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The Best Architects in Texas

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Everything is bigger in Texas, including ambitions for stunning, original, and functional interior spaces. From the bustling cosmopolitan centers to the cultural hotspots, the Lone Star State is home to an array of interior architecture that is as diverse as it is awe-inspiring. Whether you’re looking to transform a residential space into an oasis of comfort or elevate a commercial setting into a paragon of efficiency and style, the right interior architect can make all the difference. The list below will take you through Texas’s top eight interior architecture firms, each distinguished by their creativity, expertise, and relentless pursuit of architectural excellence.

Kirksey Architecture

6909 Portwest Dr, Houston, TX 77024

From a modest attic setup to a sprawling corporate campus, Kirksey Architecture has come a long way since its inception in 1971. Founded by John Kirksey, an architectural intern just a year out of college, the firm has expanded into a multidisciplinary powerhouse with over 150 professionals across Houston, Austin, and Dallas offices. With a client-centered ethos and a deeply ingrained commitment to environmental stewardship, Kirksey Architecture designs high-performing structures that enrich both communities and the planet.

A string of awards and certifications backs Kirksey’s reputation for excellence. Most recently, the firm won the 2022 Texas & Louisiana Best Projects Winner for Higher Education/Research with their Anderson-Ball Classroom Building. Another recent honor was the 2022 Houston Hispanic Architects & Engineers Architect of the Year awarded to Benito Guerrier. The firm also has affiliations with notable organizations such as the Hotel and Lodging Association of Greater Houston and AIA Houston.

Celebrating over half a century in business, Kirksey Architecture continues to shape architectural landscapes while putting a premium on sustainability and community well-being.


401 North Houston St, Dallas, TX 75202

From aviation to health care, Corgan has been a beacon of architectural excellence and client-centered design since 1938. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the firm’s unwavering commitment to both clients and end-users sets the foundation for each project it undertakes. With 85 years of experience, Corgan has deep expertise across six market sectors—aviation, commercial, data centers, education, health care, and interiors.

The firm is led by distinguished professionals like Steve Hulsey and Scott Ruch. Hulsey, the president of Corgan, has a celebrated 35-year career, during which he has designed over 150 new educational facilities focusing on user experience. On the other hand, Ruch is a visionary in the data center space, having contributed to over 500 projects for esteemed clients like the New York Stock Exchange and Apple.

Corgan has been featured in a variety of prestigious media outlets, including Building Design + Construction, NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, and Dallas Morning News. With each project, the firm continues to revolutionize industry standards, adding to its reputation as an architectural design leader that elevates user experience and business impact.

Ziegler Cooper Architects

700 Louisiana St, Suite 350, Houston, TX 77002

Founded in 1977, Ziegler Cooper Architects has evolved into a frontrunner among Houston’s architectural firms with a national and international reach. The firm believes that “beautiful architecture enriches people’s lives, uplifts the human spirit, and provides a constant vision of excellence.” With 46 years of practice, the company has successfully developed specialized internal studios that cater to mankind’s fundamental needs—living, learning, working, and worshipping.

The practice is steered by experienced principals like Scott Ziegler and Jim Zemski. Scott, a graduate of Rice University and a recognized authority on urbanism, has spearheaded projects with a combined construction value exceeding $4 billion. Jim Zemski, who joined the firm in 2004, adds his extensive project experience in various fields, including high-density mixed-use and commercial developments.

Ziegler Cooper has a penchant for garnering awards; its accolades include the 2023 AMCH Golden Trowel Excellence Award and the 2022 Pinnacle Award for Large Firm of the Year. The firm has received prominent press coverage in publications like Austin Towers, ENR, and the Houston Business Journal. This media attention amplifies the company’s standing as an innovator and problem solver in the architectural community.

Root Architects

311 Montana Ave, Suite A2-100, El Paso, TX 79902

With 13 years in the industry, Root Architects has carved out a distinct niche in the world of architectural design. This boutique firm specializes in mixed-use commercial projects and interior architectural design. Root’s portfolio is impressively diverse, encompassing commercial spaces, hospitality projects, historic preservation, medical facilities, and K-12 schools. The firm’s uniqueness lies in its process-focused approach, which aims to refine and enhance the architectural experience for both clients and occupants.

Leading the practice are principals Rida Asfahani and Christopher Esper. Rida, the founder, has two decades of experience in design and construction. His travels and studies deeply influence his work in sustainable design, historic preservation, and urban revitalization. Christopher Esper is not only a native El Pasoan but also a well-traveled architect with stints in New York and Singapore. His focus at Root is on revitalizing El Paso’s historic fabric through a variety of mixed-use projects.

