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The Best Residential Architects in Alhambra, California

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Owning a house in Alhambra means having a high-value home. Real estate trends show that houses here are extremely marketable and can be quickly purchased at competitive prices. Most homes in Alhambra are single-family residences, but there is a significant percentage of apartments available for rent. 

We curated five of the best residential architects in the city that can design your valued home in Alhambra. Our list is based on awards, work history, and reviews. We also described notable projects to give you a glimpse at their style capabilities and expertise.

The Architech Group

235 E. Main St. Alhambra, CA 91801

The Architech Group is an experienced design firm in the industry. The 34-year-old company works on a variety of projects including custom homes, corporate offices, senior housing, and apartments. It has finished at least eight projects in the past year, most of them new construction projects. 

The firm is led by founder and principal, Kao Yung Cheng. He is notable for his contributions to the city as a former chairperson of Alhambra’s Design Review Board. He is also a nationally recognized expert in building codes. He is the author of several code sections of the Uniform Building Code (1977) and International Building Code (2000 and 2003). 

The Architech Group has received quite a bit of recognition for its design and architectural work. It is an eight-time recipient of the Beautiful Design Award. The firm was also featured in Designer’s West Magazine, Reader’s Weekly, and Japan’s PopEye magazine.

Swift Lee Office

543A S Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105

Clients know Swift Lee Office (SLO) as a creative and innovative firm. Nathan Swift and Gloria Lee were classmates at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Seeing themselves as “design evangelists,” they established SLO with a commitment to inventiveness and interest in cross-disciplinary practice.

SLO started as a multidisciplinary design laboratory. It combines an architectural design studio, a prototyping workshop, and a gallery for local artists. It has now developed into a full-service architectural firm serving at least 20 areas in California. 

The 20-year old firm has worked on complex and innovative projects for a number of high-end clientele. A great example is the residence of the Korean Consulate General, as featured here. It improved the home by experimenting with the idea of combining two worlds. The home showcases the blend of the old and new, function and experience, and tradition and modernity.

James V. Coane & Associates

30 North Raymond Ave., Suite 611 Pasadena, CA 91103

Pasadena-based firm James V. Coane & Associates is fond of historical and modern architecture with intimate interiors and exteriors. Its residential projects include Italian and French revivals as well as renovations and additions to historic residences built in the earliest part of the twentieth century. Because of the firm’s unique aesthetic, many of its projects are often used as television or movie sets. These homes have also served as locations for fashion and advertisement photoshoots. 

This 26-year-old firm currently serves 26 areas in California. Featured here is one of its projects in San Marino — a 1917 historic home. The goal was to maintain its historic appeal while adding modern technology. The firm made new designs that resemble the home’s furniture. It also retained the owner’s antiques and restored stone tiles.

DS Ewing Architects, Inc

723 E California Blvd.,  Pasadena, CA  91106

DS Ewing Architects has been in the industry for over 40 years. The firm has designed more than a thousand projects and many have been recognized by national, state, and regional organizations. Its extensive portfolio of different types of projects can be found across 24 states in the United States. It has also done work abroad, in places such as England, France, Japan, Mexico, and Spain. The firm has also received over 40 design awards from the American Institute of Architects.

The firm’s founder, Douglas S. Ewing, is an AIA Fellow and is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. He leads a staff that includes several project architects as well as specialists in interiors and master planning. He and his team have fostered long term relationships with structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering consultants. Additionally, DS Ewing Architects is a contractor with a familiarity in various aspects of the construction process.

DS Ewing Architects specializes in contemporary, modern, and traditional designs. It produces home designs that collaborate with the immediate surroundings. You can see this flawless incorporation of the surrounding area in a residential project the firm completed in the foothills of Pasadena. The design folds itself around nine beautiful oak trees.


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