Kitchens are the most active parts of a home, making them one of the most challenging spaces to remodel. They typically entail having to work on custom cabinetry, millwork, and elegant kitchen islands.

We decided to showcase eleven of San Mateo’s best and leading general contractors, the names behind some of the area’s most beautiful kitchens. Several of these companies are the recipients of a multitude of industry accolades and have had the opportunity to work with some of the area’s leading subcontractors. 

Gilmans Kitchen and Baths

2612 South El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA 94403

With over three decades of industry experience, Gilmans Kitchen and Baths prides itself on its team of award-winning master craftsmen. The firm services the peninsula and the surrounding San Francisco Bay area and specializes in a wide range of styles, including modern and traditional. The firm has received much recognition over the years and has been featured in several publications and television broadcasts. The firm has also been presented with multiple awards from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). Its team takes a highly hands-on approach and emphasizes the importance of communication throughout the process, ensuring that their needs and vision are reflected in their new spaces and homes.

The firm has over four showrooms, allowing clients to get a better feel for its designs. Clients can select what materials they want for their projects in these showrooms. All of Gilmans’s work comes at highly competitive prices and is completed on time and within the agreed-upon budget. 

Greenberg Construction

904 Industrial Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Greenberg Construction extends its services throughout the bay area and offers its clients a Design & Built “One Stop Shop” services. The experience you receive the benefits of a well-rounded team that will handle and manage your entire construction project from design through completion and without any limits except the clients’ imagination, and this fun approach helps to set them apart from the competition. The firm assures clients that all of its spaces are completed with the best and latest techniques and in accordance with various sustainability techniques, and when you choose The Greenberg Design Build Experience you receive the benefits of a well-rounded team that will handle and manage your entire construction project from design through completion.

Located on Edgewood Road, this project features excellent contemporary brass accents and California faucet fixtures. Our editorial team loved its hood, as well as its great cooktop and blue-and-white color palette. Some other great elements include its wide island, which serves as a transitional space between its kitchen and dining areas. 

Supple Homes

2087 Avy Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Founded in 2005, Supple Homes extends their services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula and provides its clients with an extensive range of remodeling and new home construction services. Clients go to the firm for their excellent kitchens, bathrooms, historic remodels, and its fine attention to detail. The firm’s approach keeps its entire process in-house, thus eliminating the homeowner’s task of looking for subcontractors to work on their project. From concept to completion, the Supple Homes team manages all the phases of its homes and spaces. The company operates out of its office in Menlo Park, and its expertise can best be seen in the project below.

For this kitchen, the firm employed a mostly transitional design and coupled it with various modern touches. Our editorial team loved its rustic finishes. We were also impressed by its kitchen island that also serves as a quaint breakfast bar.

Tracery Professional Home Builders

251 East Hacienda Avenue, Unit C, Campbell, CA 95008

Tracery Professional Home Builders extends its services throughout the Peninsula and Silicon Valley and is regarded as one of the area’s premier residential construction and remodeling firms. The firm provides excellent services for which it has been distinguished with multiple accolades from NARI. The firm’s work has also been featured in publications like Architectural Digest, South Bay Accent, and Qualified Remodeler, which has included the firm in its annual list of the country’s best 500 remodelers. The firm’s team is talented, and each member has a strong foundation of formal education with professional degrees and educational commitment that continues with ongoing workshops. Together, the team carefully assesses every project that the firm takes on and provides creative and thoughtful solutions that meet high standards of quality while staying within the agreed-upon budget. Tracery Professional is also FEMA-trained, meaning that it is qualified to take on a structure’s seismic strengthening needs, which is now a growing necessity in California. 

The feature project embodies the firm’s talent and expertise. This kitchen features dimensional textures and warm color palettes that are on-trend. It showcases the firm’s affinity for functionality and great aesthetics through its installation of elegant tile work, ample storage, and overall usability of the space.

SEA Construction

1009 S Railroad Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94402

SEA Construction uses a design-build approach, allowing it to keep the entire process in-house and supervise every facet of a project. The firm specializes in home additions, kitchens, bathrooms, full home renovations, and room additions. It draws inspiration from over three decades of experience and has worked on over 3,500 homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. The firm is also well-respected for its rapid delivery and smooth processes. Its portfolio includes an excellent variety of designs, ranging from modern to traditional spaces. SEA Construction has also been the recipient of several Chrysalis Awards for its excellent remodels. It is also affiliated with NARI and the US Green Building Council, assuring clients of the sustainability of its spaces. The firm has also been featured in Qualified Remodeler as one of its Top 500 builders and remodelers. 

The project above is an excellent example of the firm’s talent and expertise. Located in the heart of Redwood Shores, this kitchen was completed for a mostly traditional home that was first remodeled over two decades ago. It features great custom cabinetry, a fairly sized kitchen island, paneled windows, and granite countertops. We were also impressed by its paneled flooring and storage spaces. 