Art Moreno Jr Photography

The firm’s exemplary work has not gone unnoticed; Root has received multiple AIA El Paso Honor Awards over the years and has twice been named Best of the Best by El Paso Inc.

Collaborative Designworks

4415 Woodhead St, Houston, TX 77098

With 20 years in the business, Collaborative Designworks has solidified its reputation as a versatile architectural firm offering comprehensive services. Not only does the firm specialize in architecture, but it also provides graphics, interiors, planning, and construction management services. The firm crafts unique, original design solutions that exceed client expectations. James M Evans, one of the Principals, is a recognized figure in the architectural community, having served as AIA Houston President from 2014-2015 and currently holding the position of Board President at Architecture Center Houston.

The firm believes that the process of design is inherently collaborative. It focuses on translating the client’s specific needs into successful projects, creating environments that are as functional as they are engaging. Its work has been extensively featured in various publications, including Builder Magazine, Houston Lifestyles & Homes, Texas Home & Living, and Texas Architect Magazine, affirming its stature in both local and national architectural circles. Accreditations for Collaborative Designworks include AIA Houston and the AIA Custom Residential Architects Network. Its staff also hold AIA certifications, underlining their commitment to professionalism and quality in architecture.


1500 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77006

With three decades in the industry, Dillon Kyle Architects, commonly known as DKA, stands out as a versatile architectural firm committed to crafting unique designs that echo each client’s needs and aspirations. Founded by Dillon Kyle in 1995, the firm specializes in a broad range of project types, from custom residences to cultural and educational facilities and commercial buildings.

The firm’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in a collaborative approach that draws clients into the creative conversation. DKA combines a keen understanding of architectural heritage and location with a visionary outlook toward the future. Fluent in the nuanced languages of space, light, and proportion, the firm strikes a delicate balance between progressive design ideas and elegant restraint, creating structures that seamlessly blend into their neighborhoods.

Over the years, DKA has amassed many awards, including the 2017 ULI Houston Development of Distinction and the 2016 Preservation Houston Good Brick Award, highlighting its commitment to excellence in new construction and historic preservation. Accredited by AIA Houston, DKA’s work has also found its way into numerous press features, including Houston House & Home Magazine, USA Today Home, Houston Business Journal, and Texas Architect.


3800 Main St, Suite E, Dallas, TX 75226

A. GRUPPO, founded in 2005 by principals Andrew Nance and Thad Reeves, stands at the intersection of innovation, sustainability, and impeccable craftsmanship. With offices in Dallas and San Marcos, the firm has left an indelible mark on Texas architecture, offering a variety of modern residential and commercial builds. Thad Reeves, an alumnus of the University of Texas at Arlington, brings a European architectural flair from his extensive travels in Europe. Andrew Nance, a graduate of the same university, has a rich architectural background, international experience at Skidmore Owings and Merrill, and an extensive teaching portfolio.

A> GRUPPO’s design philosophy revolves around collaboration and ongoing discourse within the design community and with clients. This dialogue-centric approach is deemed a critical ingredient in developing projects that not only meet but exceed client expectations. The firm engages in various scales of projects, from intimate interior installations to grand master planning and speculative development, all informed by relentless research in technology, economics, and sustainability. Over the years, A. GRUPPO has received several accolades, such as the 2011 AIA Studio Award for Cooper House and the 2011 IDEC Creative Scholarship for Gillespie Townhome, emphasizing its commitment to quality and original design.

Heritage Design Studio Southlake

596 N Kimball Ave, #110, Southlake, TX 76092

Heritage Design Studio in Southlake, Texas, embodies the essence of tailored home design, transforming each project into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Founded in 2000 by Principal Architect Chris Hough, Heritage Design Studio specializes in designs that reflect its clients’ individual styles and desires while drawing inspiration from historical architectural styles. Co-principal Angela Hough lends her marketing and business strategy expertise, ensuring that the firm remains attuned to the ever-changing local market.

The firm’s extensive and well-considered process involves a comprehensive evaluation of every design aspect, from the house’s positioning on the site to the intricacies of interior layouts and architectural components. Such attention to detail has won the firm numerous awards, including the 2017 Southlake Style Best and Fort Worth Magazine Best Outdoor Space, as well as a slew of awards in 2010, including the People’s Choice Award and Best of Show. Accredited by the Institute of Classical Architect & Art and a Colleyville Chamber of Commerce member, Heritage Design Studio has also been featured in Fort Worth Magazine, showcasing its high standing in the design community.