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The Best General Contractors in Minnesota

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Minnesota is home to about 5 million people. The city is known for its excellent quality of life, with many dining, retail, entertainment, and leisure options. Depending on your preferences or lifestyle, you can live on a farm, by a lake, or in the woods. Minnesota is a great place to live if you like water-based sports like swimming, kayaking, boats, fishing, and ice fishing. People from Minnesota tend to be busy and active, so the state has a lot of walking and bike tracks to suit the busy lifestyle of its people.

This article lists eight of the best general contractors in Minnesota. These impressive firms were evaluated based on their skills, experience, expertise, and exceptional portfolios. 

Alma Homes

2500 Shadywood Rd, #750, Orono, MN 55331

Alma Homes is a design-build firm based in Orono, Minnesota, specializing in high-end private homes and remodels. Since its inception in 2017, this up-and-coming firm has established an impressive portfolio that is a testament to its quality and professionalism. The firm’s top priority is always the customer, so it takes a personalized approach and client-centric solutions to every project it undertakes. This strategy lets the firm spend more time with each client, understand their wants and needs, and build a home that fits how they live. From the first sketch to the final project hand-over, the firm meticulously manages every detail to ensure quality. Its skilled staff is committed to taking the stress out of making homes so everyone can enjoy the process.

In this featured project, the main floor was tile from the 1970s that looked very old, but the firm updated it to stunning hardwood floors. The firm focused on delivering a stunning space with a warm, traditional design with lots of natural light.

Great Northern Builders

3320 Terminal Dr, Eagan, MN 55121

Great Northern Builders is an award-winning general contracting firm based in Eagan, Minnesota. Since its inception in 2009, the firm has earned its reputation as an expert in domestic design-build remodeling, commercial remodeling, unique new home building, and insurance repair work. The firm takes a collaborative, hands-on approach to managing each project, ensuring that it gets excellent customer service, smooth management, expert business partners, and quality work. The firm’s one-stop solution allows it to handle every part of the project, reducing the need for various point persons and ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for its clients. From design-build to whole-house improvements, new home building, and business space build-outs, the firm has proven its ability to deliver successful results. 

This featured project perfectly exemplifies the firm’s quality and professionalism. Its simple, transitional design makes it the perfect place to relax after a long, hard day. The fireplace serves as the space’s focal point, adding a rustic charm with its stone-clad accents. 

Holly Home Renovations

539 Holly Ave, St. Paul, MN 55102

Holly Home Renovations is a general contractor based in Minnesota that has been in the industry since 2019. Although the firm has only been in the industry for four years, it has solidified its reputation as a trustworthy and reliable contractor that helps clients with their unique needs. Through its comprehensive renovating services, the firm delivers exceptional projects that keep the home’s style while considering the client’s wants and tastes. It utilizes creative techniques, cost-efficient solutions, and tried-and-true building methods to create stunning, functional, and durable spaces. Over the years, the firm has earned a solid record of satisfied clients. 

One of the firm’s notable projects is this stunning kitchen. It features a transitional design with white walls, cabinetry, a countertop, and an island. The light, hardwood floors balance out all the white, adding visual depth to the space. The window brings in a lot of light and breeze. 

Lake Country Builders

339 2nd St, Excelsior, MN 55331

Pete and Sue Jacobson founded Lake Country Builders in 1976, intending to deliver high-quality projects across Minnesota and its neighboring areas. Since then, the firm has focused on building one job, one home, and one year at a time. As Lake Country Builders grew, its streamlined processes reflected its core values of honesty, quality, and professionalism. Its passionate staff brings superior skills to every step of every job. No matter the project’s size, scope, or complexity, the firm takes an integrated, hands-on approach to understanding its client’s ideas and turning them into a reality. Its impressive portfolio and solid track record testify to its ability to deliver successful results and the best value possible. 

This stunning white kitchen is one of the firm’s notable projects. It features a clean, contemporary design that creates an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere. The kitchen island serves as the space’s focal point with its dark cabinetry, adding a pop of color while creating a functional layout and lots of workspace and storage. The wooden accents add a nice contrast to the modern space. 

Addilay Homes & Remodeling

4130 St. Marks Dr, Minnetonka, MN 55305

Addilay Homes & Remodeling has served Minnesota and its neighboring areas with exceptional projects since its inception in 2014. The firm has earned its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy contractor with its high-quality work and excellent customer service. The firm uses the most up-to-date design styles and advanced home control technology in every project, ensuring that each is completed with the highest quality possible. Its expert designers and builders are committed to making the process satisfying and fun. Whether a simple repair or a stunning new construction, the firm has proven its ability to deliver projects that exceed expectations.

One of the firm’s notable projects is the Orono Kitchen Remodel in Minnesota. The kitchen features an L-shaped layout with an island at the center for a more functional workflow. The island’s dark cabinetry adds a pop of color to the overall clean space, contrasting all the white countertops and cabinets. 

Style & Structure

218 Main St N, Unit 201, Stillwater, MN 55082

Style & Structure is a group of experts who have worked in construction and remodeling. Since its inception in 2017, the firm has delivered stunning and unique homes that meet its client’s needs while reflecting their style and personality. Its impressive portfolio is a testament to this fact, which features a diverse range of projects that showcases its ability to exceed expectations. Regardless of the project’s size, scope, and complexity, the firm’s designers and builders are committed to understanding their vision and turning it into a reality. Its integrated approach lets it pay close attention to the little things and ensures that each home has the best fit and finish. 

This stunning kitchen remodel has a unique layout that maximizes the available space. It offers a functional layout with a lot of workspace and storage, making it the perfect place to cook meals or prepare. The white and green cabinetry adds a personal touch to the straightforward, minimalistic design. The window brings a lot of natural light and a breeze. 

Pillar Homes Partner

1700 Niagara Ln, Plymouth, MN 55447

Since its inception in 1995, Pillar Homes Partners have designed and built some of Minnesota’s most stunning homes and neighboring areas. The firm has earned an impressive portfolio that showcases its ability to deliver stunning projects on schedule and within budget. Understanding its client’s vision takes time and turning it into a space that meets their demands. Through a personalized decision process, the Pillar Homes custom design and operating center gives each client special care to ensure a smooth delivery and enjoyable experience. Its experts are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, ensuring that each project exceeds client expectations. 

This stunning Lake Sylvia Bathroom Remodel is one of the firm’s notable projects. The firm utilized earth-toned colors and natural design materials to create a space perfect for relaxing after a long hard day. The large windows bring in natural sunlight to the space.