands-on builder that ensures a high standard of quality by sourcing the best materials and working with a solid network of the region’s best subcontractors. Our editorial team chose this project for its wonderful custom finishes and woodwork, as well as its shuttered windows. 


B.L. Rieke Custom Home Builders

14352 W 96th Terrace, Lenexa, KS 66215

Comprised of a team with a collective experience of over 211 years, B.L. Rieke Custom Home Builders has worked on the construction and design of over a thousand homes. The firm’s impressive background includes over 478 industry awards and distinctions, and a distinct flair for outdoor living spaces, bathrooms,  kitchens, interiors, and specialty entertainment work. The firm works closely with each of its clients to ensure that their lifestyles and needs are reflected in its designs. The firm meticulously plans the entire process and experiments with a variety of floorplans as well as multiple amenity options to craft the best fit for each homeowner. The firm is led by its namesake, a third-generation builder and Kansas native.

The featured project makes use of several classic English countryside shutters, brick finishes, and shingled roofs. There are also several dormer windows and a few small canopy roofs. The firm’s team made use of a warm and inviting color palette to complete the cozy effect.


Wolford Building & Remodeling

7804 Springfarm Glen Rd., Louisville, KY 40059

With features in publications like Kentucky Homes & Gardens and Sophisticated Living, Wolford Building & Remodeling is a LEED-certified and award-winning firm. It is also nationally recognized and has had one of its homes featured on MTV’s hit television show “Cribs.” Locally, it is regarded as one of the area’s premier custom home builders and remodelers, and it offers its clients nearly five decades of industry experience. The firm is a trailblazer in terms of design, and its portfolio includes a variety of classic Eurocentric architecture. It is also noted for its excellent use of the latest industry technology and innovative techniques. The firm is spearheaded by Ron Wolford, a second-generation builder and Kentucky native; under his leadership the firm has won every major building associated award offered in Louisville.

Some of these distinctions include numerous awards from several major home showcases, in addition to several other national and international competitions. The featured cottage above makes use of a color palette reminiscent of a coastal home. Trellised windows coupled with large classic shutters add comfortable elegance, and a small entertainment area is pleasantly tucked away by the gardens.   


Miller Building Co.

2800 Hessmer Ave., Metairie, LA 70002

Regarded as one of the oldest, most respected builders in New Orleans, Miller Building Co. draws inspiration from over four generations of industry experience. The firm is seasoned, skilled, and manned by some of the area’s most talented craftsmen. The firm maintains affiliations with vital industry organizations like the Home Builders Association (HBA) of Greater New Orleans and NAHB. Its principal has had the distinction of serving as the president of the HBA of Greater New Orleans, in addition to being a member of the Board of Directors of several other organizations. The firm’s work has been published in magazines such as Southern Living, and it has also been recognized as “Builder of the Year.”

The firm’s work is often distinguished by its excellent masonry and the use of large windows. The firm often incorporates classic New Orleans architecture into each of its homes, even its cottages. 


F.H. Perry Builder

90 Elm St., Hopkinton, MA 01748

Now led by its second generation of builders, F.H. Perry Builder was founded by Finley H. Perry back in 1977. A former government employee, Perry sought out a line of work that would be able to reward his effort. This desire led him to the home building industry where he worked collaboratively with his daughter Allison, who now runs the company. The company specializes in restoration, adding a modern touch to historic homes, as you will see in the photo below. This project was completed in collaboration with several architectural commissions throughout the city to ensure the preservation of its historic roots.

The firm has been featured in The Boston Globe, Modern Luxury Magazine, and Professional Remodeler Magazine. The firm was also named Builder of the Year by the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston in 2017, and Remodeler of the Year in 2015. Located on a small stretch of land just between the main road going into town and a small seaside cliff, the feature cottage is tucked away in the middle of a growing garden and features its own pool and separate cabana/office. Numerous storybook details add charm, as do the firm’s excellent custom finishes. 


Commonwealth Building & Design

253 Mont View Ln., Luray, VA 22835

Commonwealth Building & Design services the entirety of the DC metro region and has established itself as one of the area’s premier custom home builders and remodelers. The firm offers a complete range of pre-construction planning and post-construction support, and it makes use of a management-centric approach. Each of the firm’s projects is crafted with designs and materials that last for decades with the aid of its selected architects and designers. The firm also offers its clients online access to project management software that contains information and every detail of their new home: selections, upgrades, documents, photos, questions, and financial decisions. Commonwealth is also the proud recipient of numerous industry distinctions from award-giving bodies like the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

In terms of designs, the firm divides its portfolio primarily into two architectural themes: traditional and modern. The featured project displays a home from the former. For this cottage, its team opted for several dormer windows, shutters, and stone exteriors.  