Springs Construction

881 Hurlingame Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94063

Established in 1959, Springs Construction is composed of a team of experienced, dedicated home construction and design professionals. The firm operates out of its office in Redwood City and extends its services throughout the Peninsula, all the way from San Jose to San Francisco. The firm has been praised for its excellent new homes and renovations and is also noted for its various sustainability practices. The firm is led by Jim Adkins, a third-generation builder who worked his way up from the bottom of the company. He draws inspiration from over three decades of experience and has since built and designed over 40,000-square-feet of space. He specializes in modern and historic homes, which typically reflect in the firm’s excellent projects. 

Showcased above is one of our favorites from the firm’s portfolio. It features an excellent and timeless farmhouse design, which also has several modern touches. The firm has also received a multitude of awards from these organizations, including the Diamond Certified Award. It also holds various certifications, highlighting the firm’s dedication to high-quality designs and environmentally friendly practices. 

Jesse Ososki Art

446 Highland Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94401

The Jesse Ososki Art team offers its clients decades of industry experience. The firm’s creative abilities are highly diverse, and the firm has secured partnerships with some of the area’s leading craftsmen and professionals. The firm takes great pride in the numerous industry distinctions it has received throughout the years. The firm has also been featured in publications such as Dezeen, Dwell, ArchDaily, and Elle Decor. The firm is a small design-build company that extends its services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, where it is well-respected for both its interiors and exteriors.

Showcasing the firm’s expertise, this kitchen features a sleek contemporary design. Our editorial team was impressed by its wood-paneled flooring and custom cabinetry. We also loved its quartz countertops and lighting. 

Future Vision Remodeling

495 East Brokaw Road, San Jose, CA 95112

Future Vision Remodeling is the product of the vision of its founders, Shawn  Dadon and Roy Bendor. The firm operates out of its office in San Jose and has had the opportunity to work in some of its most sought-after neighborhoods. The firm offers its clients a complete and comprehensive range of services, even some free consultation work. The Future team assists its clients throughout the entire process, allowing it to keep the entire project in-house. 

Our editorial team loved this great modern kitchen. It features excellent slate backsplashes and sleek teak flooring. We also loved its great breakfast bar and custom cabinetry. 

Om’s Remodeling

1670 S Amphlett Boulevard, Suite 214-04, San Mateo, CA 94402

Founded in San Mateo, Om’s Remodeling is regarded as one of the area’s best and premier renovation firms. It is known for its extensive home remodels, kitchens, bathrooms, home additions, and decks. The firm also takes on occasional commercial work. Om’s works with only the area’s best professionals and craftsmen. It has collaborated with numerous experienced plumbers, electricians, architects, designers, and builders; the consistent result is beautiful, timeless work. The firm’s process includes close communication with its clients throughout the process and strict adherence to budget and schedule. The firm’s portfolio demonstrates the firm’s considerable expertise for modern work.

For this kitchen, the firm’s team opted for an open floorplan, which seamlessly incorporates its cooking and dining areas. Our editorial team loved its large slate tiled flooring coupled with its backsplashes and neutral color palette. Other great elements include its custom fixtures and breakfast bar. 

D’Elia Construction

2189 Palm Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403

D’Elia Construction draws inspiration from over three decades of industry experience and operates out of its headquarters in San Mateo. The firm has committed itself to the highest standards. Since its inception, the firm has secured relationships with some of the area’s best subcontractors. It also prides itself on the repeat clientele list it has generated through its hard work over the years. The firm extends its services throughout the San Francisco Peninsula and offers a complete range of residential construction services. Depicted below is one of the company’s best pieces of work.

This kitchen is framed by an excellent contemporary design with minimalist touches. Our editorial team loved its wood theme, its custom cabinetry, and its paneled flooring. We were also impressed by the high ceilings coupled with exposed beams. 

RC Wehmeyer Design + Build

1204 Burlingame Avenue, Suite 7, Burlingame, CA 94010

Headquartered in Burlingame, RC Wehmeyer specializes in architectural design and general construction. The firm offers a comprehensive range of services and is known to develop reliable, affordable, and time-conscious plans customized to meet a client’s lifestyle and needs. The firm takes a collaborative approach that emphasizes the importance of working closely with its clients throughout the entire process. The firm has been in business since 2011 and draws ideas from over two decades of industry experience. The product of Rob Wehmeyer’s skills, the firm extends its services throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Wehmeyer personally oversees each project. He hand-draws designs, then translates them into custom blueprints.

The featured project was completed for a home that tasked the company with working on the revamping of its kitchen, breakfast room, and office nook. The company’s team had to open up this kitchen to create an all-new modern feel. Our editorial team loved its custom touches, the cabinetry, and the backsplashes.