Santa Ana is the county seat of Orange County and home to numerous historic sites, recreational venues, and shopping centers. Being part of a coastal and historic county, homes in the city are large and often a mix of traditional architecture, modern features, and tech-based installations. The region’s affluent neighborhoods, fantastic weather, and amazing views make it a top choice for the rich and celebrated. Homes are regularly upgraded to keep up with new developments and create fresh looks throughout the seasons.

 If you are a Santa Ana homeowner seeking to upgrade your kitchen for a fresher, more modern look or to improve functionality, we suggest you check out this list of the best kitchen remodeling contractors in Santa Ana, California. These firms have years of experience building and remodeling coastal homes. Their network of suppliers and subcontractors can help you choose specific designs, materials, and plans that will optimize the use of your kitchen and inspire you to cook more and spend time with friends and family at home. Read on now to start making your dream kitchen a reality.

Burgin Design • Remodel

1701 E Edinger, Suite B1, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Burgin Design • Remodel is an award-winning design-build firm specializing in home additions, kitchen, bath, and whole-house remodels, and custom cabinetry. Established in 1989, the firm has grown from a simple custom woodworking shop to Orange County’s premier design-build firm because of its excellent craftsmanship, thorough management skills, and exceptional customer service. Burgin dedicates time and resources to each project to ensure that all details are polished, clients are kept up-to-date with the project’s progress, and homes are delivered as designed, on time, and within budget. Across different remodel forms, types, and scales, Burgin Design • Remodel aims to provide home improvements that clients will love and cherish for years to come. These results are guaranteed with the use of the best quality materials, designs that fit homeowners’ unique preferences and lifestyles, and outstanding craftsmanship that ensures durability and efficiency.

In planning, designing, and executing kitchen remodels, Burgin balances space and resource availability with how the homeowners use their kitchens on a daily basis. This allows the firm to offer design and material solutions that suit each homeowner’s needs without sacrificing structural stability and aesthetics. In the kitchen remodel pictured above, Burgin added a window over the kitchen sink to add more light to the space and offer a great view of the yard. To create a clean and fresh look, the cabinets—which were in good condition—were repainted to match the new kitchen theme. Granite countertops were replaced with quartz and the tiled backsplash was replaced with marble for an elegant, low maintenance look. The kitchen pantry and the connected family room were also repainted and modified to create aesthetic continuity across the space. The new kitchen is as cozy and warm as it is elegant and functional. Burgin’s work created the perfect place for the family to hang out, share meals, and create wonderful memories.

Horizon Construction & Remodeling

614 South Euclid Street, Fullerton CA 92832

Horizon Construction & Remodeling is an award-winning general contracting firm that works on residential construction projects in Orange, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties. Founded on the values of honesty and integrity, the firm works closely with clients and partners to deliver beautiful and efficient homes through a hassle-free and transparent process. Horizon’s trusted network of suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors allows the firm to offer clients a wide range of design, material, and installation options that further personalize the remodel. By understanding the specific needs, preferences, and resource availability of clients, the firm offers design and construction solutions that fit their vision, budget, and timeline through an experience they can truly enjoy.

In the Redondo Beach kitchen remodel pictured above, the firm upgraded the entire kitchen area to fit the needs and vision of the homeowners. The firm used more durable and low-maintenance materials and placed features in specific places to increase functionality and efficiency. Open shelving and numerous windows open up the space, maximize natural lighting, and offer better outdoor views. The overall white and blue theme creates a fresh and cozy yet elegant look that perfectly matches the affluent coastal ambiance of Redondo Beach. Simple wood and steel accents create a stunning balance between traditional and classy. Horizon’s work maximized the small, yet functional space, thereby the kitchen’s efficiency and the aesthetics of the home’s entrance at the same time.

True Home Builders

14 Hughes, Suite B204, Irvine, CA 92618

True Home Builders is a general contracting firm that offers custom home building, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and home addition services to clients across Orange and Los Angeles counties. Living up to its name, the firm guarantees each client accurate information, true service, and high-quality work. This means that clients get honest pricing and transparent reporting on resource usage and expenses. It also means that clients get the best customer service throughout the entire project process – from planning and designing to construction and city permits. True Home Builders’ quality of work draws from its team of expert builders who are as skilled as they are passionate about construction and architecture. Each custom home and home remodel is guaranteed to exceed client expectations 

The Laguna Beach kitchen remodel pictured above is a testament to True Home Builder’s commitment to quality and service. Designed to match the home’s beach house architectural style, the new kitchen features wood floors and wood shaker cabinets with brass hardware. The mostly white carpentry with medium-tone wood floors and accents create a cozy and inviting look and feel. The marbled granite countertops and glossed off-white backsplash add elegance and class to the space. Custom cabinetry allowed the homeowners to maximize the use of space and allocate adequate room for their unique kitchen needs. By understanding the homeowner’s preferences and how they use their kitchen, True Home Builders designed and built a new kitchen that is as beautiful and durable as it is functional and efficient.

Christiano Homes

729 W. 16th St. C-4, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Christiano Homes is an Orange County custom home builder and remodeler committed to excellent craftsmanship and quality customer service. The firm’s owner, Steve Christiano, has a passion for construction and creating beautiful and functional architecture. Coming from years of experience in commercial construction, he founded the firm to dedicate his time to building houses that clients will love and cherish as their own. His keen eye for structural possibilities, his focused attention to detail, and his commitment to quality have delivered excellently crafted homes on time and within budget. Each custom home and home remodel balances durability, functionality, and beauty so that homeowners can love and enjoy their homes as well as make their lives easier and better.

In the Spanish home remodel pictured here, Christiano restored an old 1920’s home to its original historic Spanish estate look and style while incorporating contemporary installations and features that offer comfort and ease of living. The architectural design of the old kitchen was retained to match the rest of the home while the cabinets and floors were repainted and polished to reflect the classic look. Numerous shaker cabinets offer ample storage space without looking cluttered and full, and the large ranges and countertops provide adequate room for cooking and food prep. The use of mostly white and earth tone hues on the surfaces creates a fresh and clean look that is perfect for the kitchen. Christiano’s attention to detail allowed the firm to deliver the best possible restoration that embodied traditional architecture integrated with modern technology.

Coastal Builders

610 E Santa Clara Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92706

Coastal Builders is a local general contracting firm that offers home additions, home remodels, and insurance claims processing to residential owners in Orange County. Established in 1991, the firm has earned a strong reputation in the area because of its quality work and excellent customer service. Owner and president Doug Risk started his career constructing and remodeling commercial sites and industrial campuses. He switched to remodeling homes to help homeowners make better use of their spaces by creating home environments that are safe, efficient, and welcoming. Beyond his passion for architecture and construction, Risk leads his team to building spaces that promote family, love, and community.

In the kitchen remodel pictured above, Coastal Builders transformed the old kitchen to include a more modern vibe that encourages easy cooking and socialization. While the rest of the great room is in hues of peach and white, the new kitchen was designed and built with a darker modern look. The black island and cabinets offer additional safeguards from spills and stains while also creating a cool effect. Steel appliances match the hardware and add to the chic minimalist look. The granite countertops and backsplash are low-maintenance and durable, which makes it easier for homeowners to keep clean and in new condition. Coastal Builders’ attention to the specific preferences and lifestyle of the client enabled it to remodel the kitchen to match the client’s expectations.