Wright-Ryan Homes

10 Danforth St., Portland, ME 04101

Wright-Ryan Homes was tasked with the following project’s large-scale renovation. The residence has been with the homeowner’s family for generations and is located on a prominent beachfront cliff. The firm had to focus on both preserving and updating this historic home with period-specific renovations in mind. The firm’s team built a new guesthouse, re-sided the main house, crafted a connector, and installed a new roof along with several windows. Inside, the firm completely remodeled its kitchen and bathrooms. 

The firm’s designs and techniques consistently encapsulate Maine’s architectural landscape and often focus on traditional themes. These efforts are further enhanced by its very own in-house millwork shop which handles the firm’s custom cabinetry, architectural millwork, and furniture.

The firm has been in the industry since 1984 and has consistently showcased its expertise for New England’s sophisticated architectural style, regardless of whether a home is a cottage or an estate. The firm has been recognized and distinguished with multiple awards throughout its years in service, with most of its accolades coming from the AIA.


Meadowlark Design + Build

3250 W Liberty Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Meadowlark Design + Build is the by-product of its founders’ love for primitive living skills and fine woodworking; they left their former careers in pursuit of these passions. Meadowlark has grown to 40 skilled industry experts and craftsmen. From kitchens, exteriors, and additions to whole home remodeling and custom homes, the firm has set itself apart from most firms in its area for its excellent sustainability efforts present in almost all of its homes. The firm makes use of innovative solutions and designs and has been recognized by numerous organizations and publications for its work. Some of these awards include Master Design Awards and Chrysalis Awards, as well as features in magazines such as Professional Remodeler, Remodeling Magazine, Forbes, and House Beautiful. The firm has also been featured on HGTV.

The featured cottage above borrows elements from classic Tuscan and Tudor themes, as you can see in the wooden accents and high exterior faces. Gabled roofs may also be observed, as well as several beams, detailed windows, and stone finishes. 



153 E Lake St., Wayzata, MN 55391

A family business now in its fourth generation of builders, Stonewood LLC is headed by J. Sven Gustafson, who was introduced to the world of construction after working for his father, a home builder. Gustafson learned about building from the bottom up and also learned how to communicate with clients. Since the company was entrusted in his care, Gustafson has made it a point to build only a few handpicked homes every year to ensure that each project receives all the time and resources it demands. He personally oversees each home the firm builds and helps each client from the start to the completion of the project.

The firm’s excellent work has graced the covers and pages of various publications over the years, with some magazines featuring Stonewood multiple times. Some of these publications include Midwest Home, Spaces, Professional Builder, and Architectural Digest. The featured cottage above makes use of a classic blue and white palette, English countryside shutters, cozy window sills, and several custom finishes. 


Ramsey Building Co.

201 N Main St., Nixa, MO 65714

Ramsey Building offers a full range of planning, architectural design, construction, and interior design services. The firm has secured a solid reputation for its excellent custom home building services and has been recognized by several award-giving bodies for its work. The firm’s team assists with every phase of a project from start to finish. The firm’s principal Rick Ramsey oversees every project that the firm takes on, assuring each homeowner that their homes will receive the benefit of his experience. In terms of design, the firm’s portfolio showcases a variety of mostly traditional and modern homes. The firm’s work is often characterized by its team’s use of shingled roofs and clean exteriors.

The chosen cottage above makes use of dormer windows and gabled shingle roofs. Bricks infused with stones and several wood finishes combine with small quaint shutters and distinct custom millwork for a beautiful, cozy aesthetic.


Cornerstone Construction

1720 Woodside Cr., Tupelo, MS 38801

Cornerstone Construction services  Tupelo, Corinth, Oxford and West Point and has been in the industry since 1986. The firm has established a reputation for its attention to detail and its organized process, which emphasizes the importance of closely collaborating with its clients. Aside from its entirely new home construction work and planning, its team is also capable of building homes with plans purchased from a home plan services company. The firm also makes sure to draft accurate budgets and schedules; it builds the home on paper before the ground is ever disturbed. Once a project is finished, the firm’s team returns exactly 60 days after a client has moved in to see if everything is in order. All of its homes also come with a one-year warranty.

Our editorial team was especially taken with this cozy home, completed with an idyllic front porch lined with English-shuttered windows and clean white pillars. Off to one side is a Tuscan-inspired brick wall with a large trellised window. 


