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The Best Home Renovation Contractors in Oakland, California

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Oakland, renowned for its cultural vibrancy and architectural diversity, is California’s eighth largest city. With a rich history linked to the gold rush and the shipbuilding industry, many of its homes offer a unique blend of old-world charm and modern amenities. Maintaining and improving these properties necessitates a degree of expertise and craftsmanship that only a select few contractors possess. This article presents eight exceptional home renovation contractors in Oakland, handpicked for their awards, extensive experience, and impressive portfolios.

Douglah Designs

985 Moraga Rd, Suite #212, Lafayette, CA 94549

Douglah Designs, under the seasoned guidance of Leila Douglah since 1997, has established itself as a premier full-service design and remodeling company in the Bay Area. With a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, the firm has an impressive roster of over 30 dedicated professionals and showcases its expertise with two state-of-the-art showroom locations.

The company’s portfolio of services includes kitchen and bath renovations, home additions, and comprehensive home remodeling. At Douglah Designs, the client’s vision is paramount; the team is geared towards translating these visions into reality, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Leila Douglah, the founder, brings 30 years of experience in the design industry. Her credentials as a Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer, Certified Interior Designer, and licensed general contractor, combined with her architectural background, make her a powerhouse in her field.

The company’s credibility is bolstered by its association with renowned industry bodies such as the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the American Society of Interior Designers, and the California Council for Interior Design Certification. The team’s expertise is further reflected in their certifications as Certified Interior Designers, Certified Kitchen Designers, and Certified Bath Designers.

Learn more about them on their site here.

HDR Remodel

5677 Horton St, Emeryville, CA 94608

HDR Remodeling is a distinguished Design-Build firm nestled in the heart of Berkeley, CA, with a robust history of 35 years creating dream homes for its clientele. Specializing in comprehensive home renovations, from kitchens and baths to creative conversions of garages and basements, HDR Remodeling orchestrates a seamless journey from design inception to finished masterpiece. It ensures projects are completed within the agreed timeframe and budget, thus eliminating the stress and unpredictability often associated with home remodeling.

The company’s philosophy is deeply rooted in actualizing the remodeling aspirations of its clients. Its process, characterized by transparency and meticulousness, promises clients a remodeling experience that is as enjoyable as it is transformative. Its portfolio demonstrates its prowess in reimagining and elevating existing spaces, showcased in projects like the Oakland 1980s kitchen transformation and various kitchen refreshes.

Leading HDR Remodeling is President Chris Fellows, who also heads the Build department. His credentials are extensive, holding a General Building Contractor B license, Class C-6 Cabinet, and Finish Carpentry certification, along with several other industry-specific certifications, including as a Certified Remodeling Project Manager under the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Wolfe Inc.

655 65th St, Oakland, CA 94609

Wolfe Inc., founded in 2003 and based in Vancouver, WA, is a forward-thinking company that creates harmonious living, dining, and working environments. With a keen eye on social responsibility, Wolfe Inc. not only designs visually pleasing spaces but also upholds the highest standards of fair work practices, safety, and workplace satisfaction.

Spencer Wolfe, the founder and heart of Wolfe Inc., brings a lifelong passion for construction and a deep respect for nature to the company. His diverse background, from skylight installation to landscaping and framing, informs the company’s unique approach to building and design.

Wolfe Inc.’s dedication to excellence was recognized with the 2016 National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) REMMIES award for Residential Bath in the $75,001 to $100,000 category. The company also holds numerous accreditations and certifications, including Green Business, NARI, California Landscape Association, Build It Green, and Oakland Grown.

One of Wolfe Inc.’s notable projects is the North Berkeley Bathroom remodel, a testament to the company’s ability to tailor spaces to individual needs while overcoming design challenges. The project showcases Wolfe Inc.’s capacity to adapt and innovate, ensuring accessibility without compromising style or functionality.

New Key Construction

2890 N Main St #302, Walnut Creek, CA 94597

New Key Construction, founded in 2018, stands as a beacon of excellence in the construction industry. With a team that combines creative designers, adept craftspeople, and dedicated project managers, the company has swiftly established itself as a connoisseur of remodels, additions, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs). The firm’s portfolio includes remarkable projects like the Alamo Kitchen and Walnut Creek Kitchen, which reflect its ability to transform spaces into bespoke, functional art pieces tailored to client specifications.

At the helm of New Key Construction is Reggie Kedding, an owner with a vision that transcends ordinary construction services. With a foundation in construction design since 2005 and a progressive career trajectory that saw him operate the largest single location of a home improvement franchise in the United States, Reggie has honed his expertise to offer comprehensive, top-tier services.

