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The Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in South San Francisco, California

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The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important spaces in any residence; it is the heart of a home. A kitchen is where a family spends the most time together—cooking, dining, socializing, and developing relationships. A well-designed kitchen should be warm, spacious, and welcoming and have an efficient layout. The state of a kitchen reflects the overall maintenance, condition, and ambiance of a home. A sleek countertop, well-designed and ample cupboards, and strategically placed appliances transform a kitchen into a space that is comfortable and functional.

Our editorial team has put together a list of the best kitchen remodeling contractors working in South San Francisco, California. These companies were selected for their expertise with multifamily projects, their exposure in the media, their years in business, and their relevant awards.

Art of Construction

400 Forbes Boulevard, Unit #1, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Established in 1995, Art of Construction specializes in every facet of the process of new construction and home remodeling, from end to finish. It assists its clients with every phase of the construction process, including termite damage repairs, foundations, and retrofitting. It extends its services throughout South San Francisco and is particularly well known for its collaborative approach and competitive pricing. Art of Construction has produced carefully crafted kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor living spaces, and home additions. The firm is led by Kyle Mortz and Jerry Gutierrez—these partners have more than 20 years of collective experience in all areas of construction. The company’s free estimates and on-site consultations are an effort to understand clients’ needs and have strengthened the firm’s relationships with its customers. 

The featured project is one of our favorites from the company’s portfolio. The firm’s team opted for a neutral color palette with the white cabinetry opening up the space and allowing sunlight full play in the space. Our editorial team loved the unique pattern of its backsplashes and the spacious bar counter.

Ryan and Ryan Construction

423 Littlefield Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Ryan and Ryan Construction is known for its impressive craftsmanship and the drywall, painting, and flooring expertise it brings to home remodeling. The firm has a knack for full-scale kitchen and bathroom remodels with fixtures expertly crafted by workers around Northern California. Brothers and owners of the company, Gary and Chad Ryan, have worked closely with local craftsmen since 1985 and have built an extensive network of seasoned professionals. Under their leadership, the firm’s designs include a gallery of themes and techniques, ranging from traditional to modern spaces.

The pictured project was completed for the San Bruno Residence. The firm worked with natural tones reflected in the gray marble, white cabinetry, and cream walls. Our editorial team loved its use of natural materials to add contrast to the sleek countertops. The project also showcases an excellent kitchen island. Whether it’s a custom remodel or a renovation project, Ryan and Ryan Construction provides the same level of commitment and professionalism that consistently produces well-made homes.

K&B Remodeling & Sons Inc.

328 Valverde Drive, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Based in San Francisco, K&B Remodeling & Sons is a family-owned construction firm specializing in new homes and kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and commercial construction. The firm was established in 2010 by Yonis Hernandez. Thanks to a long history of experience and competence spanning two generations, the firm has earned San Francisco’s trust by guaranteeing that every project will exceed the client’s initial expectations. The firm has been honored with several awards, including the South San Francisco Small Business Excellence Award.

K&B Remodeling & Sons values clear communication, consistency, and creativity. The firm provides a unique remodeling experience for every client. The firm ensures quality service thanks to a team of dedicated experts who are focused on addressing the client’s needs on every project. After 13 years in the business, the firm has a positive reputation throughout the region. The firm consistently stays true to its goal of prioritizing building relationships and pursuing excellence.

Nob Hill Construction

50 South Linden Avenue, Suite #6, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Reputable and tenaciously committed to its craft, Nob Hill Construction is exceptional in every way. The firm has provided quality contracting services to the South San Francisco area for the past eight years, delivering its expertise with equal parts warm courtesy and cold-eyed practicality. Nob Hill Construction has spent the years cultivating and growing its construction practice, placing special focus on full remodels, additions, garages, new construction, structural upgrades, and tenant improvements.

One of the firm’s striking projects is this modern kitchen that features a seamless design with flat panel cabinets and a floating bar that extends from the kitchen island. The chrome fixtures and recessed cavity between the cabinetry that houses the sink and provides counter space solidify the smooth and clean look of the kitchen.

Apart from residential construction services, Nob Hill Construction also works on commercial projects. The company has also appeared in several media publications since its founding in 2015.

Avetex Construction

310 Shaw Road, South San Francisco, CA 94080

Avetex Construction offers quality home remodeling services encompassing kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, electrical, and flooring spearheaded by Marcel Florea. The company also boasts an eclectic array of building styles that help homes stand out.  And while it can create homes in any style, the firm specializes in modern and minimalist abodes. 

Avetex Construction is defined by its close collaboration with all of its clients and its eagerness to explore the new opportunities for craftsmanship each new project brings. The firm has carefully developed its work process since its establishment and continues to perfect its general construction services. The firm is staffed by a team of dedicated professionals that brings a tremendous knowledge base to every project. The company’s mission is to shape homes based on the unique needs of its clients while staying on schedule and within budget.

This kitchen is a product of the firm’s excellent value and functionality additions, space adjustments, and style enhancement abilities. The cabinetry, countertops, and island were redesigned for a more functional arrangement with enough lighting to make the area more practical and appealing. The space was transformed into an elegant and cozy kitchen with wooden accents, marble countertops, and suspended light fixtures, all coming together as a foreground to the floor-to-ceiling windows.