Landmark Builders

2460 E Lakeshore Drive, Whitefish, MT 59937

Landmark Builders prides itself on having built and designed utterly unique since its inception in 1976, never replicating a single residence. The firm has established itself as one of Montana’s premier luxury custom home builders and is manned by a team of experienced craftsmen. The firm works with some of the area’s best suppliers and subcontractors. Because of its excellent command of the local landscape, the firm has become a leading choice for homeowners who want to keep the entirety of their project in-house. Based in Whitefish, Landmark is able to take on projects regardless of size and scale. The firm is led by its founder Orlan Sorensen, a third-generation builder with expertise in an extensive range of architectural styles. Landmark Builders are very experienced in “New Atmos Theater design and construction”, they have been building smart homes with computer technology for 20 years and always up to date with the latest technology. 

Under his leadership, the firm has been featured in publications like Timber Home Living, Mountain Home Living, Log Home Living, and From House To Home. The firm has also been repeatedly noted for cost-effective solutions and excellent use of wood and timber framings due to its background in log home specialization.

North Carolina

Kingswood Custom Homes

115 College St., Pineville, NC 28134

Servicing both Carolinas, Kingswood Custom Homes can trace its roots all the way back to England and it has been in the industry since 1996. Today, the firm is recognized for its high-end luxury home construction and extensive home renovations. The firm has also been noted for its comprehensive project organization and sensitivity to its homes’ environments. The firm is comprised of a staff of 12 talented craftsmen. These include skilled managers, talented designers, and field supervisors with over 300 years of collective industry experience. At the very top of the chain is the firm’s founder Peter Leeke. Prior to his establishment of the firm and move to the United States, Leeke ran an award-winning home building and development enterprise back in London with his wife. That background enabled him to lead the company into the firm that it is today. Peter is the proud recipient of the  2018 Leadership Award from the Charlotte Home Builder’s Association.

The firm is no stranger to accolades as well. It has been recognized multiple times by the Lake Norman Home Builder’s Association with several awards since its establishment and has been featured in a variety of publications. Some of these include Southpark Magazine, QC Exclusive Magazine, and Society Magazine. 

North Dakota

Dietrich Homes

4151 38th St. S Suite B, Fargo, ND 58104

Operating out of its head office in Fargo, Dietrich Homes is a family-owned business that offers design, construction, and renovation services. The firm provides exceptional craftsmanship known to last for generations as well as highly personalized services. The firm’s process prioritizes both form and function and sets guaranteed prices, making sure that no surprise additional costs are encountered along the way. Dietrich only accepts a limited number of projects each year to ensure that each project receives its team’s full attention.  The firm has been recognized with a variety of Parade of Homes awards, in addition to the North Dakota Builder of the Year Award from the North Dakota Association of Builders.

For the past four decades, Dietrich has made a name for itself through its excellent traditional and transitional homes. This English cottage, a favorite of our editorial team, makes use of several modern elements as you can see in the firm’s choice of glass-paneled walls and neutral color palette.

New Hampshire

Cormack Construction Management

46 E Madison Rd., Madison, NH 03849

Cormack Construction Management is an award-winning team of designers and skilled carpenters that services the entirety of the Lakes Region and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The firm makes use of a design-build approach: it keeps the entire new home construction process in-house. This setup is ideal for clients and homeowners hoping to avoid the long process of looking for extra hands and subcontractors. The firm also provides a wide range of renovation and remodeling services, makes use of energy-efficient designs, and is capable of catering to custom built-in requests.  

The firm is able to achieve all of this through its very own custom millwork and carpentry shop, which has been able to craft a variety of personalized home elements including cabinetry, entertainment centers, architectural millwork, wooden countertops, tables. The firm has been distinguished with numerous noteworthy awards since its inception. Some of these include accolades from the AIA and features in publications such as Professional Remodeler.

New Mexico

Veritas Fine Homes

1970 E 3rd Ave. Suite #101, Durango, CO 81301

Veritas Fine Homes is noted for three of its main services: its custom home building work, its luxury remodeling, and its unique ranch and estate reinventing services. The firm blends together new materials and techniques to craft innovative takes on otherwise traditional and classic designs. It has been serving the area since 1992 and works with only nationally recognized architects and designers. The firm makes use of a process of five simple steps,  which allows its clients to work closely with the firm’s team to design their home and draft an accurate schedule and budget. A large percentage of its projects may be seen spread across Durango, a resort and sports enthusiasts, small-community in Southwest Colorado. Most of its homes were built in exclusive golfing communities and metro centers. 

Shown above is one of the firm’s best cottages. Located in Durango, this project was made with custom rustic wood and brick finishes. Inside, it sports stunning yet cozy interiors coupled with an open, seamless floor plan.   