The company’s pursuit of excellence has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by a slew of awards in 2023: National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Regional Winner for Residential Addition Over $250,000, Residential Kitchen in two price categories, and the 2022 NARI Bay Remodeling Award for Residential Addition Over $250K.

Canyon Design Build

3630 Park Blvd, Oakland, CA 94610

Established in 1966, Canyon Design Build has carved its niche as a distinguished full-service design-build general contractor. Embracing the philosophy of seamless service delivery, Canyon Design Build offers a unified experience from conception to completion, distinguishing itself with a one-company, one-call approach. This integrative model covers all stages of the project lifecycle, including preconstruction services like space planning, design, architectural drafting, and permit acquisition.

The firm is number 14 among Remodeling Magazine’s Top 550 Full-Service Remodelers and has been recognized for the Green Home Showcase Best Remodel. Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and certification from the U.S. Green Building Council further its credibility and adherence to high standards of construction practices. Its work has caught the attention of notable publications, earning features in the Green Home Showcase, Remodeling Magazine, and Metropolitan Home.

Canyon Design Build’s portfolio showcases a variety of significant projects, such as the Oakland Modern Kitchen, a testament to its ability to modernize spaces while maximizing functionality. Additionally, the Historic Whole Home Renovation in Piedmont stands as a beacon of its expertise in preserving the essence of historic properties while infusing contemporary comforts, ensuring each space’s legacy continues with a new lease on life.

MN Builders

2400 Union St, Oakland, CA 94607

MN Builders stands as a testament to the power of serendipity and entrepreneurial spirit, having been founded on April Fool’s Day in 1981 by two “merry pranksters,” Mike Mueller and Steve Nicholls. What began as Mueller Nicholls Cabinetry, named by the chance of a coin toss, has grown into a robust and dynamic enterprise known today as MN Builders. From humble beginnings in a modest 3,000-square-foot space, MN Builders now thrives in a 16,000-square-foot hub in West Oakland’s historic McClymonds neighborhood, symbolizing the company’s incredible journey of expansion and creativity.

The company’s evolution continued in 2021 with the transition to a fully employee-owned business model, cementing its commitment to not only crafting striking spaces but also fostering a sustainable and empowering workplace. MN Builders’ approach to construction is meticulously systematized, aiming for sustainability, scalability, and reproducibility in all its work. The firm has received recognitions, such as the 2022 Outstanding Residential Remodel Design Award from the City of Piedmont, showcasing its commitment to excellence in design and construction.

Rhino Builders

3658 Mount Diablo Blvd, Suite 201, Lafayette, CA 94549

Rhino Builders, founded in 1989, has established itself as a leading home remodeling contractor in Orinda, California, and the wider East Bay area of the San Francisco Bay Area. Specializing in both exterior and interior renovations, it offers a comprehensive suite of services that includes garage construction, vinyl siding, window replacement, siding/stucco work, and roofing. Inside homes, it is well-versed in kitchen remodeling, basement finishing, and bathroom renovations.

Licensed and insured in Contra Costa County, Rhino Builders places a strong emphasis on adhering to California building regulations and manufacturer guidelines. With three decades of experience, it has built a professional team that is adept at introducing clients to a high standard of materials and designs, all while keeping projects affordable.


For residents contemplating enhancements to their Orinda properties, Rhino Builders positions itself as the go-to contractor for expert advice and high-quality renovation services, aiming to deliver spaces that homeowners love.

Manzanita Design Build

2923 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, CA 94609

Established in 2018, Manzanita Design Build is a general contractor in the Oakland, Berkeley, Marin, and East Bay areas. It offers full-service design and build solutions, taking projects from initial concept to completion, as well as general contracting services for those who already have plans and permits in place.

What sets Manzanita Design Build apart is its commitment to sustainability and its construction approach that emphasizes the beauty of natural materials and their integration with the surrounding environment. It seeks to use environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient construction methods to build durable homes with minimal environmental impact.

Manzanita Design Build also enhances the indoor-outdoor living experience, a quality well-suited to the Bay Area’s climate. Its use of wood, concrete, steel, and glass is a testament to its respect for the intrinsic value of these materials in both function and form. The company respects the history and community of the areas where it works, ensuring that each project fits appropriately within its context.

Led by Ben Obriecht, Manzanita Design Build is known for projects like the Oakland Magnolia Kitchen, showcasing its capability to deliver quality spaces that enhance the lives of its clients and the neighborhoods they inhabit.