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The Best Home Remodelers in Malibu, California

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Experienced home remodelers are here to tackle the challenges of renovating your space, bringing your vision for your home in Malibu to life. From updated kitchens to refreshed bathrooms, these experts are all about aligning your ideas with the coastal charm of Malibu. With their expertise, you’ll smoothly navigate the twists and turns of construction and remodeling, ending up with a home update that’s not just your style but also captures that perfect coastal feel. If you’re on the lookout for this kind of home transformation, here are the best home remodelers working their magic in Malibu. Many of these firms have been in the business for numerous years and others have an impressive project gallery that clients can look to for inspiration. 

Hi-Tech Builders

5435 Balboa Blvd, 200 Encino, CA 91316

Since its establishment in 1991, Hi-Tech Builders, Inc. has been a family-run construction firm. With a history spanning more than twenty years, the company has been delivering quality construction services tailored to the needs of each homeowner. Its extensive service offerings encompass complete remodeling, transformative home and room additions, modern kitchen upgrades, and elegant bathroom overhauls.  Regardless of the project type, Hi-Tech Builders takes pride in its ability to adhere to specific budgets without compromising on the excellence of materials or timely completion of projects. 

At the helm of the company is David Lahyani, serving as the president. With his wealth of experience, he led Hi-Tech Builders, Inc. in completing this kitchen renovation project. For this home, the existing appliances were replaced with new ones, as were the countertops and cabinets. The layout of the kitchen was also changed to make it more efficient and functional, and create a more open and spacious feel. The quartz countertops beautifully complement the white cabinets and hardwood floors.


1424 4th St, Suite 501, Santa Monica, CA 90401

SweisKloss is a full-service powerhouse that specializes in an integrated blend of building design, interior design, and construction services. The firm is rooted in the belief that every project, site, and client is a unique canvas deserving of meticulous attention. This ethos is the driving force behind its comprehensive approach to the design and construction process, examining each facet to bring out the distinct individuality of its clients. Distinguished as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), as well as a Santa Monica Certified Green Business, SweisKloss is deeply committed to sustainable and inclusive practices. One such example of its innovative thinking is this updated Santa Monica midcentury modern residence. Indoor-outdoor flow both to the patio and the den on the other side was created with the use of folding doors and large windows, and by carrying the tile from the interior living space out to the patio and spa area. The hall, typically simply a circulation space, became one of our favorite rooms in the house. It ties together the spaces in the new addition and accentuates the intersection of the angles existing and new.

Jeff Kloss, the construction partner of the firm, is a licensed general contractor with a history of overseeing notable projects, from exclusive restaurants to custom homes. Abeer Sweis, the design partner, is a design enthusiast with a profound understanding of construction and structural engineering. Her journey began as a designer at a small architecture firm, blossoming into the establishment of her own design venture in 1998. In 2006, she partnered with Jeff Kloss to create SweisKloss.

Woodmasters Kitchen & Bath

22900 Ventura Blvd, Suite 205, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Established as a respected general contractor in the Los Angeles region, Woodmasters Kitchen & Bath’s specialization encompasses a wide spectrum of construction services, spanning from new builds, room expansions, kitchens, and bathrooms to roofing, hardscaping, stucco application, and interior and exterior painting. Its expertise also extends to crafting bespoke custom cabinetry, as it offers personalized carvings and finishes that range from sleek high-gloss contemporary to charmingly rustic distressed styles. The company’s diverse client portfolio includes hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, offices, and residential homes. Regardless of the project, its team places a premium on customer satisfaction, careful attention, professionalism, and comprehensive expertise throughout the project’s life cycle. Through collaborations with renowned designers, architects, contractors, subcontractors, and homeowners, the firm consistently delivers remarkable results within deadlines and budgetary parameters. 

Founded in 1995 by Hanan Opincaru, Woodmaster Kitchen and Bath carries a legacy of distinction. With an impressive 11-year stewardship over Noy Cabinets, Inc., Opincaru’s profound vision continues to guide the firm, evident in projects such as this Agoura Hills Contemporary Kitchen Remodel. This newly transformed kitchen exudes a soothing simplicity and a carefully selected color palette. Serving as a testament to the company’s commitment, this inviting space epitomizes comfort and seamlessly embodies their dedication to timeless elegance.