10591 Double R Blvd., Reno, NV 89521

HomeCrafters is a family-owned firm that sets itself apart with its fine plans and craftsmanship. The firm is led by its founders Troy and Travis Means, two third-generation builders and native Nevadans. Together with their team, they service the entirety of Northern Nevada and have had the privilege of crafting some of the area’s most distinctive homes. The firm is noted for its excellent and sophisticated accounting system, which promotes transparency throughout the entire process. The firm has been able to provide homeowners with accurate assessments and expenditures whenever necessary. Since its establishment in 1996, the firm has worked on over 300 homes and has had the chance to build homes in finely master-planned communities like Caughlin Ranch, Somersett, Arrow Creek, Saddlehorn, and Montrêux. Additionally, the firm prides itself on having a growing collection of over 30 awards.

Aside from its residential work, the firm also takes on commercial projects and handles each of its work from design to final walkthrough. Its traditional work, particularly its English cottage projects, can be distinguished through its seamless blending of both wood and bricks. It also makes generous use of stones, beams, and other unique finishing details.  

New York

John Hummel and Associates

20 W 22nd St. Suite #1505, New York, NY 10010

John Hummel and Associates specializes in high-end luxury residential construction services. Most of its projects are in the most sought after neighborhoods in New York City and the Hamptons. The firm offers clients nearly four decades of industry experience, and it is capable of taking on a project regardless of scale. Each of its homes is assigned its own dedicated team to monitor design, scheduling, and budgets. The firm’s team makes use of cutting-edge and innovative technology, ensuring the high quality of its designs and construction work. 

All of these factors have rendered the firm an expert in a variety of designs, including both modern and traditional themes. Some of the firm’s work has graced the pages of noteworthy publications such as Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and Town&Country. It has also been featured in The New York Times.


Kingdom Home Builders

32333 Aurora Rd., Solon, OH 44139

Based in Solon, Kingdom Home Builders has been providing the entirety of the Cleveland metro area with creative and innovative home solutions for the past three decades. The firm is led by the husband-and-wife duo of Stacie and Jeff Halpern, who have crafted a highly collaborative approach with the firm’s project managers and artisans. Perhaps as a result, the firm has been recognized with a variety of Cleveland Choice Awards distinctions, as well as accolades from the HBA and NAHB. Most notably, it is a seven-time Cleveland Homearama Award Winner and a recipient of the Best in American Living Award: Best Custom Home in America over 4001 square feet category.

Jeff personally oversees each home the firm crafts and designs, ensuring that each of its projects receives the benefit of his three decades of experience in the industry. Stacie, on the other hand, takes charge of the design process and handles every detail from brainstorming to finishing details. 


Muirfield Homes

2405 Wilcox Dr., Norman, OK 73069

Established by Alan Cheshier, Muirfield Homes has been creating stylish, affordable homes in Oklahoma City’s metro area since 1989. The firm has built homes in some of Norman’s most prestigious and exclusive communities: Brookhaven, Berkeley, Cascade Estates, Carrington Lakes, and Ashton Grove. The firm was named Best Builder by the Cleveland County Lifestyle in 2017. The company is proud to say that over 80% of its customers are either from direct referrals or are repeat customers. Being a Certified Green Professional, Cheshier also takes pride in the company’s construction of many energy-efficient homes. 

The featured cottage depicts clean stucco exteriors, shuttered windows, and brick finishes. A small terrace is also available for social gatherings, and comforting earth tones complete the overall feeling of elegance.


Hammer & Hand Construction

1020 SE Harrison St., Portland, OR  97214-4709

Depicted below is the large-scale of this Tudor inspired English cottage. Originally constructed in 1925, the home’s owners asked the firm to replace its exterior windows, construct an entirely new kitchen, and replace its French doors. Inside, several entryways were enlarged to brighten the home’s spaces. The firm also worked on the construction of a fully finished basement complete with living area, study, spare bedroom, bathroom, and a mini climate-controlled wine cellar. This project is only one out of the hundreds of other excellent homes that Hammer & Hand has worked on for the past two decades. It has worked on a variety of projects from historic homes to high-performance structures throughout the Pacific Northwest. All of its homes, regardless of style, are crafted with precision and modern processes, equipping them for the demands of a growing family.

The firm was founded and established by two Reed College graduates, Sam Hagerman and Daniel Thomas who first started out as historic residential remodelers in Portland. They have since grown the firm to expand and establish an office in Seattle. Under their leadership, the firm has secured partnerships with some of the area’s leading architects, allowing for a handful of vital partnerships. The firm has also had the privilege of winning a multitude of awards and press features. Most notably and most recently, the firm was recognized with a 2018 Gold Nugget Award and a feature in Builder Magazine.  


