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The Best Residential Architects and Designers in Anaheim and Santa Ana, California

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Anaheim and Santa Ana are two cities that thrive on tourism. Anaheim has Disneyland Park; Santa Ana boasts the Prentice Park Zoo. Though apartments are abundant in these cities, Anaheim and Santa Ana still have their share of beautiful homes mixed among the tourist attractions. In Santa Ana most of these homes carry a median price of $383,900 while Anaheim homes have median prices of $431,400.

Though the firms on this list possess a range of experience, all of them are capable of building beautiful homes in various styles, effectively capturing the homeowner’s unique lifestyle. Aside from the skill and the work ethic that creates these beautiful homes, many of these firms’ principals possess years of knowledge that help them match the homeowners’ styles with homes that have luxurious, functional designs.

This list includes both licensed architects and residential designers who can both design stunning homes but differ in other services offered. Architects are trained in design, engineering, and project management and have passed a licensing exam. Residential designers typically don’t manage projects and plans will need to be approved by a structural engineer. Whether you choose to hire an architect or a residential designer will depend on your project needs and complexity.

Angeleno Architects

147 E. City Place Dr., Santa Ana, CA 92705

Angeleno Architects has only been around for 15 years but its staff has 100 years of combined experience in the industry. From single-family homes to high-density efficient spaces, these craftsmen have proficiency in all types of buildings. Even with years of experience designing projects for various notable clients, Angeleno Architects still operates like a smaller design studio by working closely with each builder and diligently interacting with other associates to ensure the team has enough time to learn and share ideas. 

One result of this collaborative work ethic is a modern home in Irvine called Ellwood Noland. While the three-story home exhibits an elegant minimalist form, the residence also offers functional space where an easy furniture arrangement is evident. Aside from this home, the firm also designs residences that are often influenced by historical designers like Cliff May and Craig Ellwood. With such inspiration, Angeleno Architects is able to design homes that blend 20 to 30’s craftsmanship with modern construction techniques. Angeleno Architect was founded by principals David Ko and Cristine Ly. Possessing a vast knowledge of architectural history, David Ko studies cultural trends and buyer psychology to create products that appeal to all segments of society.

Belair Architectural Design

505 S Ohio St., Anaheim, CA 92805

After Scott Beliar founded Belair Architectural Design, the Greater Orange County area gained another firm to provide its residents with architectural and engineering services. The firm catered to private homeowners, developers, business owners, and governmental agencies.

For private homeowners, Belair Architectural Design has experience in designing houses that carry new traditional and Craftsman styles. One great example of these beautiful homes is a two-story Spanish Mediterranean style home that exhibits a simple yet sophisticated façade. 

Itzen Architects

400 W. 4th St. Suite D, Santa Ana, CA 92701

Itzen Architects has been in the architectural industry for only eight years. But since its establishment, it has been recognized for its collaborative and creative team as well as its highly skilled principal and founder: Jana Itzen. Aside from being AIA accredited, Jana spent over ten years contributing to significant projects at firms local to Southern California as well as abroad. Alongside her is co-principal William Itzen.

With this duo of highly skilled architects, Itzen Architects was able to design homes that are not only beautiful and functional but sustainable. A great example of the firm’s capabilities is the Orangewood residence in Anaheim. A home that first possessed features of a Cape Cod home, the Orangewood residence was transformed into a contemporary home with an eclectic flair. Its façade shows off fresh bright colors that compliment the patio and the furniture at the backyard. This contemporary color and finish palette create an air of casual luxury. 

Lane Curtis-Architect

777 S. Peralta Hills Dr., Anaheim, CA 92807

Lane Curtis has been an architect for 36 years. During such years, he had worked for Langdon Wilson’s Newport beach firm before he opened Lane Curtis-Architect in 1992. The firm has done projects ranging from bathroom and kitchen remodels to custom guest houses to 15,000 square foot estates. The single-family residence in South Corona is a great example of the firm’s capabilities. 15,900 square feet, this two-story home takes on a traditional European style that’s highlighted by its classical cream palette and stone facade. This home is an example of the firm’s outlook on combining modern trends and aesthetic possibilities while still being livable. 

So far, these projects have been done for residents in Anaheim, Orange, Newport Beach, Villa Park, Yorba Linda, Fullerton, Chino Hills, South Corona, Laguna Beach, Brea, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles. 

WHA Inc. 

2850 Red Hill Ave. Suite #200, Santa Ana, CA 92705

A land planning and architectural firm, WHA—William Hezmalhalch Architects—Inc. has 37 years of experience that has led to more than 600 award-winning projects in a variety of markets. These markets include multi-family, recreational, urban, institutional, hospitality, and commercial.

WHA Inc.’s abilities in the residential market are most evident in the luxurious 15 Deerwood Lane residence. Crafted in the coastal traditional style, this home has a number of luxuries hidden inside its simple and elegant black and white façade. 

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