Greenworks Construction and Design

20301 Ventura Blvd, #222, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Greenworks Construction & Design offers comprehensive support from concept to completion in the construction process. Specializing in extensive residential remodels, the firm has earned notable recognition for its exceptional prowess in kitchen, bathroom, exterior, and interior renovations. Operating throughout Southern California, it stands as a prominent leader in the regional building landscape. As a family-owned and -operated business, the firm boasts insurance and bonding, providing coverage up to $12 million for added peace of mind. The firm also boasts an in-house team of skilled interior designers who employ innovative 3D design techniques, ensuring precise plans that significantly reduce the likelihood of major revisions during the project.

Greenworks’ approach is further defined by detail-oriented proposals and a steadfast commitment to finishing projects on schedule and within agreed budgets. The firm’s outstanding work has garnered attention, with its projects gracing the pages of various publications and television screens. Notably, Greenworks has been featured on Bravo TV’s “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” and HGTV’s “House Hunters Renovation,” further affirming its standing as a respected industry player.

Goldenline Construction

6449 Independence Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 913678

Founded in Los Angeles, Goldenline Construction stands as a premier provider of construction and remodeling services for the surrounding areas. Serving both homeowners and large corporations, the firm offers a comprehensive range of expertise, including home, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling, as well as general and outdoor construction. Its proficiency extends to incorporating eco-friendly elements such as artificial grass, solar technology, cool roofs, and insulation. Whether it’s transforming a home’s interior, revitalizing outdoor spaces, or incorporating sustainable features, the firm’s dedication to superior craftsmanship and client satisfaction sets it apart as a trusted and sought-after partner in the industry.

Goldenline Construction’s commitment to enhancing the client experience is evident in its steadfast guidance throughout every stage of construction or remodeling. This hands-on approach has solidified the firm’s reputation for unwavering reliability, exceptional skill, and a genuine sense of trustworthiness. Client testimonials praise the firm’s balance of professionalism with maintaining a friendly partnership, and many clients express their confidence in returning to Goldenline Construction for future projects.

Oran Remodeling

2643 S Centinela Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90405

With an impressive legacy spanning over 25 years, Oran Remodeling has established itself as a seasoned industry leader, specializing in a range of services that include kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, ADU construction, and thoughtful additions. Operating as a licensed and insured home remodeling company, its expertise is well-known across Los Angeles and neighboring regions. The company’s mastery over bathroom remodeling is underscored by in-depth experience that covers skillfully handling intricate technical upgrades such as touch-activated showerheads and automated flushing, as well as overall enhancements to optimize bathroom spaces.

A prime representation of Oran Remodeling’s expertise is elegantly showcased in the Malibu kitchen remodel project. This undertaking is a testament to its meticulous craftsmanship and transformative design innovation. The project encompassed a comprehensive kitchen reshaping, involving the demolition of both lower and upper kitchens. The team expertly relocated plumbing from beneath the sink and recessed plumbing for the washer and dryer. Additionally, they skillfully sealed the interior door connecting the kitchen, ensuring a seamless transition between the spaces. They also procured and installed new oak cabinets, along with pristine granite countertops, a sink, and a faucet, resulting in a stunning and functional kitchen space.

Quality First Builders

5530 Corbin Ave, #345, Tarzana, CA 91356

With over a decade of expertise in building and remodeling, Quality 1st Builders stands as a testament to Eli Ezra’s proficiency in carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical work, and flooring. These diverse skills were skillfully integrated by Eli Ezra to establish himself as a respected general contractor in Los Angeles. Donna Ezra, equipped with her degree in interior design, later joined Eli, resulting in an unparalleled client experience driven by the pair’s combined wealth of knowledge.

Under their leadership, Quality 1st Builders takes pride in completing all aspects of its projects in-house, from initial conception and architectural planning to construction and meticulous final cleanup. Whether it’s a vacant lot with a blueprint or a rundown bathroom in need of rejuvenation, its team of construction industry experts consistently delivers, completing countless projects punctually and within budget. In a recent remodeling endeavor, Quality 1st Builders transformed this kitchen in Santa Monica, which is distinguishable by the aquamarine tile backsplash that adds a pop of color and brings life into the space. The muted wood of the under cabinetry seamlessly matches the warm tones of the flooring, making the space appear bigger. The overall space blends modern vibrancy with functional elegance.