Vaughan Building Co.

347 E Conestoga Rd., Wayne, PA 19087

Affiliated with prestigious organizations like the AIA, of which it is considered an Allied Member, Vaughan Building provides both custom home building and community construction services. At the firm’s helm is Chip Vaughan, a builder with over four decades of industry experience. He has worked on homes on some of Philadelphia’s Main Line and the surrounding suburbs in Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties. He is joined by his son Tad Vaughan, an experienced architect with years of hands-on construction experience and a background in state-of-the-art techniques. As a matter of fact, he handles an interactive project management software that connects homeowners with its team throughout the entire process. The firm is the proud recipient of several Builder of the Year Awards, in addition to the Pacesetter Award and it has received an America’s Best Builder Award from NAHB and Builder Magazine

The featured project displays several dormer and shuttered windows, gabled roofs, and paneled walls. Traditional English architecture informs the home’s design, and the team made use of several columns and custom finishes.   

Rhode Island

Hobbs, Inc.

27 Grove Street.., New Canaan, CT 06840

A family-owned business guided by over three generations of experience, Hobbs Inc. is an award-winning firm with expertise in a full range of high-end construction services. The firm makes use of a very thorough process, which includes extra steps, including a pre-contract phase and dedicated post-construction steps. The firm has its very own estimate department, which takes charge of analyzing plans, working on research, and providing accurate bids and cost-effective solutions to avoid any additional, unnecessary payments throughout construction. The firm is licensed in three other states: New York,  New Jersey, and Connecticut. Hobbs maintains affiliations with vital organizations such as the NAHB, the Association of General Contractors, and the National Custom Builders Council. Since the firm also incorporates green building practices in its work, it is equipped with an Energy Star Certification.

The featured project above is a “New Residence” winner at the 2017 Institute of Classical Architecture & Art’s Stanford White Awards. It was designed within an existing residence and was crafted with classic English traditional elements in mind. The home displays a slate roof, a copper gutter system, and mahogany exterior trims and shutters.


Castle Homes

5214 Maryland Wy. Suite #102, Brentwood, TN 37027

With more than 26 years of experience, Castle Homes builds in an extensive range of styles. It has worked on numerous luxurious Contemporary and Modern homes, in addition to several French estates, English cottages, Contemporary farmhouses, and Craftsman-inspired homes. The firm serves Nashville, Williamson County, and Middle Tennessee, and is the recipient of several awards from the area’s annual Parade of Homes Competition. Castle Homes has also been featured in publications like Southern Living and the Nashville Business Journal, with the former hailing the firm as Custom Home Builder of the Year in 2012. As a green builder, the firm is affiliated with EnergyStar and Leadership in Energy Environmental Design (LEED) and complies with the standards set out by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The photo here is an example of one of its best English cottages. It features clean white exteriors, gabled roofs, and a cool color palette of blue and white. Several unique fixtures, trellised windows, and inviting entryways add to its storybook charm. 


Craig Tuttle Construction

1536 S 79th St., Omaha, NE 68124

Based in Omaha, Craig Tuttle Construction is a full-service general contractor that manages both new home construction and renovation projects. It has been servicing the area for the greater part of two decades and has had the privilege of working with some of the area’s leading professionals. It is an expert in a  variety of project types, including new home construction, single-room to entire-house renovations, home additions, and special projects like penthouses and rural living spaces. Its team is extremely responsive even after construction, always ready to address any need that might arise throughout the pre and post-construction process.

The firm’s portfolio showcases experienced skill in both modern and traditional homes. Focusing more on its traditional homes and cottages, the firm’s work is often characterized by its use of large windows and a preference for craftsman-like columns. The firm also often makes use of slate or shingled gable roofs and displays a flair for custom finishes.     

New Jersey

Heritage Manor Homes

68 Debbie Place, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

Having served New Jersey for the past three decades,  Heritage Manor Homes is an expert in custom home building and remodeling projects. The firm is noted for its excellent kitchens and bathrooms. The firm also takes on home repairs and it has worked on some of the most wonderful homes in North Jersey, Central Jersey, Somerset County, Morris County, Essex County, and Union County. The firm is able to work on projects regardless of size and is known for having built residences worth millions. Heritage Manor Homes is also the proud recipient of a variety of awards. Some of these include the 2017 Best Custom Single Family Home under the $750k to $1M in Berkeley Heights.

Our editorial team chose the English cottage above because of its excellent paneled exteriors and warm receiving area. This home features a couple of dormer windows, shutters, and a chimney.

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